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unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 09:00 PM 03-04-2014

i am doing good just enjoy my rainbow and spending alot of time with her

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 12:19 PM 03-05-2014
I saw your picture in the other thread. She is so cute!
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 04:04 PM 03-05-2014

thank you 

unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 04:00 PM 03-12-2014

hey ladies i just saw this today and thought you all might want to read it

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 04:29 PM 03-12-2014
J&J how's Cole?

The one thing that stands out off on the recommend is food 4-6 months. Babies shouldn't have solids till ideally they are sitting unassisted and can pinch grasp the food in front of them. Which coincides with gut development. That's normally after six months.
I'm glad to see they say start with real food, not cereals.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 10:38 AM 03-13-2014
Cole is nursing at 12, 3, &5-6am!!!! Driving me nuts with noooo sleep. We feed him a bunch of food at 6:30 and then he goes to bed at eight I don't understand why he's nursing at eight and all the other times throughout the night but he is still hungry!!! Help!! What do you guys suggest?? This is ridiculous ! Ahhhhhhh he eats a ton! I don't get it. This has been over a week of this.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 10:39 AM 03-13-2014
I would love to get him out of our room and into his own crib in his own room but what is the point if I have to get up four times a night walk across the hall and hear him screaming We may as well leave him in our room
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 10:40 AM 03-13-2014

j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 10:41 AM 03-13-2014
He is so close to crawling! Sad
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 11:44 AM 03-13-2014
Is he teething? Growth spurt? Stuff you forget about. Are you nursing him before solids? He should nurse then eat before meals, if you want to continue bf and keep your supply up. Until the first year most of his nutrition should still come from breast. So he might just need more breast along with solids. Kellymom prob has more info. Best guess would be teeth and growing though. Can you side lay nurse? I get the most sleep that way. My guy starts nursing almost non stop starting around 5-6 until 8, if that makes you feel any better.
porcelina's Avatar porcelina 11:52 AM 03-13-2014

He's probably making up mom time for when you are not home during the day! If you can go with it, it is probably just a bonding thing.

Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 12:19 PM 03-13-2014
Saffron had her echo, the PDA is still there. Back in six months.

Slowly introducing solids now as she's six months actual.

Endocrinologyextnext week, then neonates. Its draining but I have to remind myself how far she's come. Just praying that darn PDA closes without needing surgery.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 01:44 PM 03-13-2014
Aww little saffron really has come a long way. Praying it all comes out clear.

I've told day care to push his bottles THEN feed him to see if that makes a difference. Maybe since he is more mobile he needs the extra calories??
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 02:03 PM 03-13-2014
Probably. And like porcelaina said. Bf babies usually want to bf more when a mom works all day to make up for lost time. Helps supply and bonding.

That's great about Saffron. Is she siting up and wanting to eat?
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 01:04 AM 03-14-2014
She sits with support, not unaided.

Here bliss recommends 5-7 months actual with preemies as a window of opportunity, but to go slowly as it can often take longer.

So far she's enjoying tiny amounts of fruit puree but not keen on veggies, so thinking of mixing some pear puree with veg to see if that helps.

I'm really praying it closes spontaneously,its only tiny so it really doesn't need to get much smaller before it closes. Praying! They said they would operate at 10kg which is about 22lbs so some time away yet.
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 06:35 AM 03-14-2014
Why not give her bits of food she can pick up herself and mush in her mouth, like overlooked carrots, egg yolk, avocado, banana etc?
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 07:08 PM 03-14-2014

oh wow that is a long way to go my babies did not weigh 22 lbs till they where about a year to a year and half they told me once my girl hit 12 lbs they would operate if hers did not close she just hit 12 lbs but we dont go and see them till april thank god so it gives us a little more time for it to close

Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 12:47 AM 03-15-2014
I might try that hippy - she might prefer being in control.

River, its because if they wait until she is big enough - they can go through the femoral artery and do it via catheterization which is hopefully less invasive and only requires an overnight stay all being well. Still terrifies me though!
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 07:57 AM 03-15-2014

oh ok that makes since cause they told us it would be open heart surgery for her if it did not close by the time she was 4 months or at least got a lot smaller to where it looks like it is closing

so we are just hope that it has close or is smaller

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 09:57 PM 03-15-2014
That's great it's closing. I know at least four people who had holes that closed up by some point in childhood.

