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unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 09:38 AM 01-11-2014

aww she is so cutie  sienna forever both are  girls look so much a like why is she being followed by a heart doc if you dont mind me asking 

unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 10:33 AM 01-11-2014

yes hippy i have support  but it is hit me hard that my rainbow is so sick 

j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 02:03 PM 01-11-2014
happy 6 mo!
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 02:09 PM 01-11-2014
Sienna hello and she is adorable! Did things allow for u to nurse? How is she doing with feeding? Since she is gaining it seems good. Man U had a rough start. U must be proud of yourself for that, or you should be at least.

So hippy I wanted that buffalo pizza slice and 3 yo son was so bad all we did was get his hair cut which was a disaster, he acted like a complete weirdo and would not stop moving. He pretended he couldn't hear me too. He wanted a candy cane at the end and I said NOWAY!!! Forget that! I discipline him constantly and am consistent but nothing matters. I'm losing it today. I'm supposed to start meds to ought since DH is being so mean and crazy and selfish. Sucks that he is the nuts one and I have to take meds. I don't want to treat the kids bad and over react when it's dad as the reason.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 02:11 PM 01-11-2014
Sorry for the triple post. Seems like the pic comes up every time I post yikes
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 02:18 PM 01-11-2014
Sienna I don't know what and means!!
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 07:59 PM 01-11-2014
*sns dang auto correct
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 09:48 PM 01-11-2014

it is a supplemental nursing system  here is a link to show you what it is 

i have to use one with her to it not easy and it is a pain but i so want to breast feed

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 10:01 PM 01-11-2014
J&J, that sounds backwards. Like he wants to treat you for ppd or something when it's him not you? We all get pushed to that breaking point, don't beat yourself up over it. Course I always feel really bad if I yell at my kids., since they get so upset as I never yell.

I feel like my ppd edge is better. Things really did get better once we had the house to ourselves again. I still have rescue remedy for when I feel anxious. But the bad days are getting less and less. I had to remind dh again to cool his attitude because I can't take a setback.
Sienna-forever's Avatar Sienna-forever 11:29 PM 01-11-2014
She has a PDA - patent duct us arteriosus - she's on diuretics but will have another echo to see if its getting smaller or closed by itself - hopefully it will as I'd be a wreck if she needs surgery.
I think the sns is a long term thing for us now, my milk supply was fine but she just needs more calories than I can give, probably as a result of her PDA and prematurity in general. So she's getting some high calorie preemie milk. Good news is I do still have milk so she gets some of the benefits. Then overnight and first feed is just breast no sns. Its working out OK.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 06:13 AM 01-12-2014

sienna same here my daughter get the high calore preemie milk too and i nurse her the same way she wasnt born early but the problems she has had they want her on it oh and her heart problems are an ASD Atrial septal defect , pulmonary stenosis , and her right ventricle is dilated  

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 01:08 PM 01-12-2014
J&J, I had the same thing with my DH after our first rainbowb was born! He kept telling my OB I had PPD and I kept telling him I didnt I just had a stupid husband problem. Hence the reference to yelling at him in the front yard before he got it!! He didnt get that his work pace couldnt be 12 hr days 6 days week and he thought I was bring crazy hormonal. grrr, anyway.... I wish I had advice but it really just ended in a huge fight and I think he decided to just drop it rather than trying to keep pushing the subject. Also, my almost 3 yr old is driving me absolutely nuts too. She has gotten really jealous of younger sister, I think because she knows another baby is close to being here. She is really good at home but any time we go anywhere or when anybody comes over I end up being just a constant nag and I get sick of hearing myself!
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:50 PM 01-12-2014
Yes I am so tired of hearing myself ! I certainly don't have ppd either. I am so happy this guy is even alive I in no way have ppd. Lame husband synd is the diagnosis. Just took my first sirtraline however it's spelled.

I have infant loss group tomorrow. The moms are great. I hear we have a new couple so i already know I will cry. It'd be great to have u all there as well. Thanks for your thoughts.

Sns looks tough sienna and unusley. U are doing what you can!
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 09:17 PM 01-12-2014
J&J, do you feel like you need an antidepressant? Your dh can't make you. Avyhow, that's a class c for bf, and kellymom says to monitor weight gain on infant as it could raise weight gain problems. But it said was the first choice for meds and older babies not so much worry. Doesn't define older though.
I'm with you on feeling so happy about this baby. My edge of ppd took the form of anxiety, hyper overprotective and insomnia. ONCe family left it started to get better. THAt and rescue remedy. I never picked up the cod liver oil. I think I'm getting more sleep.
thebyr's Avatar thebyr 11:24 AM 01-13-2014

Hippy - Maybe I'll try the picture. It's usually only in the beginning for 30sec-1min. But whatever will help, right? I have a burrower. When they first put baby on my chest - he immediately buried his face in my neck.. we all kept asking if he could breathe. now he burrows his face in my chest after he nurses.. it's soooooo cute. 


Sienna - I was going to ask how Saffron was doing - her and Baby Byr are almost birthday twins. She is so super cute. 


Wow J&J you look amazing. I still have 15 -20 extra lbs. I gained 50... so I'm trying to be positive about the 25-30 that I've already lost. Cole is so super cute! They grow so fast. Yes - I LOVE my rainbow baby.... I wish I could just love on him all day long. Working FT sucks with a newborn at home. 

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 09:16 AM 01-14-2014
Thebyr, it might even increase output smile.gif don't feel bab about the weight.

