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thebyr's Avatar thebyr 07:20 AM 01-08-2014

J & J - I thought it was just me with engorgement issues. Baby is 4 months and I still get engorged an hour or two after I pump. It's crazy!!! I nursed every 2-3 hours the entire time I was on vacation (18 days) and it was wonderful...but I'm kinda glad to be back at work and pumping during the day - because a few times - my nips hurt SO bad. When are you thinking about weaning? I wanna shoot for 12 months... but I'm not even sure where to begin... HECK - I'm not even sure how to start introducing solids in 2 months. lol

thebyr's Avatar thebyr 07:23 AM 01-08-2014

HEY YALL!!!! Happy NEW YEAR!!!!

j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:56 AM 01-08-2014
I nursed and pumped with my first for 11 months and I will not be going that long again no way!!!! I feel like a prisoner! I'm going to see how much milk he does not need now since he was starting on foods and decide in another month what I'm going to do. I'm back to my normal weight and am proud about that. Although I am probably too skinny looking.. Can't win.
Daily you should ask about the steroid shots although I think you might have to get them by week 32 for lung development. Surfactant is the lining of the lungs that was not right in Cole. They can't predict maturity since air hasn't been introduced to the lungs yet
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 12:55 PM 01-08-2014
Solids technically shouldn't be introduced till 6 months and baby shows signs of being ready, like sitting on their own smile.gif

J&j, why do you feel like a prisoner with bf? Are you working? I can't remember why you're still pumping,more are you pumping to have a stash?

Supply will adjust if a pump session is taken out. It's the same when baby sleeps longer at night.

I forget the WHO recommend, is it 1 year for nursing then as long as wanted?

I plan to nurse two yrs or more if possible smile.gif some veggies or something around 7 months I guess.

? About cf, it's different for all. I had 23 days of bleeding, then dry, then spotting at 6 weeks, dry since then.
jildez's Avatar jildez 01:25 PM 01-08-2014
Hi, yall. Thea was born christmas morning at home, she is 2 weeks old now and its been a doozy. She was born at home, a fast labor, 6 hours, and born into the water. She has been a super mellow baby so fast, but things haven't been easy. Since she was born at home, we took her to the ped when she was 4days old (saturday) . Our ped is on sabbatical till Jan15, ado we had to see someone else in the practice who isn't on the same wavelength as us. She started vomiting the night before, so i mentioned it. It turns out thea had a partial intestinal blockage. It cleared on its own, but the doc wanted to visualize her and put her on ivs and have me stop breastfeeding her. Then my husband got a stomach virus (my son and i have had colds since before Christmas) last week, then my son got itand then i did, I'm just getting over it. I feel so drained, and although thea is gaining, she will sleep through feedings unless i wake her.
jildez's Avatar jildez 01:25 PM 01-08-2014
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 03:03 PM 01-08-2014

well we are home after a long few days we where told that she has heart failure and that they would be watching her closely we will go back to the docs on 16th of this month and will find out about the genitic testing they did and we will be going back to the heart doc in April we are hope the hole will be smaller by then if it is not the will go in and close it cause that is what putting the stress on her heart and cause the failure hope that it close by then they want to try and give it some time to close i kind of wish they would just go in and close it now 

unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 05:53 PM 01-08-2014

feeling really bad my milk supply has went back down again to almost nothing cause i have finish take the reglan yesterday try to pump a few mins ago because she has been doing nothing but fussing since this morning  i just feel like crap cause it tell me her be fussy was cause she was hungry 

writinglove's Avatar writinglove 06:02 PM 01-08-2014

hugs unusely. so sorry to hear about amberly's heart. i'll keep sending positive thoughts that her heart closes on its own. it's totally understandable that your milk supply is low. stress can really affect supply. here's praying it will come back day by day for you through a combination of rest and meds. hugs again.

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 06:38 PM 01-08-2014

Uriver! I am glad they have a plan so far. Do they seem to think it has a pretty good chance of closing on it's own by a certain age? Sorry about the supply issue, that is frustrating.


