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2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 05:48 PM 01-24-2009
Our OT reccomended trying a weighted vest, but they look pretty pricey. I was hoping to just make one myself. Has anyone done this? I saw one with a body wrap and two detactable shoulder straps that looked pretty neat. I think the sewing wouldn't be hard to figure out, but I'm not sure how much weight is appropriate - Juju is 17lbs right now.

bandgeek's Avatar bandgeek 07:40 PM 01-24-2009
I know for blankets it's 10% of body weight + 1 lb, but I don't know about vests. Maybe check with his therapist? I haven't seen any in the catalogs we get so I don't know how much they typically weigh.
dutchgal's Avatar dutchgal 08:07 PM 01-24-2009
I have no idea about the weight part, but you could use a cheap life vest, take out the foam floaty stuff, and add weighted material. I would think that would be a quick and dirty way of making one.
*Eva*'s Avatar *Eva* 04:10 AM 01-25-2009
Here's a pattern that you can buy for one. It looks like they have a lot of good info abou it on their site.
2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 04:01 PM 01-25-2009
Thanks for your help!
mamapajamas's Avatar mamapajamas 06:58 PM 01-25-2009
My son wears a weighted hooded sweat shirt at school. We took one of his hooded sweat shirts that zips all the way down and sewed two pockets on the inside of the front and 3 on the inside of the back. The school gave us some packets that contain the weights. He wears it everyday at school. No one can tell that it is a therapy jacket. It just took some time and a hoodie that we already owned.
sbgrace's Avatar sbgrace 01:31 PM 01-26-2009
We tried a weighted vest with Andrew. His OT used clay in baggies for the weights and she used 5% of child's body weight I believe. You can go lower than that but not higher. You also had to use it and then take breaks so the body didn't get used to the sensation and quit responding. Some children actually respond better to restriction type clothing (for a squeeze type sensation) so if JuJu isn't responsive to weight you might try the other. I'm surprised OT can't loan you something to try before you go to the trouble. Andrew loved having weighted snakes in his lap. He liked weight but wasn't particularly responsive to it either. The tight stuff worked better for him.
2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 04:18 PM 01-26-2009
Yeah, she just mentioned getting him a weighted vest. She didn't offer anything. She did mention we needed something like the rice filled ones where we could put the weight in different places in different positions. I tend to think the tight stuff would be more helpful... I think very much weight will just stop him. Is there some particular type of tight clothing?