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Our pre-adoptive son came to us at age 9 on Adderrall, Topomax and Risperdone 1mg morning and bedtime.  He is diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD and has horrible tantrums at least 4 times a week, they used to be daily.  

He is constantly hungry and while I'm not concerned now about weight gain, because his weight is fine, I am concerned for him later on.  He just seems to always be looking to eat something vs. we were told he's a good eater!

He sleeps really well on it, however, he's also a bedwetter, around 3 times a week and in medical pullups at night.  I think the risperdone makes him sleep so heavy that his body doesn't wake up to pee.  We stop liquids at 6:45p after his last dose. 


The book, The Explosive Child, by Ross Green has been remarkably helpful to us for parenting a child with tantrums.  We parent completely differently as a result and it really works.  Hope you read it.

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My son is 6.5 years old, he has ADD and a big sensory processing issue (and a couple of Asperges type issues), from birth he had problems with anger, violence and not very cuddly, loving  etc.  When he started school, it became apparent he had huge issues with conflict and struggled in the class as well as school assembly with irritability and was overwhelmed with all the children and noise.  It wasn't pleasant for his teacher or school mates either :-(

After trying the normal 'stimulants' (I knew they were wrong for him, but tried them anyway just to shut the Dr's up so we could move on), we finally got Risperadone, it has been our wonder drug.  "He is the lovely boy he wanted to be".  He has put on weight, but we are mindful of that, and his appetite has settled down after 3 months (and we have to be mindful to give apples instead of biscuits!).  He is awesome, happy, social - and now enjoying life.  In fact we have a normal life and can go out and socialize nowadays :-)

We keep him active, bike riding, trampolining, swimming, ball games like tennis as we find it helps his sensory issues and general well being.   Exercise is very important to keep their sensory stuff developing. 

I hope everything works out for you, there is hope!  I had 6 years of desperation and found it so hard to medicate my beautiful child - but cannot speak highly enough of Resperadone! 

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Hi I'm new here and I've read your post, we just went to our doctor and he prescribe risperidone to my son who is 4 1/2. I did some research before I give to him and found this site, also found out that it is also for elderly people to treat dementia.

My sons behaviour at school is not good, sometimes he hurt his classmate and yelled to her teachers. He's very aggressive sometimes at home, verbally and physically. He is also ADHD.

It's hard considering to give med at his age but just want to get some feedback if its really gonna help him to be calm or will it make improvement to his behaviour.

Thank you!
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Thank you for all those replying in positive lights about this medication. It is helping put my mind at ease with the decision to give him this med. He was prescribed it today.. the does is low at .25 mg... But I am worried. Tomorrow will be day one. 


He was diagnosed last year with ADHD, which I never felt was quite right. Now his Dr wants him to stay on the Concerta AND the Respiradone.. any thoughts?He's never really struggled academically and can easily focus in class, she just doesn't want to make a big change. If the Respiradone works she will decrease the other med. 


His big challenge is the social interactions with his peers and his instant angry outbursts whenever things don't go how he thinks they should or according to "his rules". It's gotten worse to the point where he's now physically lashing out, name calling and raging. He doesn't even seem to be "there" when he is angry- it's impossible to reason or talk with him. It can be at me, his Dad, his siblings and even younger kiddos. Everything that happens is someone elses fault- and he truly believes he is just acting in self defense against bullying. The truth is - he has become the bully. He has no friends now, he's a big kid (4'8 at 8 years old) and everyone is scared of him. My friends have even stopped inviting me over! 


Reading about this medication is scary! I am going to try it because I am desperate but I feel so incredibly guilty. Our pediatrician says the benefits outweigh the side effects but... its nerve racking. He can be such a delightful little person when he is in a 1-1 situation... and I still adore him but the constant calls from the school are impacting my work life and our home life. I feel like the second I pick him up I have to consequence him for whatever happened at school. mecry.gifAnd that's not making it fun for him to come home. I have started really working hard at having "date night" with him every week and not even talking about school until after dinner. 


My boy is a skinny tall kid so hopefully the weight gain won't be an issue... but there are so many other things listed. I was really happy to see parents saying that there was change for the better in their children. But I am still scared. 


Still hoping for it to get better... I appreciate these posts! 

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My DS, age 13yrs, was on risperdal. It worked well for mood stabilization but we had to take him off due to elevated levels of prolaction. It is important to have blood work every so many weeks (we go every 6) to monitor liver function, cholesterol, triglycerides, prolaction and so forth. We work with a psychiatrist and a pediatrician.


Graysons mom - I suggest having a nueropsych and a functional behavior assessment done if you haven't done so already.

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I know I'm late to the party, but I'd like to share my experience with Risperidone.

My son, (moderate autism with associate intellectual disability) was so out of control that I would literally cry myself to sleep at night. He was so angry, could not communicate effectively, and would become so frustrated that he would attack us (and even draw blood with his little fingernails.)  At age 4 I had finally had enough, it was crisis mode. We took him to a doctor who prescribed Risperidone, .10 mg, a minuscule dosage, we weren't even sure it was going to work.

I was wary of giving him medication, but on the first full day of receiving the meds he asked me for a roast beef sandwich. And, for the first time in months we were able to go to a restaurant together. He sat in the chair, ate his sandwich happily, and we even had two different elderly people approach us to comment on his good behavior. On the way home he said "Mommy, I feel so good."  He had never been able to convey those positive feelings in that way, it was truly miraculous. 

Skip ahead a year. Everything was going splendidly, but in the past few months a side effect has popped up. He's SO HUNGRY when he takes the meds.  And, he doesn't know how to deal with the hunger. And, if he's not stuffing his face he's having a meltdown. But, being that he has autism most foods aren't right and he has a  meltdown.  It's a vicious cycle.  The good news is that he is no longer underweight, and he's grown a few inches. But, the violent outbursts and meltdowns have decreased dramatically, he's much happier, and I really want him to be happy. Plus, he's ****l on such a small dosage (.25 mg)

I give him the medication, but I back off when the hunger issues come back, and I make sure I have healthy stuff available for him to snack on, but as most parents of children with autism know it's not easy to offer foods without some resistance. 

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