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unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 05:46 PM 12-26-2013

no but i did get mastitis about 4 days after she was born and i was on antibiotics for it so they don't know what has cause the knot but we will find out monday i hope

unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 10:45 AM 12-27-2013

ok today has been a hard day been looking at all my clothes and nothing fits and i mean nothing the ones i am where are to big and all my others are to small i guess that means i get to go clothes shopping i so hate shopping for myself

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 02:33 PM 12-27-2013
Omg i was just complaining about this too. I feel like i got a big belly, wider hips, and love handles all in one week. I am sick of wearing the same 3 pair of sweatpants nd my maternity tanks are shot! I just cant decide what to get since i am home all the time but need something warm to wear to go to the store, etc. I lso dont want to spend very much $ at all since this is our last baby. Not sure what to do. Sure was mad that our Kohls had no maternity section yesterday! Now I remember why i never go there.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 05:34 PM 12-27-2013

dont feel bad i have over a 2,000 dollars worth of clothes that i cant fit but its ok it was worth it all just to have my baby girl and it is not the last kid for us we have been talking about haven one more a boy maybe would be nice

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 10:27 PM 12-27-2013
I need tops. I have a few pairs of pants that fit except a pair that won't really be comfy till my hips shrink down some. I feel like I'm losing weight too quickly so I guess I'm opposite. Very little of my tops work though. My boobs are too big. I need to get shirts bad. Might try old navy, they normally have shirts with print to hide spit up or boob leaks smile.gif I don't really want to go shopping though.

Uriver Will you wait awhile? Is it a lump or the whole breast hurts? Hope nothing bad.

I think I'd like another, hopefully a girl, but it wouldn't matter. Just thinking to have a close in age sibling for this guy. But I don't know. I was so stressed this preg, and I'd want to wait at least a year or more since I don't know how long I could bf during pregnancy. I had to stop by four months in prior ones. Then I think if they were too close I'm afraid of ppd, trying to handle a toddler and infant. May not get at back till after a year anyhow though, which I'm hoping just so I don't have to deal with af. But then that's also a few more years older for dh and I so I don't know. Just enjoying this guy.
I love all my kids but didn't realize just how strong I feel toward this guy. I think because of the loss and the hell we went through after. It's hard to share him with anyone.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 09:10 AM 12-28-2013

aww i have really lite spotting that makes me feel like my milk supply is not change at all so i was so hope to not have af for awhile. it is a lump in one but they both hurt like hell to nurse or pump

unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 06:44 PM 12-29-2013

yay feeling really good today my boobs have been feeling really full since today and my spotting is still very lite

j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 07:34 PM 12-29-2013
I dread getting my period again!! Since August 2009 I have only had my period 6-7 times!!!! Woo hoo

I have nip but with a 3 yo who doesn't listen great it's not like I can go running after him with a baby on the boob. I def don't mind it in the car either. And it's winter so what could I wear to make stripping all the layers and bra off. ?Nursing bras are a total joke and money maker.

Cole is starting to teethe. Things are getting a little harder due to that. He is in 9 mo clothing! Ahh! Too big. I am absolutely done with pregnancy! 2 living children and full time work are enough! Not to mention a full term loss. I sometimes envied a m/c vs full term loss. Ugh but I don't have to think about that anymore . I'm so afraid of pregnancy we have not had sex since July!!!!!!!! And I could careless! Scared straight!
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 07:37 PM 12-29-2013
And since having 2 kids I feel so vulnerable out in public! Someone could snatch one of my kids and what would I do? Leave the other on the street and chase the bad guy down? My goodness this scares the shit out of me. Am I the only one who feels like this?
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 08:16 PM 12-29-2013

oh j&j your not the only that feels scared about that i dont go out inless baby is in my moby warp and there is a grown up with each kid ori only take the baby and one of my kids with me towhere i can be holding there hand

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 08:19 PM 12-29-2013
Uriver that sounds good smile.gif full boobs I mean. Are you getting any more milk out in ounces?

J&J, I don't know. Some type of heavy sweater wrap instead of coat, for easier access?

I don't like nursing bras either, they don' t work for me, though I haven't tried the non padded ones yet this time. I like a bra that can just be pulled down instead of fussing with clips.

Hmm, my ds was 2 with ds2, trying to think what I did for nip. I got a sling with open tail for extra cover if needed. I put ds in cart at stores so no chasing.

I read on some natural fertility info that if you keep nursing on demand, carry baby and cosleep it will help delay ovulation and af. One woman said she noticed fertile fluid and offered breast more for a few days and cf dried right up. Sends a signal we have enough caring for one baby and don't need to get pregnant. Of course once baby is 6m and solids introduced the chances of pregnancy increase. I'm trying to figure out how temping would be at all accurate. Every few days I have tiny spotting, it's weird.

Afm, dealing with I'm sure ppd. Mainly I'm tired and have anxiety, with some crazy mood swings on bad days. My mil is here and didn't bf so misses early bf cues. It's tiring. I have to start watching baby once he wakes if she's holding him because she'll keep trying to rock him to sleep. I get she wants to hold him, but how many times to we have to go over bf cues. Then it seems she doesn't believe me that he needs to nurse. Especially if he just wants a snack, not long nursing. Sigh. Probably making more of it than needed. I really don't know anymore. I see my mw this week.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 08:28 PM 12-29-2013

yes hippy i got out 8 half oz tonight but i did not pump all day but i did nurse her about 6 times today instead of pumping and she seem to be not as fussy as she has of late i just nurse her i did not give her any formula but one bottle all day and normal all i could get out if i did that was about 3 oz by night fall and she would be fussy so i do think my milk supply is getting better what do you think