Trying to determine if baby has thrush. He got this white stuff on his lip starting yesterday.
Shiloh's Avatar Shiloh 09:34 PM 01-14-2014
I'm doing much better with the ppd
Have a hernia now (ouch)
Started spotting.
I see blood I get ptsd
My friends preggo, she waited to tell me until it was "safe" (13 weeks) I know she did this because she nursed me through my mc. I felt sad she knows its not a baby until its a baby.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 09:37 AM 01-16-2014
Baby has been very sick with bronchiolitis and I have him on a nebulizer and have been missing work! Ah no time to do anything but snuggle! He is pitiful. But getting better. I hate daycare. So gross but I know it's good for their immunity. He will not take a bottle so dad had to bring him into work to me today so he could drink! Haha cutie. He hasn't taken a bottle since Monday. Only 1 pump a day for me! Yay! His first cold. He even had to get x-rays on Tuesday it was so sad. I have no time for the Internet. I'm liking being home and think the sertraline has decreased the anxiety I usually have.
j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 09:39 AM 01-16-2014
Thebyr u will continue to lose with nursing. Trust me.

I hope no thrush hippy.

Shiloh I see pregnant people and get PTSD. Not joking.
hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 09:49 AM 01-16-2014
Shiloh, what are you doing for ppd? I have off on spotting to.

J&J, hope it works for the PTSD. Do yo use homeopath at all you can give him? Vit D is excellent in ridding chest colds and high dose vit c too. He's old enough for a cup, he might like that better than trying to get him to use a bottle that you'd prob want to wean from in a few months. We started giving the kids cups of ebf around four months to explore drinking from.

I think it is thrush. Baby had more white on lips and watery stool greensad.gif trying coconut oil on nipples , taking echinacea, bit c and cutting dairy and any sugars I may be missing. Also extra probiotics and vit d.
Shiloh's Avatar Shiloh 10:05 AM 01-16-2014
I am not sure if it is ppd or my emotions make me react even more or if my reactions are normal enough. I have mostly good days, and a bad day a week. The worst is I don't feel like me. I'm hoping being out at my 2 day a week internship will help. There is a lot frustrating me at home lately.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 12:17 PM 01-16-2014

well we are back from the doc today with baby she still 9lbs and a few ozs they told us some of her genetic blood work came back abnormal so they are repeat it and that she is low in vit b-12  so we had more test done today and will go back in two months

jildez's Avatar jildez 12:41 PM 01-16-2014
Hippy, i have had great luck with gentian violet on my nipples and then letting them nurse for thrush, you get out at the drugstore, its otc, and it works fast and well but out ids messy, you need to treat both of you even if you don't have symptoms, or you will just pass it back to each other.

Uriver- it seems like they can't come to about conclusions, i am so frustrated for you guys.

Jjmommy- i hope hes better fast! With all the flu our there its a bit scary when anyone gets sick at this point. I am glad thou are going quality snuggles though, they are magical.

Thebyr- i haven't gotten on a scale yet, I'm scared to know. I had stated running before i got pregnant and lost 15 pounds and was ab 7 lbs firm were i should be, i know I'm only 3 weeks pp, but i am completely daunted by the idea of exercising right now.
thebyr's Avatar thebyr 07:35 AM 01-17-2014

Hippy - when I remember to look at his pic - I don't get the sads - must be working. 



J and Js mommy - I hope so - I haven't lost weight in months though. It all melted and then nada.


jildez - I took 2 dance classes right around 6 weeks.. and haven't looked back. It's sad. I MUST do better. 

j and js mommy's Avatar j and js mommy 08:12 AM 01-17-2014
I was stuck at a certain weight ppd for a couple months then I went back to work and lost it. Keep moving I guess.
I've got to give Cole more vitamin d and c! I have d but how do u give C?
thebyr's Avatar thebyr 09:25 AM 01-17-2014

well - there is hope for me then. lol


I'm terrible with my supplements. I need to do better.

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 11:57 AM 01-17-2014
Thebyr, that's great.

J&J, we get sodium ascorbate and dissolve in water or juice. For a baby you could do the same or squirt a few drops while bf.
My friend has some gv. Right now putting coconut oil on us and a smidge dust of probiotic on his lips. I don't know if thrush. A lc will look at him today. I don't want to add to his gut, so leary about much except milk entering it.
unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 05:06 PM 01-17-2014

well dh wants to quit his job and get a new one  so he can be home with the baby more since we are face not know what is going to happen it been a long road to get her here and it looks like its going to be a long road to keep her here and out of the hospital

unuselyriver's Avatar unuselyriver 05:49 PM 01-17-2014

well i got a question have any of you noticed if you left a bottle of breast milk out for 24 hours it turn red 

hippy mum's Avatar hippy mum 09:48 AM 01-18-2014
Uriver, it would be from as little as a few drops of blood. Do you have any cracks on your nipples? It's safe to give, we'll not the one left out, but if you're pumping and notice pink, it's from you. Ipt he blood will settle to the bottom in the fridge and you can pour off the milk if it bothers you. Make sure your pump is fitting right not causing nipple damage.
On the job, how stressful and hard decision to make. Also some babies gain slower, maybe a pound per month, so don't stress too much. How's your supply, any better? Do you have some fenugreek or mothers milk tea to drink in addition to the medication? Maybe some yummy oatmeal cookies too, just because smile.gif
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