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blessed.mommy's Avatar blessed.mommy 05:36 PM 02-24-2011

DH and I are in the process of redoing the boys' room. We've not done anything to it yet, but would like to soon. I've been searching for things that might be nice to have in their room (especially for Jack - my PDD-NOS boy). Does your l/o have anything special in their room...bean bag chairs? swings? sensory things?

Peppermint Poppies's Avatar Peppermint Poppies 11:19 PM 02-24-2011


Linda on the move's Avatar Linda on the move 07:11 AM 02-25-2011

My DD is a lot older! She has always liked her room tidy -- no clutter, and everything in it's place. She usually has a special interest, so her room reflects that. For years and years it was horses, so she had a very wonderful horse room. Now it's gems and crystals, and her room has  beautiful stones.


Sensory stuff is great. When she was little, we had a small ball pit that she spent a lot of time in.

dairy2dogs's Avatar dairy2dogs 08:00 AM 02-25-2011

My son's room is too smal for extras but we were lucky enough to have a "play room" &/or basement where we keep the sensory stuff.  (pop up tent with balls, swing, bean bag chairs, soft medicine ball, buckets with beans/rice, balance board).  His room usually reflected his special intrest over the years but now that he is a teen we just let him pick the wall color and the themes have gone by the way.  He did want camo walls at one point but I said no to that one. 

The artist's Avatar The artist 09:39 AM 02-25-2011

Since these were taken, we've taken out the blue rug and put down those interlocking foam-rubber tiles meant for flooring in home gyms. I REALLY think this flooring is the way to go for a hard-wood floor kid's room!




blessed.mommy's Avatar blessed.mommy 10:51 AM 02-25-2011

Thanks for sharing your pics, The artist! :) He's got a great room! :)