J&J, I have my next appt on the 16th so I will def ask then! I kind of feel like a prisoner of nursing too (when I was nursing). My oldest started trying to do gymnastics while nursing at around 4 months and it really killed our nursing relationship. I could tell she was really thriving well with being breastfed but she is also a very healthy thriving girl now after being FF also. Not that I am advocating formula over breast milk, but just saying. I am making a "committment" to myself that I will nurse/pump for new baby and my current youngest for 6 months and then re-evaluate. I am hoping it all goes easier than last time and since I got a new pump that can run on battery it shouldn't feel like I am tied to my house or an outlet.


Glad to hear Thea is doing so well but sorry to hear that you all were sick! My house had it earlier in my pregnancy.

j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:38 PM 01-08-2014
So I'm having a fb war against my husband. I guess I'm at my limit with him, and really don't care anymore. Winning
So sorry uriver about it all. It's stressful then stress decreases your supply. Can't win. Maybe formula after the breast if you don't feel she got enough?

Jildez that sounds lame about the dr wanting bf to stop! Did you? I hope u were able to continue. Congrats again. I'm terrified of home birth but that's because of our loss and need for Nicu with Cole.

I feel a prisoner bc I can't go anywhere without my son or pump. Ball and chain! I work full time and have a MIA husband. I pump twice at work, total nuisance. Can't wear certain clothes for convenience. Chest hurts, very hungry, can't run-ouch. Can't eat buffalo sauce, can't drink, need I say more?! So prisoner it is. I have to have milk to take into daycare.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:43 PM 01-08-2014
Thebyr it's a hard decision to decrease your supply. It hurts and our minds have been on the make-as-much as I can track for so long. Next month ill re-evaluate.
Bailey I see u get it.
Cole is six months on the 10th already! Boo!
thebyr's Avatar thebyr 08:42 AM 01-09-2014

J&J - I feel like a prisoner too. I can't be away from baby more than 2 hours without having to lug my pump around. I hope that by 8 months I have enough milk stashed that I can stop pumping. I LOVE NURSING - I HATE PUMPING!!! They grow so fast - WOOT WOOT. GO COLE!!!


Bailey - I get kicked and punched sometimes... so I try to reinforce that those things "hurt mommy." Baby doesn't care yet - I'm hoping he will in a few more weeks. I'm feeling abused.. but I LOVE nursing so much - that I kinda ignore it most days. lol He's also teething and chomps down on me when he forgets that the nips are not his fingers. 


I'm having a lot of fun being a mommy. I knew it would be great - but it's better than I expected. Sure - he screamcries sometimes - but I'm ok with that. I do think I have a next-level appreciation for him because he's a rainbow. Anyone else feel like that? 

thebyr's Avatar thebyr 09:02 AM 01-09-2014

wow Uriver! Praying for Amberly - that sounds like a lot. I hope her hole closes really soon.

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 09:31 AM 01-09-2014
Uriver, wow, why can't they do it now? Hope your supply goes back up, but babies fuss for all reasons. As long as she's gaining you shouldn't have to use formula.

Thebyr, hi! So glad you're loving being a mom. I feel the same regarding appreciating this baby. I think dh does too.

J&J, sorry dh problems. I'm having some too. Yay Cole. What's with the BBQ sauce? Fussy baby?

Sorry you mommas are feeling like a prisoner. That seems an unhealthy way to look at breastfeeding, but I've met moms who feel the same way.

I feel so left out with breastfeeding here. Perhaps I just have a different view. I don't pump right now but might soon just to have a stash to give when we introduce a cup, it makes things easier.
I don't feel trapped at all, or view bf as an inconvenience. I'm giving my baby and body the best health benefit out there. If I have to rearrange my life a little till we start solids, I do. After six months when baby starts solids they can be left longer, just nurse when get back, no pumping. Unless gone for a long time, but then I'd prob have baby with me if that's the case.
I have girls night with my very close friends almost weekly, so I suppose I'm blessed I guess that way. They might have a glass of wine, but we're all moms so have no interest going out drinking or such. We do get to go out for dinner or movies, we just work around babies age. Babies are only babies so long, then they can be left longer, we can do other things without them.

