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dogretro's Avatar dogretro 02:30 AM 02-10-2010
Our dd has a v mild problem: sensitivity to loud or sudden outbursts, such as when people cheer while watching a football or hockey game, or when people laugh at a joke or sitcom. She also really hates public restrooms (yeah, super helpful w/ an ecing family!), but is totally okay in the store or restaurants, even if they are loud. Dh and I are thinking about trying ear muffs for her when we know we will be going somewhere or doing something that will bother her, such as the two of us watching a sitcom or during the sermon at church (pastor cracks a joke & she starts wailing, even though the laughter is not v loud). Has anyone had success using ear muffs on an almost two-year-old? I found a pair that looks really nice, but w/ shipping they will cost almost $30. Obviously, this is a small price to pay for dd's comfort, but I don't want to waste our money, either. These are the muffs:

FTR, I have already explained that laughing means that people are happy. She understands totally that crying and frowns mean sad & smiles mean happy. Extremely verbal and bright child, just cannot handle certain sounds!

Kailey's mom's Avatar Kailey's mom 04:01 AM 02-10-2010
We have these They cost around 3 dollars and work GREAT. My dd is small, and they even adjust to her little head lol.
dogretro's Avatar dogretro 04:09 AM 02-10-2010
Ooooh, GREAT! We have a Harbor Freights right near us! I will have to go check these out once Snowmageddon is over. Thank you!
~mama jewel~'s Avatar ~mama jewel~ 01:48 PM 02-10-2010
One of my sons has the same problem. We've also used ear plugs (that fit inside the ear) for public places, having him wear a hood --even tho that does *not* cut the noise, he feels like he can tuck into his own space, so mentally that helps him. Same with using a thick fleece blanket or a bigger stuffed animal --those have provided comfort for him to tuck his head into and feel comfort. HTH
Village Mama's Avatar Village Mama 01:53 PM 02-10-2010
We use the industrial ones over this way. My kids are a tad older now, but I wish we had had them earlier. My hubby has been given tickets every year for an outdoor music concert. We tried to go in previous years, but only lasted for about 15 min at a time until a full on meltdown. A couple of years back we brought the headphones and managed to stay an average of 6 1/2 hours each day for the entire three day concert!!!! It was miraculous. We bring them to movies and I even tried them at a playgroup gymnasium setting. My mom hates them because she thinks that they bring to much attention to the " problem" , but after 5 or 6 years of not being able to go anywhere comfortably because of the sound sensitivity, I am very happy to at least have them as an option.
dogretro's Avatar dogretro 12:53 AM 02-11-2010
I'm glad to hear that others have had success Just tonight dd was sitting on the couch w/ dh watching a hockey game & he chuckled at a commercial & she cried a little. Ay ay ay.. I will let you all know how it goes once we get some more freedom from the snow.
gfreelishy's Avatar gfreelishy 10:26 PM 02-12-2010
Both of the options given look perfect! And if she doesn't like them, maybe let her decorate them (or help decorate, since she's still a wee little one ) with cute stickers or something, just to make it more fun and not such a chore to wear them?! All the kids I've worked with have those type of earmuffs and they definitely help calm the nerves and block out the unwanted noises.