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emelsea's Avatar emelsea 05:12 AM 08-09-2011

We need to hire a reading tutor for our son. 


Can we expect the tutor to prepare lessons for him, or develop a plan?  Is this something I should prepare?


To be very honest, I am feeling overwhelmed with everything that has been happening with my son education-wise, and I don't know where to start to help him.  But what can I expect of a tutor?  (We're starting with the list of tutors provided by our school district.)


I'd be so thankful for input from other parents with experience in this.

Linda on the move's Avatar Linda on the move 07:59 AM 08-09-2011
When we hired a math tutor for our dd, the tutor provided all lesson plans and work, and actually had a rule about what percentage of time could be spent helping with school work.

It's a good question to ask the tutors when you call them. I'd also ask what experience they have with kids with the same sn/ld as your child.
Peony's Avatar Peony 04:45 PM 08-09-2011

I have a private academic language therapist for my DD1 who is dyslexic, so a bit more then a tutor but similar. She does all instruction with reading and writing for DD1 4 days a week year around, but DD1 is severely dyslexic. DD1's school is extremely accommodating and she is actually pulled out to work with her therapist when the rest of her class is doing reading work. DD1 is in 3rd grade, we've been with the therapist for 2 years now. She doesn't lesson plan with us but they work through a structured book of a particular program. Everything is done by the therapist, I do nothing. She mails or emails me monthly progress reports with a detailed daily paragraph on what what done that day, how DD2 responded, etc...


There are students are DD1's school that have more regular reading tutors and from what the parents have told me, their experience has been similar to mine. 

DianeFuentes's Avatar DianeFuentes 12:15 AM 08-10-2011

Hello. My 14-year old brother has a learning disability and as far as I know, we got a reading tutor but she also talked with the special teacher he had at his school in Maryland. I think they align their lessons or something because they're not from the same school. But you should check up on the lessons yourself just to make sure.