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gillieanne's Avatar gillieanne 04:43 PM 06-22-2006
I don't like being called a "hippie" either. I totally assoiate it with the sixties and such.

Meghan I am getting so pumped for High Sierra too! Anyother mama's going?

Liz and Whit~ Are y'all going to nelson's? I love that place, it is so woodsey and fun to explore! Have fun! Who's playing?

Can we post pictures of stuff like patchies? I will if it's okay and if I have time. We are moving to Eugene in less than a week!!!
Oh and Bela Fleck/Keller/YMSB on saturday and Ratdog/String Queso on sunday
gotta get back to sewing for shakedown

hippiemom2's Avatar hippiemom2 06:56 PM 06-22-2006
When my kids were toddlers and we went for extended camping we took their little toilet. The portable ones that are for training the kids. It helped so much and they were in the process of toilet training so it made it rather easy instead of a port o potty or the woods KWIM? Other than that, I would take a tarp to provide some shade and a blanket or something to put under the tarp. Add some pillows and have a really nice spot for playing, snuggling, or napping. I found that to be extremely useful space.

I think lots of toys for outdoors, and some paints, clay, or other activities that are really messy for indoors. Oh yeah, those baby wipes (or make your own with a roll of paper towels) are soooooooooo helpful for quick cleanups.

Darkstar glad to see you around. Are you done with school yet? I have finished for the year and don't go back until the fall. I am glad for the break. I need a break for my brain before I begin again for three quarters in a row. I just need to get my books and start reading soon. Right now, just trying to take advantage of the chill time. Flowmotion is so worth it. I can't wait until I see them again. I haven't seen them since Fat Tuesday. (They had circus performers who were so magnificient Can't resist flexible women in leotards it does something to me ).

caspian's mama's Avatar caspian's mama 11:01 PM 06-22-2006
no cool clothes since i gained a lotta weight. (the opposite from the rest of y'all, i guess.) but if anyone makes some lg/xl patchy tanks that don't sell in the lot, post 'em here when you get back! or at least stick em on ebay and give us the link.

jammin toddlers need: snacks (esp junk they don't normally get to eat- keeps em occupied when things get "boring") and toys (esp bubbles). i'm gonna bring my stretchy wrap, because my back killed the day after radiohead from having him up on my shoulders all night. oh, and if he does ever feel like being out of my arms, we'll have his care bear roller skates for crusing in the lot.
VWChick's Avatar VWChick 11:17 PM 06-22-2006

I haven't been able to attend many fests lately since my 2.5 year old is severely autistic and doesn't travel well. I do still consider myself part of this "tribe" though!
darkstar's Avatar darkstar 01:06 AM 06-23-2006
SHelbi...Yes I am finally done with school!! Hurray, I cant believe that I fianlly finished something. It took alot to even get up and go somedays. But now, it was all worth it.

As for being called a hippie...I dont mind. I think I would rather be called a hippie than a yuppie

Cant wait for some music!! Watch out Phil here I come!!

HairyArmpits's Avatar HairyArmpits 01:26 AM 06-23-2006
Hippie... I've been called worse. It kinda depends on how it's said and who's saying it.

And I am a total tie-dye junkie! I know it is so stereotypical, but I am a textile freak, and I just love a well executed piece of fiber-art... because it really is an art form, we're just so used to seeing that same old imported~prodo~souvineir~stand cr*p all over the place. I also love batik ...what an amazing skill that is.

Ticket prices are totally out of control... I guess when the girls get older and want to see shows, they'll just have to do what they see mama and papa doing all the time: making stuff and trying to sell enough of it in the lot to be able to get in!
gratefulmom's Avatar gratefulmom 01:28 AM 06-23-2006
Hey all!
As for fests with toddlers, we always brought a aun shade (little pop up one) helps out in the rain also. Playdough, paint. I find that they are oretty occupied by the people. The hard part is them ALWAYS wanting to be up walking around. I remember Phish at Coventry with Cassidy 2 and Caleb was 6 mos, Cassidy just wanted to walk around constantly whenever we were at our site. We brought ride on toys and that kept him going for a bit.
Cant wait to get out there, too bad fests cost money, I'd spend all summer groovin'!
hippiemom2's Avatar hippiemom2 04:02 AM 06-23-2006
If you have a wagon, I would bring it. It helps so much for hauling your crap around the lot. Plus, I vend once in a while and me and the kids would load up the wagon and then walk around with it vending. By the time the wagon was empty enough for them to ride they were really needing it. I would also bring some earplugs but just know they will pull them out repeatedly and it IS HIGHLY annoying!

Great to hear you finished school Darkstar. I am done with the first quarter of nursing school. Came away with a B. 4 points from an A and so was a little disappointed about not getting an A but over it now. I haven't been feeling very well lately but have been doing better now. I can at least hold down some applesauce and rice. I am so sick of eating bland foods. But, for now I am just glad to be eating again. It kicks my a$$ so bad now.

