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nsmomtobe's Avatar nsmomtobe 11:35 AM 06-06-2014
Hi ladies, I remember most of you from the TTC and expecting threads! I'm just thread crashing here because I have a question or two. How many of you took baby aspirin during your rainbow pregnancy? Did you take it the whole time, or for only part of the pregnancy? TIA.

M Anna's Avatar M Anna 12:16 PM 06-06-2014
I took baby aspirin through my entire pregnancy with my rainbow baby. Because I was having a scheduled c/s I stopped it about five days before. I've been taking it throughout this pregnancy too (I'm 10 weeks, 3 days). I plan to continue through the entire pregnancy.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 03:35 PM 06-07-2014
Hey thebyr!
Thank u
M Anna's Avatar M Anna 03:45 PM 06-07-2014
You may have noticed my signature has changed. I couldn't find the hb yesterday or today after looking for a few hours three different times, with and without full bladder.
100%mom's Avatar 100%mom 06:17 AM 06-09-2014
Originally Posted by M Anna View Post
You may have noticed my signature has changed. I couldn't find the hb yesterday or today after looking for a few hours three different times, with and without full bladder.
M Anna, with my rainbow baby I was almost 14 wks before I found the heartbeat. My doula tried at 13 wks and couldn't find it. I borrowed her Doppler and tried it at home every few days until I finally heard it.
thebyr's Avatar thebyr 09:59 AM 06-09-2014
M Anna - prayers to you mama. There were some weeks I couldn't find my rainbow's hb.. especially before 20 weeks. Fingers crossed that baby was just in a really good hiding spot. Are you planning on having an u/s?
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 10:40 AM 06-09-2014
Prayers to you m Anna and hope for your bean to just have been hiding.
M Anna's Avatar M Anna 06:12 PM 06-09-2014
(cross-posting from the expecting rainbows thread):

Sorry I'm late updating. I got in this afternoon for an ultrasound and to see the doctor. The baby had no heartbeat, as I had known. He died at 10 weeks, 6 days, probably on Friday (which put my due date back to December 27th where I had originally had it - not that it matters much now). There was nothing obviously wrong. He probably died from a blood clot, which is what we're thinking happened to the other little ones I lost. I'm waiting to deliver on my own which can take a few weeks. I need to see the doc once a week. At the end of three weeks if I have not yet delivered, I'll go in the hospital for a cytotec induction.
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 01:38 PM 06-10-2014
Oh no m Anna I'm so sorry xxxxx
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:06 PM 06-10-2014
M Anna I'm so sorry. I'm sure you are in shock and have a million thoughts flying now but how are u doing? Are you able to take care of your little ones on this earth? I hope u can get extra snuggle time in with your blue eyed rainbow and physically things go easy on you.
M Anna's Avatar M Anna 10:45 PM 06-10-2014
Yes, being able to take care of Catherine (who is still only 7 1/2 months) is very helpful and comforting. I think that because we weren't trying, hadn't planned on trying, and were seriously surprised to get pregnant, (and have a baby currently) it makes this miscarriage easier to bear. It doesn't mean I love the baby any less. We were very happy to be having another and I was heartbroken to realize he/she was gone, but still, it's not nearly as bad as the last two miscarriages were.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 07:09 PM 06-11-2014
aww manna i am so sorry for your loss
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:11 AM 06-13-2014
ever since this dumb website changed my favorite thread is GONE--shamelessly cute baby thread--it was from my july due date club and we posted baby pics from birth to present. now its vanished! what the heck??? anythoughts??
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 07:11 PM 06-13-2014
i found my due date club by my name on the right hand side of the screen at the bottom where it say your groups are and then i hit it and it show all the old threads in my due date club oh and here is the link to the thread you where looking for
100%mom's Avatar 100%mom 06:23 AM 06-16-2014
M Anna, I'm so sorry for your loss. My first 2 miscarriages were before I had any of my children and they were by far the hardest. I was so worried I'd never end up with any babies to love on. My miscarriage last year was sad, but yah not near as bad as my others. Take care of yourself, M Anna.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 12:38 PM 06-18-2014
well today has been a very long and hot day are ac went out in the house

thebyr's Avatar thebyr 06:39 AM 06-19-2014
hugs M Anna.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 10:41 AM 06-20-2014
Thanks so much u river!!
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 01:57 PM 06-20-2014
you are welcome j&j
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 03:44 PM 06-21-2014
ok quick question do any of you ladies use menstrual cups if so what are the pros and cons with them and what kind would be best for use after haven babies
taichimom's Avatar taichimom 08:49 PM 06-21-2014
I have the diva cup- pros- reusable and doesn't dry you out like tampons. Cons-It does leak when it gets full on heavy days and can be a little messy to change. Like cloth diapers and pads I like the cost savings and not having to go out to get supplies.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 06:06 PM 06-22-2014
ok thanks which one of the diva cups do you have is it size 1 or size 2 and what are the differents in the sizes
M Anna's Avatar M Anna 08:56 PM 06-26-2014
Just to let you all know, I finally delivered Gabriel last night at 10:42 PM. The placenta didn't come out until about 2 AM and I was getting close to giving up and going to the ER. I was pretty dizzy from blood loss but I'm doing ok today. I've been in bed most of the day. No complications. He's beautiful and perfect. It was a 19 day wait.

Catherine has been such a lovely consolation. Just having to keep changing poopy diapers keeps me grounded and I can't help but be happy looking at her sweet little face.
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 02:18 AM 06-27-2014
Oh m Anna I'm so sorry, another little angel to love and hold in your heart. I'm glad that Catherine is helping you to smile through this difficult time xxxx
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 06:56 AM 06-27-2014
aww m anna i am so so sorry but i am glad Catherine is helping with your pain
pattimomma's Avatar pattimomma 07:56 AM 07-01-2014
M Anna - I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you are doing ok.

How are all the little rainbows doing?

Simon is 4 months old now and he is already rolling over (been doing that since 3 months) and scooting on his belly across the floor! None of my other babies were doing this so early. I am still breast feeding and pumping but DH has had to give Simon a couple of ounces of baby formula when they ran out of pumped milk while I was at work.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 09:31 PM 07-01-2014
hey ladies i was just want ask a quick question are any of you haven problems with pooping after haven your baby i don't have hemorrhoids and i am not constipated either it feels more like the muscle around that area is really tight and has been since Amberly was born and it hurts to poop to where it almost brings me to tears every time and all my docs say there is nothing wrong and i also have soft stool sorry for the tmi
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 10:30 AM 07-02-2014
No suggestions here...
Can't believe cole is a year on the tenth!
Pattim he is really advanced!
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 11:41 AM 07-02-2014
Time flies doesn't it?!

Uriver sounds like a tear/fissure if it's painful - is there any bleeding?

Not sure what to suggest since you're not constipated so things like more fibre isn't going to help.

I'm feeling soo sick today, hope it's not a bug. Not managed to eat much at all which worries me that my milk will dry up, trying to drink water.

Doing well otherwise, took saffron to the zoo for the first time which she loved
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 07:48 PM 07-02-2014
no sienna there is not any bleeding and i was told there was no tearing and i have been to the ob for it three times and my reg doc once i just dont know what else to do and i am so tired of it and i hope you feel better soon
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