Drinking is allowed, pump and dump before nursing.

Carriers-does anyone use a mei tai? I carry bub most of the day and started looking at them. If you have one pros/cons please.
porcelina's Avatar porcelina 09:51 AM 01-09-2014

Hi Hippy mum, I'm so glad you have such a positive outlook on breastfeeding! This is how I felt too. I didn't work FT, though, and I know pumping is really hard when you have so many other commitments. I just wanted to chime in because I have a Baby Hawk Mei Tai. I love it for the first 3-4 months, and then after that baby is too heavy for it, and I move to a structured carrier. But, it is easy and quick to get on to pop into the supermarket, and I could nurse in it. I like that it has neck support for baby (high back). It's not as great for soothing baby as the moby wrap is -- that would always calm mine. It's more for comfortable walking around when baby is not necessarily sleeping (though of course baby can sleep in there too :)).

thebyr's Avatar thebyr 12:37 PM 01-09-2014

I LOVE my carriers. I have two ergo (original and performance) and a cotton gauze wrap. I love them all for different reasons. I just used the original ergo last night to hold baby and wash bottles. 


Hippy - I feel the same way about giving my baby breastmilk. I think when you work FT and have to pump - its an absolute drag. I also have that condition where you feel sad during letdown. It only happens when I pump.. so for me pumping is sad.. it sucks. Plus having to wash, boil, fill bottles every night is draining.. I could be spending time with my babe instead. Pumping and nursing also causes oversupply for me. So, I make a TON of milk - so when I'm not with baby and can't readily pump - I become extremely engorged after an hour - its painful.. so I have to lug my pump around whenever I'm gone more than two hours because I'm leaking at that point. It takes the fun out of breastfeeding. Being off for 18 days with baby just nursing and living was AWESOME..but now I'm back to work and I have to manage pumping 3 times around my meetings and workload... and sometimes the sitter or errand situation... and my oversupply is back after just two days of pumping. I wish I was a SAHM at least this 1st year. Nursing would be a lot better. So - I don't speak for J&J - just myself.. but when I say prisoner - I'm mainly speaking about my pump and what comes with that.


I think my hubs does too. It's good too see him so much happier this time around.

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 02:19 PM 01-09-2014
Yeah, maybe prisoner was a strong word I make a ton of milk too. I nursed my oldest for 4 months and leaked constantly, forceful letdown, hindmilk foremilk imbalance the whole time! Then around 3 months DD started trying gymnastics while nursing. At 23 being a FTM it was more than I could deal with. Now I am a bit anxious about nursing and pumping but am committed to it and have 4 more years of mommy experience and knowledge to work with. And I really do appreciate the benefits of BM too.
thebyr's Avatar thebyr 05:34 PM 01-09-2014
Lol. Strong word but totally how I feel about it.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 07:43 PM 01-09-2014
Sahm v full time working mom &dad Mia no family or friends to help, yes prisoner. I LOVE nursing, love the benefits and bonding. But don't have time for the pumping cleaning storing thawing. Try throwing 40 plus hours of your week out the window and then still have all of your responsibilities to take care of. Nuts and really sucks. I'd love to stay at home with cole and just nurse but my husband isn't that cool! Lol
So it's not really just breast feeding that's imprisoning me haha.

Thebyr I have Two pumps, one at work and home. It really helps me. Good to see u and I agree on the enjoying rainbow extra!
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 10:09 PM 01-09-2014
Yay, I found a kozy mei tai at a great deal! So excited. I hope bad weather doesn't hold up shipping and it gets here early next week.

Working ft and pumping would be tough greensad.gif. You mommas rock for doing it though, you really do.

Thebyr do you have a pic of babe while pumping? It might help the sad feeling.

I don't know who likes lll, but going to a meeting can help if you have time. Other working moms there who can relate irl land help each other. I haven't gotten to a meeting since baby. I'd really like to meet some other moms with 3+ kids.