Other than that looking forward to chilling with my kiddos. I am going to go and get us a blow up pool and a lounge chair. I plan on hanging out poolside, getting a tan, and reading some good books. I am going to take advantage of this chill time since I have 3 quarters in a row of nursing school beginning in the fall. But, after that I will only have 2 more quarters and I will be done! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to keep reminding myself of it.

You should come and check out Flowmotion sometime. That would be very fun.

momadance's Avatar momadance 04:39 PM 06-23-2006
Hey no digs on tye die!

I sport a cute tank dress died by joy of the color farm alot and one of her tee's too. In fact I was wearing it the other day when I was reading the tye dye digs but didn't get a chance to chime in to defend

We're going to see Col. Bruce and the codetalkers tonight! Just me and dh(no kids) and a small venue
lunasmommy's Avatar lunasmommy 01:20 AM 06-24-2006
saw phil last night in boca, awesome show!!! joan is so cute! dd loved it, everyone remembered her from last time we worked a table at the venue (for ratdog) so we all had a great time, and I danced my a$$ off so
caspian's mama's Avatar caspian's mama 01:42 AM 06-24-2006
got a setlist? the website won't display right on linux. only 13 days till wee see him in MA.

earth angel, are you still down?? i haven't confirmed my schedule yet for camping, but i'll ask tomorrow.
darkstar's Avatar darkstar 01:44 AM 06-24-2006
is Joan osborne playing with phil again?

Shelbi, glad that you are done with school. Congrats on the B. Hey better than a C And one day I will make it out to see the flo with you

Hope the rest of you mamas are well. See you around

cheeseRjedi's Avatar cheeseRjedi 02:06 AM 06-24-2006
Cat, a bunch of my old friends in FL went last night and had a great time. It's so funny to think of Phil in Mizner.

Dh and I went to see the Big Wu last night and it wasn't too great. I usually love them but they were just so obviously hammered and sloppy. Plus they didn't come onstage till midnight and I was exhausted from being up all day and working that night.

Speaking of batiking! Has anyone ever done it before??? I'm thinking of getting into it - it just seems so fun! And I love that kind of art.
momadance's Avatar momadance 02:56 AM 06-24-2006
Originally Posted by lunasmommy
saw phil last night in boca, awesome show!!! joan is so cute! dd loved it, everyone remembered her from last time we worked a table at the venue (for ratdog) so we all had a great time, and I danced my a$$ off so
we're going to see them Sunday!
On our way to see the col. and codetalkers we stopped in a bar. the girl next to me said she liked my shirt and then said "i saw phil last night" it was pretty funny. She was in boca on business. She said it was a good show, but Joan needs to learn the lyrics and focus less on the teleprompter?
Earth Angel's Avatar Earth Angel 10:43 AM 06-24-2006
earth angel, are you still down?? i haven't confirmed my schedule yet for camping, but i'll ask tomorrow.

We still aren't sure. We are kinda leaving it till the last min, and if there are still tix and we can still camp we'll go.

We want to wait till this whole construction loan is finalized and we are set with our plans for starting our project (Dh is starting a spec house). Then, if everything is in order, we are feeling like we will have permission to go (is that weird or what )

Anyway, keep me posted and I'll do the same. If we do make it, I'd love to get the boys together!! And meeting you would be a nice bonus!!!
lunasmommy's Avatar lunasmommy 01:06 PM 06-24-2006
lunasmommy's Avatar lunasmommy 01:07 PM 06-24-2006
Originally Posted by caspian's mama
got a setlist? the website won't display right on linux. only 13 days till wee see him in MA.
Mizner Amphitheater
Boca Raton, FL
June 22, 2006

Set 1:
The Weight
Mr. Charlie
Bertha> Jam>
Broken Arrow
Cosmic Charlie
Good Lovin'

Set 2: Jam>
St. Stephen> 11 Tease>
St. Stephen> Slipknot!
Shakedown Street
Jam> Dark Star
Eyes of the World>
Dark Star
Morning Dew
Not Fade Away

E: Donor Rap/Intros
U.S. Blues

Originally Posted by darkstar
is Joan osborne playing with phil again?
caspian's mama's Avatar caspian's mama 11:25 AM 06-25-2006
"The Weight" ... is this what i think it is??? wow!

is joan osborne playing with him up here, too, or just mike and trey? i didn't like what i saw of her on the bonnaroo webcasts.
cheeseRjedi's Avatar cheeseRjedi 01:26 PM 06-25-2006
It's so awesome to see the Weight showing up on setlists everywhere. I saw Butter play it in a basement at a private party . The Band is one of my favorites!