Afm, baby is grabbing everything! And rolling. He laughs! And teething, lol. He's pretty content most of the day. I am so glad I learned to nurse lying down this time. I get so much more sleep than I did with the others. Still have anxiety some days, but take rescue remedy for it. It helps. I don't know, having a rainbow baby has made me rethink everything, what's surrounding our kids, being closer to them, appreciate them more etc. not that I'm crazy over it, but more aware of it I guess. I've caught myself second thinking things I probably wouldn't have before.
baileyb's Avatar baileyb 10:48 PM 03-15-2014
Hippy, I have had feelings like that too. I def am more rotective of my kids too. BIL (who is unmarried and childless) is super opinionated about raising kids and I want to just unload on him sometimes! I think I def look at kids and babies more as individuals now more than I ever would have if I hadnt lost any kids.
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 12:43 AM 03-16-2014
Me too hippy.

For me it feels like the anxiety and worry is intense at times, but likewise the joy and happiness she has brought with her is greater than I could ever have imagined.

Weve got a teether too - she dribbles constantly and its making her little face sore. I put a thin layer of barriercream on it last night hoping that might help it heal. She's always munching her hands too.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:20 PM 03-16-2014
Yes I also feel a much greater joy with the rainbow baby then our firstborn. I think so much of Jackson when I see Cole and thank him for giving us cole. People have no clue especially the childless. I'm a lot stronger now and can tell anybody what I think and will put them in their place without any regret It's like I have to stand up for us loss parents.
thebyr's Avatar thebyr 02:58 PM 03-17-2014
Hey mamas!

We just introduced Friday at 6.5 months. Just a little avocado this week. Baby isn't interested in picking up and holding his own food yet. He wants me to put it on my fingers so he can shove my hand in his mouth. It's pretty funny. We'll try sweet potato next week. I'm in no hurry to get him to eat solids... He has 6 months to figure it out. Actually, as long as he likes. I think he'll start crawling soon. We had a couple fun trips he last few weeks: Chicago for Mommycon and Phoenix for warm weather. We're so ready for spring!!!!!

Glad to see all of you and your cute babies are doing well.
baileyb's Avatar baileyb 03:10 PM 03-17-2014
Been lurking and following along. Dh, both DD's, and I are going to my youngest's round of specialists appointments this week. They start tomorrow. She goes to the O.R. Wed morning for a bronch scope, upper airway scope, G.I. scope, she has an in office swallow study tomorrow which will hopefully tell us if/when/how she can work towards getting her trach and feeding tube removed. I have been excitedly anxious for these appointments for months even though she wont be coming home w/o either tubes but it will be SO NICE to have a set plan for what will be happening next for her. And she is doing so well! Well, now that they are here tomorrow I can feel myself getting more and more introverted as today goes on. For some reason most people, IL's who should know better, keep acting like 'Well, they wouldnt possibly make her keep her trach and g tube since your having another baby!' This new baby is not tied to DD's health stuff and it drives me nuts when people act that way! I feel like it minimizes the progress he HAS made. She is still on O2 at night and has to be taking 75% of her calories by mouth for 3 months before they take out her feeding tube, but she is totally off her ventilator and able to take 9 oz. feeds when she could barely handle 4 oz before.

Anyway, I guess I just want to hear what they are going to say this week but getting edgie having to hear anyone's 'fairytale'/'well, you never know...' type opinions lately.

Sorry for hijacking yur thread today Uriver! Stressed and venting!
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 05:55 PM 03-17-2014
Holy crap bailey I had no clue your dd was going thru all of this! So sorry! Sounds like you are handling it well tho. So tough.

Hi thebyr been wondering about you and son.
thebyr's Avatar thebyr 08:31 PM 03-17-2014
Hey j&j. I've been super busy lately.... Working 40 hours and doing baby duty very night is taking some time for me to get used to. Glad to see Cole is doing so well. He's so cute.

Aw Bailey. That's a lot. Thinking about you and your dd! Keep us posted.
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 02:50 AM 03-18-2014
Thinking of you bailey, she sounds like she's going faband has been through so much.
My angel did had a j tube and trach - but remained in the nicu.

Hi thebyr - I'm going to try avocado too - apparently a super food for babies.

We are off to the endocrinologist today.
thebyr's Avatar thebyr 08:42 AM 03-18-2014

I've heard that too Sienna. So far baby seems to like sucking on it (and spitting it out later). It's cute. Milk is still his favorite. Good luck at the endo doc

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 08:45 AM 03-18-2014
Mothering has an article on solids smile.gif
I personally don't see the point of using spoons and forks till baby is older and can use himself. I think it's far less stressful to just let baby pick up food and mash with hands or gums, it should be soft enough.

Avocados are great first food!
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