j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:30 PM 12-29-2013
Well it's annoying to miss or delay feelings. U have to keep on schedule for many reasons. I have been at my parents for a week and will be able to tell at work tomorrow how much my supply has decreased ..,. I know I feel like my typically tiny boobs are really hanging LOW. I need better bras
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 08:34 PM 12-29-2013
J&j me too on being scared. I don't know why this time. I want to get out then get anxious with both kids with me if they're in an ornery mood. I'm better with one kid or just baby in sling.
We haven't bd since summer either. I was so afraid of more spotting and couldn't relax. Thought about bd recently but no time with fam here and baby wakes up after a few min if put down. Dh has been god about it.
(Hugs momma)
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:27 AM 12-30-2013
Well I'm glad I'm not the only one hippy mom
On the bd subject.
And itsnt it horrible that we feel fearful to take our kids out?
Well I am pumping at work and getting a lot more than I thought. I Have not been to work in a week so my schedule is off. This means that cole is nursing stronger than I thought! Yay.
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 08:53 AM 12-30-2013
Yay J&J

Ugh, so today it seems I have light bleeding or a little more than spotting. The watery cf I had was 12 days ago. Could be af which would be crappy. Hope it isn't
baileyb's Avatar baileyb 10:21 AM 12-30-2013

Yay, Uriver for more milk. That is great!


J&J, I am more nervous about taking 2 kids out than I thought I would be. I get flustered trying to figure out who I should get out of the car first when we are at a store. If I take the 3 year old out first then I have to make sure she is not going to get run over while I get the baby out. If I get the baby out first (she is too big for a car seat carrier) then I am trying to hold onto her in the cold while unbuckling the 3 year old and trying to hold her hand, diaper bag, etc. I always jump at the chance to go out with just one to get stuff done. Now I have already been wondering if I will even go out AT ALL this time next year! My kids will be almost 4, 20 months, and 8 months! I am guessing I will do all my errands, if possible, after bedtime or something. Or I know one of our grocery store delivers too. That and online shopping probably! I am excited though, I devised a plan for me and DH and the new baby to be able to go out to DH's softball games this coming Spring. I am getting babysitter lined up way ahead of time so I can have one less-stress night where I can maybe actually watch softball rather than try to keep track (and keep happy) 3 kids. And yes I will nurse a baby in a bar if we go out for 1 drink afterwards too, haha.


AFM: Seems I have been hit with the mid-winter blues. It's not even technically mid-winter but we have had snow and cold since October so it feels half way. I am praying we don't also have a late Spring like last year; it snowed 16" on May 2nd last year! I started taking my CLO yesterday and I hope to again today and hopefully that will help. We have some projects coming up. They should be starting anytime so hopefully those will be a nice distraction. I am not even wishing it was closer to Spring, though, because I need every paycheck and every month of time I have before I am due to get everything done.

unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 02:35 PM 12-30-2013

i am nurse then pumping  out about 3 ozs today so i would say my milk is up

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 09:46 PM 12-30-2013
Uriver that's great. That she wants to nurse and doing well too.

J&j could be your breasts have just adjusted? Mine go down a cup size by 6-8 months.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 09:00 AM 12-31-2013
Hippy I do feel that they aren't as big and are just more efficient. After all most milk is made while nursing or pumping. I dread how depressing my boobs will look after nursing. Empty skin sacks. Ahhhh I could scream about this
baileyb's Avatar baileyb 10:33 AM 12-31-2013
My boobs were pretty...ummm...disapointing after nursing my first. Last pregnancy they didn't get as big but this time they are huge already. They will probably look terrible after Im done nursing this time greensad.gif
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 11:27 AM 12-31-2013
Mine eventually go back to a b cup, I'm fine with it. They don't get flat though. Be happy about your boobs gals smile.gif we're feeding our babies and need to try and be confident in ourselves in how we look.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 03:44 PM 12-31-2013

i just wish my would go down they never do they just get bigger and bigger i was a b before i had any kids now i am an f almost from what my doc said and the lady at the bra shop told me i was an f got i hate big boobs they hurt my back

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 06:57 AM 01-01-2014
Upriver that was my sis. She got a reduction after kids due to back problems.

Well, mw wants me to try rescue remedy and we hope when in laws gone I'll be able to relax and no more anxiety. I feel like the only people who get infant after loss is here. I'm so thankful for everyone.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 07:25 PM 01-01-2014
Yes it's so nice to have a place 247!
I'm trying to force myself to take better care of myself. Like shave and get back to my facial moisturizing .. U know the common day to day stuff that moms let go. My New Years post included saying I finally have a breathing living baby so nothing could beat that for 2013. Such a difference a year makes
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 07:40 PM 01-01-2014

well i am feeling tired tonight any body know of anything that will help with her gas i have try grip water and gas drops but they are not helping she is so colicky 

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 07:58 PM 01-01-2014

Mylicon drops have worked for my oldest in the past for gas. BTDT with a gassy baby when you are soooo tired.


J&J, I have been feeling the same about getting back to myself a bit. I finally decided on what kind of maternity clothes to get so I ordered some, also got a pair of shoes, and undies. I recently bought one of those electric face scrubby things and I love it, and today I just got a sonicare tooth brush. Not top of the line sonicare or anything but I just feel like m/s takes such a toll on my teeth and pregnancy and this harsh winter we are having takes such a toll on my skin that if I can carve out 15 minutes a day (or every other day, etc.) to focus on me it would be nice. So I can feel somewhat like myself and human again.

unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 12:12 AM 01-02-2014

me ask what does btdt mean

j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 01:39 PM 01-02-2014
Been there done that, right!?
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 02:19 PM 01-02-2014

that sounds right to me you could tell i was tired when i posted

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