So I've been getting into this local AP message board and last night we went to a party with everyone from the board. It was so much fun! It's just so refreshing to be around people who have the same ideals as you in regards to parenting. And all the babes are so cute! They are all within 4 months of Madison too so they are really interacting with eachother. There was this boy named Rowan there (what a cool name) and he and Madison were totally playing with eachother and ignoring everyone else. She likes them older boys .
darkstar's Avatar darkstar 10:28 PM 06-25-2006
I'm so stoked that i have June 11th-the 18th off of work,Goin on a mini phil tour:

sounds like a great show.

caspian's mama's Avatar caspian's mama 11:57 PM 06-25-2006
EA: my supervisor chica just told me today that i've got the day of the show off, as well as the following. camping, here we come!! let me know as soon as you decide. i feel you about waiting till the last minute and sort of rewarding yourselves. i do that too! if you can't make it to this, we'll figure out something for later on; maybe just a regular camping night.
hippiemom2's Avatar hippiemom2 01:43 AM 06-26-2006
Congratulations Darkstar! Hope you have some great shows! I have seen that Joan Osbourne is with him. I really hope she is better than the last time I saw her. I just don't enjoy her much. Are you still bartending or have you gotten a massage job yet? Just wondering.

darkstar's Avatar darkstar 02:16 AM 06-26-2006
Hippiemom, I didnt like her last time either. Everytime I see her I think of that god awful song she used to sing...What if god was one of us. Yikes

No more waitressing EVER!!! I am not doing massage either. I am a florist at whole foods Pretty sweet job if I might add. I am trying to get a job at a new store in Wisconsin. Suprisingly there are lots of family up there. I am glad that you are still around, cause I missed you. Whats up with you? Is your health well? Congrats on finishing your 1st year of nursing school? I bet your kids are getting so big...Are you so glad that you are back in Washington!!!You are so lucky to be out there. I am jealous COme on over and join my party in TAO

hellyaellen's Avatar hellyaellen 02:30 AM 06-26-2006
hey mamas just popping in to say hey. i don't post too much in these threads b/c i haven't been to too many shows. a bunch of friends are at phill&friends tonite and i am so jeaulous. i really want to take at least the kids to something thiss summer though. (dh isn't so much into the scene- i think an all day type fest might be overload for him )

as far the term hippie, i tend to refer to myself as a hippie. don't so much look like one but i dig some peace, love and music. and i am a pretty natural kinda girl and not caught up in big ambitious money oriented plans. i guess i'm philosophically a hippie.

i love the "look" but except for a pair of mudd bells and a few vintage pieces i don't really own it. and i'm in a not buying kinda way these days.
Earth Angel's Avatar Earth Angel 12:20 PM 06-26-2006
Originally Posted by caspian's mama
EA: my supervisor chica just told me today that i've got the day of the show off, as well as the following. camping, here we come!! let me know as soon as you decide. i feel you about waiting till the last minute and sort of rewarding yourselves. i do that too! if you can't make it to this, we'll figure out something for later on; maybe just a regular camping night.
WOOHOO!! so glad to hear you can actually enjoy yourself and not have to rush back for work!!

I will definately let you know whats up for the show. But yeah, if that all doesn't work out it would be nice to get together for a little camp out with the families!!

Darkstar....congrats on the completion of school and your fabulous job!! I''d LOVE to play with flowers all day!! And, I've heard that WF is very good to their employees!!
hippiemom2's Avatar hippiemom2 04:25 PM 06-26-2006
Playing with flowers is way cool. I have heard that Whole Foods is a great place to work. I love being in Washington but haven't been feeling all that great lately. I still struggle with eating on a regular basis but at least I have more good days than bad lately. I just wish it would just go away and never come back. Unfortuntately it has been a year and a half since this all began and doesn't look as though it is going anywhere for the moment. If Joan is super annoying you can just try and block her out and concentrate on the band. That is what I did when I went to see the Dead with her. It helped some but I still wished Bobby would have just kicked her off the stage and let the show go on without her.

If you are on myspace you can check out my profile on there. If you search for Shelbi in the NineEight22Five zip code then you can see pics.

spiderdust's Avatar spiderdust 04:42 PM 06-26-2006
Originally Posted by gillieanne
Oh and Bela Fleck/Keller/YMSB on saturday...
I just saw them last night!
hippiemom2's Avatar hippiemom2 05:56 PM 06-26-2006
I got to listen to the WP show at the Red Rocks on Saturday because I have Sirius satellite radio. It wasn't the same as being there but it was definitely cool and a nice perk to having satellite! Anyone actually attend Sat. at the Red Rocks?

momadance's Avatar momadance 07:16 PM 06-26-2006
Phil was great last night~
I love that John Scoffield is with him.
Dicky Betts was in on a 3rd set and it was very nice.
I loved having the boys with us, and they enjoyed it as well.
I didn't mind Joan, had no beef with her at all!
momadance's Avatar momadance 07:23 PM 06-26-2006
oh and i thought of you all when a guy stopped me to take my pic I had Reed in the sling and we were coming up from the main floor and he wanted to photograph us. He was cool, I think he just got a kick out of the babe~
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