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Mimi's Avatar Mimi 11:58 AM 01-15-2010
never mind, i don't want to say any of this.
tomorrow will be a better day i'm sure.

BaBaBa's Avatar BaBaBa 12:18 PM 01-15-2010
I couldn't see your post and not reply....
big hugs to you
2boyzmama's Avatar 2boyzmama 12:19 PM 01-15-2010
s Mimi!!!

Whatever you were going to say, I hope that it felt good to type it all out, even if you deleted it all.

We all vent, we all need a shoulder to cry on sometimes, and we all have bad days where we think we can't handle it. You're not alone in that. It's okay to come here and whine about it, we rotate through

Do you still need help/advice about the dr appt?
KatWrangler's Avatar KatWrangler 12:23 PM 01-15-2010

Mimi's Avatar Mimi 12:27 PM 01-15-2010
Mimi's Avatar Mimi 12:31 PM 01-15-2010
karne's Avatar karne 12:31 PM 01-15-2010
Do you have a friend you can call for support, or to come over so you aren't alone? Short of that, would getting out of the house, or just outside change the dynamic at all?

Hang in there.
Mimi's Avatar Mimi 12:33 PM 01-15-2010
Mimi's Avatar Mimi 12:37 PM 01-15-2010
2boyzmama's Avatar 2boyzmama 12:39 PM 01-15-2010
For my oldest, when he's like this it means he's seeking out deep pressure sensory input. Sometimes I have to let him get some energy/anger out of his system before I can help him, so I direct him to somewhere safe or give him an activity that is safe (running, climbing, jumping, spinning). When he starts to calm, I can hold him tight, talk calmly, even a tickle fight that gives some good input.

The anger (throwing toys, kicking walls, etc) is definitely the hardest. My biggest problem is that he often brings me down with him and I get angry too. It's SO HARD to keep your cool!!! I so understand that

I don't really know how to help, but I can send you some patience and love at least!!
BaBaBa's Avatar BaBaBa 12:40 PM 01-15-2010
M, what's your best guess at what her condition is? I'm really not familiar with the subject.... Aspergers? something else?
Mimi's Avatar Mimi 12:43 PM 01-15-2010
triony's Avatar triony 12:45 PM 01-15-2010
Edit: I saw that while I was typing you already covered this. Best of luck to you!

Originally Posted by Mimi View Post
she is adorable when she's had caffeine, other times it's like she's on drugs,

I don't have any children, and I just stopped in because I saw your post in the main page. However - I just yesterday read an article that says ADHD kids calm down when they've had caffeine. (similar to how they calm down when they take Ritalin, which is actually also a stimulant).

Not sure if you've already covered this, or if it's helpful at all.

Best wishes for you!
BaBaBa's Avatar BaBaBa 12:52 PM 01-15-2010
Ah yes! It's true, about the caffeine. Maybe it's a good thing your MD won't acknowledge it. You might not like the drugs he'd likely put her on.
What about going straight to an ADD ADHD support group?
Mimi's Avatar Mimi 12:56 PM 01-15-2010
BaBaBa's Avatar BaBaBa 01:05 PM 01-15-2010
sbgrace's Avatar sbgrace 09:31 PM 01-15-2010
I don't know what the issue is but I know I've felt I can't cope either and it's a horrible spot to be in.