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Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 10:29 PM 07-02-2014

Really not sure in that case, wonder if they could refer you for a camera test.

M Anna's Avatar M Anna 12:28 PM 07-06-2014
Here are a couple of pictures of Catherine taken before church this morning.
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Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 01:00 PM 07-06-2014

Had a rough weekend, all poorly with colds and saffron came out in rash, dr said roseola virus. Hoping to be through the worst of it now and on the mend.
liladancing's Avatar liladancing 05:51 PM 07-06-2014
Originally Posted by unuselyriver View Post
no sienna there is not any bleeding and i was told there was no tearing and i have been to the ob for it three times and my reg doc once i just dont know what else to do and i am so tired of it and i hope you feel better soon
I have seen a doctor specifically for stomachs and or a proctologist. Ask your doc for a referral. They should give you one. Might need a colonoscopy. I had one. I think it would help you to get to the bottom of this. No pun intended.
pattimomma's Avatar pattimomma 10:42 AM 07-07-2014
Hi Uriver - I copied this: Examples of some of the treatment techniques that Pelvic Physical Therapists use:
Manual therapy: techniques applied internally (vaginally or anally) or externally. Examples are stretching, trigger point release, myofascial release, connective tissue mobilization, soft or deep tissue mobilization, strain-counterstrain, muscle energy, nerve gliding, manual traction, and joint oscillations or mobilizations.
”Down-training” of muscles that have lost the ability to relax or return to normal resting tone; reduction of abnormally high tone of the pelvic floor may reduce pain and allow strengthening once normal tone is restored.

From here -

They are in Atlanta so it might be worth looking into.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 12:35 PM 07-07-2014
Thanks for the info ladies dh wants me to get an appt with a doc but i have been so nerves too but i guess i need to bite the built and just get one cause it is messing with are sex life and that is not good to be mess up when try to ttc again dh wants just one more so we are going to try
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 09:36 AM 07-08-2014
thanks pattimomma for the info i call them yesterday and i have to get a note from my ob first before i can go see them but i have an appt with ob on the 21 of this month so we shall see what happens from there
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:19 PM 07-09-2014
Well everyone I'm sitting here nursing Cole to sleep on the eve of his first birthday. Can u believe it??? Thank u all soo much for being there on this hard journey. From waiting to TTCAL to this thread, it has been so hard. I'm so glad I have my Cole Jackson. I promised him that if he lived I would spoil him so I'm trying to do so
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 10:22 PM 07-09-2014
congrats on making it to a year with bfing
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 11:28 PM 07-09-2014
Well done!
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:07 PM 07-12-2014
Thanks ladies! Does anyone know how to post pictures with this stupid new web design they created?
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 09:22 PM 07-12-2014
yes i do j&j if it is come from your computer got to the thing that looks like a paper clip and hit it then chose the pic you want and upload it
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 09:27 PM 07-12-2014
264.jpg her is a pic of her at 6 months old have not posted one in awhile so i thought i would now
thebyr's Avatar thebyr 06:59 PM 07-13-2014
Yay J&J - pretty awesome to make it a year.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 10:34 AM 07-16-2014
wellhow is everyone doing today i am just waiting for af to either show up or stay bye bye for a little while
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 11:52 AM 07-16-2014
Good luck u river!

How did Coles birthday go j and j?

I'm so excited about saffrons birthday, been thinking about it lots, it's bittersweet of course, but I am so excited and want it to be special for her.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 11:25 PM 07-17-2014
thanks sienna forever i am now 2 days almost three days late now but dh wont let me test cause we are going to the ob monday for a problem that i have had so i will know then
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 10:25 AM 07-20-2014
hey ladies how is everyone doing over here amberly took her first steps this morning along side of the sofa i am so happy with her progress she has been doing so good
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 01:10 PM 07-20-2014
Well done amberly! Saffron hasn't walked yet but does commando crawl and can pull herself to stand. We are good, we had a lovely time in the pool today
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 12:35 AM 07-22-2014
I THINK SHE SKIP THE WHOLE CRAWLING AND THING SHE CAN PULL HERSELF IN TO SITTING UP BUT DOES NOT DO ANY OF THE CRAWLING STUFF DOES DO ALOT OF ROLLING OVER THOU sorry just saw i had the caps on but dont feel like typing it back out well my doc appt was ok i guess got told that i had Vulvodynia and will have to see a pelvic floor pt and urogyn so and my test for pg came back neg but still no af and i am 5 days late 3 at the least was told to test in a week if it still has not shown up
100%mom's Avatar 100%mom 07:16 AM 07-22-2014
Uriver, my little guy doesn't crawl yet either. He's over 8 months. He can sit and then get on his tummy from sitting, but that's about all. Out of my 6 kids he's my slowest. He can spin circles on the floor and roll, but that doesn't get him anywhere.

J & J, awesome that you made it to a year bfing. How was Cole's birthday?
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 06:33 PM 07-22-2014
Sorry everyone cole is into everything and the house is a mess! No post time and this site is blocked at work now!
We celebrated early his b day. He destroyed the cake! We really didn't get him gifts or a big party so I feel bad about thAt. The actual birth date was uneventful but I kept the tradition of getting a pic at the moment he turned 1! 2:19! gorgeous pics too. I don't think I can post from my cell
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 06:35 PM 07-22-2014
Not walking yet but sometimes stands for a second. Amazing to hear about your babies and milestones. I am done pumping!!!
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 06:38 PM 07-22-2014
Am bearly and saffron sound great. They all do.
I want to post a pic darn it !
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 02:01 AM 08-01-2014
So now she is crawling on all fours and pulling to stand. Which is great except this morning she pulled to stand against the shower and fell and bumped her eyebrow area. Serious mummy guilt

How's everyone doing?
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 11:17 PM 08-03-2014
aww dont feel to bad about it it is going to happen some times amberly just gave her self a black eye for the same thing almost she was sitting up and playing with a toy and fell and hit her eye at least it is better now it cut the bottom part of her eye and i thought she was going to need stitches but her doc said she did not need them i was in tears and she was still just a playing
pattimomma's Avatar pattimomma 08:19 AM 08-04-2014
Hello Ladies!

I haven't been on in a while. It was nice to read all the wonderful progress toward each baby's milestone!

Simon is five months old and he just figured out this thing called crawling. He is getting all over the place. It's ridiculously early. None of my other babies did anything this early. They were all still working on sitting up at this stage. Simon can sit but not for very long before he loses his balance and tips to the side. He is really stable on all fours so crawling came easy for him. Still breastfeeding and still no AF for me but I am thinking about starting BC pills when he turns six months. DH keeps joking about me getting pregnant again but I am not interested in that. I think Simon may be my last. With two teenagers in my house and another child fast approaching those years I don't think I want to add another baby to the mix. Also it's taking my body a really long time to recover from Simon's birth. I think it's age, LOL.

How is everyone???
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 10:49 PM 08-04-2014
Oh blimey that is early! I'm struggling to keep up with saffron at 9 months corrected lol!
Also still bf which is lovely, aiming to get to her first birthday on the 28th and then keep going as long as she wants really. So happy to still be bf despite all our problems initially.
Also still no af, at nearly 1 year since birth which is strange for me, but not complaining at all ha.,

How's amberly now?

Saffrons bump much better.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 11:04 AM 08-05-2014
thanks for asking sienna-forever she is fine she just looks like she might have a scar under her i eye it happen friday i dont know why i said just happen i was tired i guess i need to quit responded to post at 1 am in the morning
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 11:06 AM 08-05-2014
and oh wow he is moving around early
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