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furrowed's Avatar furrowed 11:33 AM 05-26-2010
Sorry this is a little long, but I appreciate your comments. I X-posted this in Toddlers, too.

So my pediatrician has me completely freaked out about my 14 month old son

Background: healthy until started daycare. One ear infection after another, accompanied by high fevers, the usual... eventually pulled him out.5 months he was there, he had 5 or 6 ear infections. Since end of Feb, he has been healthy, with one instance of about 101 fever, and Roseola the beginning of May (this has 3-5 days of very high fevers, then a rash breaks out and its over)

So, currently...
Sunday -DS throws up after milk, but seems fine afterwards.
Monday -starting to sound congested, has a 101.5 but seems ok. By 3pm getting warmer, throws up after milk, temp now at 104 (!) very cranky and then responds to medicine, and is happy.
Yesterday Morning- 100.2 fever, sleeps from 9-1pm, and then no medicine after 3pm with temps in the 98 range.
Today- 99.8 fever this morning but is happy, although not eating much, but is drinking. Had a semi-loose poop.

So - yesterday my Ped (and I appreciate that maybe he's just being very thorough and cautious) is concerned about this present episode, because symptoms are "too diffuse" and there is no clear cause for the present illness. (Tested negative for strep, no one at home appeared sick, etc) And he wonders about the past history of high fevers (my son does usually get high fevers when he has them)

He says if fever doesn't appear to be resolved in a couple of hours to bring him in again for blood work. Wow - I know he has had a bunch of fevers but is it THAT crazy to have had so many fevers - particularly since, in our minds, they all seem to be explained by stuff (multiple ear infections, roseola, random stomach viruses)??

We are both teachers at middle school and we have a 5 year old son...

How many fevers are too many? Would this make your ped think bloodwork? (my god - that could be so many bad things...) I'm just totally freaked out...

Thanks for reading - sorry this was so long!

2boyzmama's Avatar 2boyzmama 11:44 AM 05-26-2010
No, I would say that it is not that abnormal for a toddler with those risk factors (daycare, older school aged sibling, two parents working...lots of opportunities for germs!) to have sevearl febrile episodes.

It sounds like the winter was rough on the poor guy (common!), but you have taken measures to try to lessen it (by taking him out of daycare).

Is he still breastfed? Does he have a healthy diet with good natural foods? Does he take any vitamin supplements of any kind?

I wouldn't be too concerned, but maybe the pediatrician wants to make sure that there isn't an underlying immune deficiency. Some deficiencies are treatable, so the sooner you get it identified, the sooner you can start treatment (or managing it if it's not treatable).

Ask the ped what kind of blood tests he wants run. If he's just doing a typical CBC, then it won't give you much information (except perhaps if he's anemic, or his wbc might suggest something bacterial vs viral) but if he does an immune panel, then it might be good info to have.
MotherWhimsey's Avatar MotherWhimsey 12:45 PM 05-26-2010
Nah, a finger prick for a CBC (complete blood count) is pretty standard if they don't know what's going on. It can tell them if there is an infection they are missing (like a bladder infection or something) so if they're missing something, they can keep looking till they find where the infection is. It can also tell them if it's just viral. Not a big deal at all.

They can find scary things or signs of immune issues etc, but I promise they use them regularly to try to figure out if they're missing some kind of infection.
furrowed's Avatar furrowed 04:30 PM 05-26-2010
Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I worry so much about my 5 year old, the thought of something being wrong with his little brother too is just almost more than I can deal with.

The worry is just so heavy sometimes.
MotherWhimsey's Avatar MotherWhimsey 08:40 PM 05-26-2010
Well if it makes you feel better, my "normal" child had one last week. She had a high fever for several days and her strep test was negative. They did a finger stick CBC to see if it was indicative of infection and it was, so they did a urinalysis. The UA came back positive, so they put her on abx and sent both the strep test and the UA for culturing. Ironically the strep grew out and the urine was clean. So she DID have strep. So they use it mostly for things like that. It would have sucked to go in for the throat culture and have the quick test come back negative and just think it was a virus until she got sicker.
Emmeline II's Avatar Emmeline II 01:32 PM 05-27-2010
My son gets a 104 fever whenever he has a fever (except when he was 4).
My dd normally gets a 102 fever whenever she has one, though she has gone up to 104 when we all had the same illness and all had a 104 temp. They have been this way since infancy.

You should pick up "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor."