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Our 18-month-old was prescribed Pulmicort twice daily over a year ago, but he's done so much better since then that we've stopped doing it on a daily basis. Still, he does get very ill with pneumonia & bronchitis on occasion (probably 4-5 times since his last hospitalization in December 2007), and each time our pediatrician puts him back on the Pulmicort twice daily for a week or two weeks only. Everything I'm reading says that Pulmicort and other inhaled steroids have a cumulative effect, so I'm wondering if it's even effective to administer it randomly like this.

If your child is on Pulmicort, do you give it every single day, even when your child is completely well, or only during periods of illness?

Also, if you have had experience with both Pulmicort and Flovent, which worked better for you? We have a handheld nebulizer/spacer with Flovent that I might start using instead of the Pulmicort, because DS takes the handheld much better than the machine. Is it possible to get a Pulmicort handheld?
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Our DS1 was on daily Pulmicort, and then later switched to Flovent, until we got rid of all dairy for other reasons (sensory) and were surprised that both his reflux and RAD went away and he didn't need them anymore. (He has turned out to have a severe dairy allergy we hadn't known about.)

However, when he needed it, he had two Pulmicort treatments per day. When I asked to try the spacer/chamber with Flovent for a trip out of town because I didn't want to have to take the nebulizer, he was about 19 months old, and he did really well with the spacer and it was so much faster than the nebulizer ! So then he was getting Flovent twice per day.

Our doctor at that time said that Pulmicort and Flovent were very similar drugs, and he had no problem switching from one to the other. We didn't notice his symptoms being any worse when we switched to Flovent so it seemed to work the same for him. We did use it regularly twice a day though, until we noticed his sudden improvement and tapered off using it at all. Before then, whenever we tried to use it less than twice a day, he would get congested and sick.

I used to have an asthma diagnosis myself, and I would use Flovent just in the winter months. I was supposed to use it daily all winter though as a preventive measure, not just when I was having symptoms. When I was having symptoms I was supposed to add albuterol.

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Linden takes Qvar daily. In the past we have just used it when sick and it worked but for other reasons the pulm wants him to keep taking it daily.

I use an inhaled steroid, but I use it only when I am starting to get chest crud. It works for me. Once I'm better I stop. If I don't use it I have to use my albuterol every 2 hours and it becomes less effective and that starts a bad cycle and I don't get better till I go on oral steroids. If I use the inhaled steroids just when I'm starting to get sick, I can usually avoid using my inhaler so much and I don't get that eternal lung crap.
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oh, and I forgot the reason I don't take it daily is that I have a constantly itching mouth when I use it no matter how much I rinse it out or brush my teeth. I just get thrush from it every time. So I don't like to use it if I don't absolutely have to.
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DS was on Pulmicort when he was younger, twice daily. When he stopped having issues, we only used it when needed (when he got ill) and it worked perfectly fine. We haven't used it in years.

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My daughter takes pulmicort 2x/daily, regardless of her symptoms. Once we increased the dose of pulimocort, she has done much better.
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Well my daughter's never completely well as she has a progressive lung condition but even when she's at her healthiest we still do Pulmicort as a preventative and maintenance asthma drug. She's been on either Flovent or Pulmicort all of her life and will probably be on it until she switches to Advair sometime later on down the road. Our pulmonologist wont do inhalers for kids under the age of 3-5yrs old because even with spacers they don't inhale deep enough for them to be as effective as nebulizers. My daughter used Flovent when she was on a ventilator because we could give her large ventilator breathes to push the medicine into her lungs. I never noticed a difference between the Flovent or the Pulmicort.
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Dd was on Pulmicort for awhile, and switched to Flovent with a spacer about a year and a half ago. She takes it 2x day, every day, and we add in her albuterol when she is sick. She's also on Singulair daily. The Flovent is soooo much easier for us!! Dd HATED the nebulizer, and would fight and cry the whole time. With the spacer, she can pretty much do it herself, and it makes the morning med time a ton faster and easier. FWIW, she was about 6yo when we switched.

Dd has asthma/small airway disease, so I anticipate that she'll be on some time of asthma meds for a long time.
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My son is on Pulmicort once a day from October through May. He is able to go off t in the summer months. What we were told is that Pulmicort is a maintenance medicine and needs to be given regularly. It doesn't make sense to me that your doctor has you use it for only a week or two.

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We do Pulmicort as a preventative - we do it once a day. We used to do Flovent, that gave her a nasty throat/yeast infection so we switched to Qvar and then went back to Pulmicort when she got RSV. Personally, I feel that nebs work better than inhalors in the under 3/4ish crowd.

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We started out pulmicort twice daily and the flovent as needed. Then it was only during the winter that we did pulmicort.

Eventually, we were able to get it down to this with great effectivness: pulmicort twice daily at the first sign of a potential respiratory infection coming on, and flovent once needed.

A while after that, we just started using flovent as needed. It's been a long time since we've needed either, thank goodness!

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We use pulmicort all the time, because her lungs are constantly bad, and they probably wont get better. When she is sick we use more pulmicort, rachemisk adrenalin and more o2. (And other things if she is even worse.)
But the pulmicort has to be taken on the neb, bc the handhold (at least those we have here) aren't strong enough for that med.

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My daughter was on pulmicort SVN until a few months ago and is now on the Flovent inhaler. We did the medicine based on her asthma patterns - so no maintenance in the warm months. Once it started to get cool, we'd use Pulmicort 1x/day and then once October hit, we'd go to Pulmicort 2x/day. She's 5 and we have five years or historical data to go on to know that she gets sick every October. This year she held out until Halloween for her first respiratory illness - maybe she's starting to grow out of it.

We switched to Flovent w/a spacer in November and we're using that 2x/day until summer.
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Mark's on pulmicort daily. He started twice daily for a month and then went down to once daily, at night just before bed. I give it to him regardless of his otherwise health - if I taper it off or reduce it's frequency he's more likely to need frequent albuterol and then prednisone when he does get a cold or respiratory illness. Also, he's had far less respiratory illnesses since I've been consistent about the pulmicort. I won't pull him off again until springtime at earliest, and go right back on if we have any issues. It can't work if he doesn't use it regularly.
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