Oversupply- me too. All three kids. I have to wear pads at least a year, though the leaking gets better over time. It's actually leveling out some so I'm happy. I have wool pads this time, working awesome. This time I'm only getting engorged the days after growth spurt, it's odd. Before I'd wake up with hurt boobs and leaking everywhere. Maybe I'm nursing more at night than I think. Or just not as much oversupply as before. I know once I start pumping it will mess everything up. I have letdown hourly too, it's crazy!

Any burrower babies? This bub likes to burrow his head in my arm, especially when in sling. It's so funny.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 11:30 AM 01-10-2014

hippy they dont want to do it right now cause of some of her there problems she has hypotonia and feeding isuse so they want her to get a little stronger  before they will do it plus she is still little but up to 9 lbs now thou they want her to be at least 12 lbs and there hope the hole will close by then too then they can fix the pulmonary artery with less risk just hope for her to get better soon 

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 04:24 PM 01-10-2014
I kno w babies who had holes that healed, I hope hers does. That's great she gained another pound! How are you doing though? Do you have support?

My kozy is on the way smile.gif I found a hood on etsy for it too. Ordered a pump , it went on sale. Prey good finding both the kozy on sale and pump on sale. Baby is fussy tonight. He's acing a hard time pooping it seems. They went from little poops to big ones. Will see how well the gmd holds it in.
baileyb's Avatar baileyb 04:55 PM 01-10-2014
My youngest burrows if we are sleeping together. Her head gets all sweaty cuz she sleeps with it in my arm pit and she wakes up with the craziest hair. haha.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 07:04 PM 01-10-2014
I swaddle cole so he doesn't get the chance to burrow but if thirsty he will bang his head into me.
Hippy I refrain from spicy stuff as I thought food tastes got to our milk???? Is that not true? If not I'm having a huge chicken buffalo pizza or salad tomorrow.
Unusely hang in there!
Cole is 6 mo today!!!! I got kind of sad today at day care as a boy a month younger than him and a girl his age already sit very well. greensad.gif I feel so guilty for not having more time to work with him ugg like its my fault and its physically holding him back. He is still on elbows and far from pushing up to his hands. Sad to me.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 07:06 PM 01-10-2014

I fb that. It's the night before Coles birth and last night. I added that bringing him into the world and keeping him here were the hardest things I've ever done!
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 07:09 PM 01-10-2014
happy 6 mo!
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 10:43 PM 01-10-2014
J&j, you look great smile.gif feel okay or do you think too thin? I'm six pounds away from my prepress weight that dh thought was too thin.
Oh, we'll yes flavors do enter our milk, which is how bf babies learn diff flavors. But do you think women who eat spice foods all the time stop? Think of women who eat Indian or Spanish foods. You only need to eliminate if it causes baby a problem. Cole's old enough that you'd see if it bothered him.
Babies develop different. Our first didn't sit well by himself until seven months, but the second did earlier. Both have met milestones at different ages. Also Cole was 37 wks and started out rough, so as long as he's meeting goals with no red flags I wouldn't worry. The American pregnancy association had a nice breakdown by month. Dr Sears prob has a nice one too. I just happened to look at development chart this morning smile.gif
Oh, I found some bra tanks to wear and working out. I didn't realize I had no bra on the other day, it was so comfy and pads stayed in place. Not the best support, but nice to sleep in or wear pending type of shirt.

I talked to a lll leader today about wine. She said the best time to have a drink was actually during nursing.

Ds doesn't burrow at night unless feeling chilly. But when I carry him he does, even when nursing he tries which is funny.
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 03:58 AM 01-11-2014
Hi all, J and J you look lovely, as does Cole,

Uriver - hope little girlie better soon, saffron is also under cardiology, we go back in march to see her cardiologist.

Saffron is now 8 and a half pounds - still using sns - spits out milk from bottles! So sns it is.

Here she is
in her rainbow dress
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 08:06 AM 01-11-2014
Sienna, she's adorable smile.gif what are they monitoring on her heart? Yay weight gain. How do you know when to stop sns or try to see if no longer needed?
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