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2boyzmama's Avatar 2boyzmama 08:37 AM 07-27-2011

I need ideas for ways to increase immune function.  Connor, 4 years old now, has a diagnosis of Velocardiofacial Syndrome/DiGeorge Syndrome/22q Deletion (take your pick on names!)  He has a mild t-cell deficit, suspected b-cell dysfunction, nothing all that alarming on lab work.  However, natural illness history suggests that his immune deficiency is much worse, he is repeatedly sick from the same viruses and bacteria, and shows no immunities in titers. 


For example, he keeps getting severe ear infections.  We have done all we can surgically.  The real root of the infections is his palate, but so far it's not correctable.  We recently did a canaloplasty on his left ear, drilled out his ear canal to widen it, stretched his ear drum, cleaned out his middle ear and mastoid bone.  Despite that, less than 2 months after surgery, and he's infected again :(  He has tubes, we have his reflux under control (did another scope in April to be sure, there is NO signs of reflux, no irritation of his esophagus, no eosinophils)  He's off most dairy, we supplement with Vit D and Vit C, he eats well, he has no signs of aspirating anymore. 


His ENT is at a loss, if the canaloplasty won't control the infections, then his hands are tied.  His immunologist is at a loss, Connor's blood work doesn't look that bad.  A light deficiency, normally not a big deal.  In addition to the ear infections, he continues to get many upper respiratory infections, a couple pneumonias, and other various fevers with rashes and other signs of unknown viral illnesses.  He's had hand foot and mouth, roseola, and many others we couldn't identify.  Most of his ear infections are caused by haemophilus influenzae, non-typeable strain.  Sometimes there's some staph thrown in there too.  Sometimes beta lactamase negative, sometimes positive.  We culture his infections, we alternate his antibiotics, we don't know what else to do. 


Any ideas??  What are we missing?  I have spoken to other parents on the syndrome support boards, a couple have tried IVIg infusions with very good results, but currently Connor's Ig levels are not low.  Except his IgM which is slightly low for some unknown reason, not enough to diagnose a selective IgM deficiency, but we're still confused by it.