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flower's Avatar flower 06:55 PM 04-28-2003
I just finished reading this last night. Anyone else read it??

Because I wasn't completely AP during my first son's babyhood and I harbor a lot of guilt over that (did CIO a few times between 5 months and 18 months, used the stroller more than the sling, only bf for a month) I found it actually PAINFUL to read this book.

Thankfully, when my second son was born I did all the right things necessary for the Continuum (breastfed, co-slept, babywearing, etc.) so that relieved some of the guilt, but still...

It was so depressing to read that our whole society is basically filled with 'victims of victims' of infants not cared for in the proper way and that we are all just searching for that complete Mother-Love that we missed out on in our early years..

The book was written in 1975 during the height (I would guess?) of formula feeding, crib sleeping, and stroller pushing type parenting so hopefully things are better today.

Anyway ~ I was wondering if anyone here has read it and what you thought about it. Did you believe it or dismiss it?

KindRedSpirit's Avatar KindRedSpirit 07:04 PM 04-28-2003
I read it and loved it,it spoke a lot of what I saw but had never heard verbalized before.I also go back to the simplicity of living it told of, almost every day.I love that life can be so simple and fullfilling.Sadly,our western society is, imho ruining the planet
Faith's Avatar Faith 03:04 AM 04-29-2003
This is definitely one of the few books everyone should read. It was just awesome!

I think everyone in my LLL has borrowed my copy. It is even signed by the author.

I just love how it is AP but not child-centered. It makes perfect sense!
Pigpen's Avatar Pigpen 12:39 AM 04-30-2003
I'm reading it right now, and loving it. I'm amazed that I hadn't come across it sooner. As soon as I got into I declared to my husband that I don't care how many dirty looks I get, at the next baby shower I go to, I'm giving the mom-to-be a sling and a copy of the continuum concept. Sadly, since the 70's, people buy more things to hold thier children for them than actually holding them. They place more value on "early education" than keeping your baby with you at all times and allowing them to learn naturally from the world around them. With my first son, I held him all the time because he let me know that's what he wanted. I got comments about how he'd never learn to walk (walked at 10 mos.) and how he'd never become independant, that's NOT a problem at all. People are fed messages all the time without questioning them. This is such a great book, I'm glad I found it.
BowenTherapist's Avatar BowenTherapist 01:13 AM 04-30-2003
i love the concept that you can give your babe all the attention they need, yet not be child centered. it also feels so right to hold and be near your babe 24/7. when i read it i was so sad that i don't live in a village, but i have found a great group of ap/cc moms in the area and we are going to be trying different ways to make a "tribe"

i hear ya about wanting to give a copy to every pregnant mom!
(i'm giving a gift to a soon to mom ~ a basket with a fitted cd, wrap, rebozo, maybe tcc , and a ton of info about baby wearing and cd'ing !.... i hope that i'm not too pushy... )
Thursday Girl's Avatar Thursday Girl 03:20 PM 03-29-2005
I am almost finishesd with this book. I found that most of it was just confirming what I felt was natural for me to do. it did make me think of the times I let other pople's advice get in the way of what I felt. I think to the times i let her cry it out (after she turned one at least) and how my heart just felt like it was breaking. I didn't continue with that very long however due to the fact that it felt so wrong. it has really made me sure that i should jsut do what feels right, to trust myself. it has given me a comeback to use when my family will inevitably say soemthing about my DD (24.5 months) still breastfeeding.

I also want to live in a tribe now. it's like

"c'mon babe pack your bags, we're going to the jungle"