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I've never heard of this.... anyone have any info? Tried it? Heard of it?

DS's special ed teacher was telling me today that she had another student years ago who Owen reminded her of. She said that boy also had a really rough time in Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb every year, just like Owen. She said that his mom started "light therapy" (that's what she called it, don't know if there's another term) with the boy during those months and it really helped him. I found that interesting so I'm looking for more info. I will google later tonight and see what I can find too but thought I'd post here quickly

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I have not heard of it for Autism, but when I lived in Seattle a lot of people used light therapy for seasonal affect disorder. Some people even went to tanning beds for it. Not enough to get tan, just like 10 min a few times a week. Something about the full spectrum light.
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I have seen mention of a connection between vitamin D and autism. I don't recall what the gist was, though. The light therapy would likely be to increase vitamin D levels.

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My Dh got me a couple HappyLites for my birthday last fall. I really feel a difference in my moods & energy during the dark winter months. I've put them in my dd's room a couple times, who has anxiety & mood issues and they seem to really help her. When I put them near my Ds who has HFA they seemed to make him a little loopy and hyper (not necesarily a bad thing for him as he's low energy). Thankfully we've had a really bright winter so far so I haven't used them much to give a really good review though.

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I assume she's referring to Vit D light therapy. Catherine1972 is probably referring more to circadian rhythm, but even with that, I think sunlight is essential, not just light.

Dr Mercola has a lot of information about Vit D light therapy, and even sells the bulbs (they're $$$). Some therapy locations have them (the counseling center at the college I went to had a Vit D lamp, I went there once a week just to sit under it and do some homework). There's also a skin spray that Dr Mercola sells. And of course you can give him oral Vit D supplements, but I'm always hesitant to get any vitamin (which D isn't really, it's a hormone) in a route that isn't natural. I.e. it's meant to be absorbed through the skin, not the digestive tract. So I'd do the lights or the spray before I'd take an oral supplement if I had the choice. Although all the research says that the oral supplements help, and certainly none of the research says that they cause any problems.

I've never heard of it being used specifically for Autism, but Vit D is good for anyone, so it's definitely worth a try.

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