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OMama's Avatar OMama 11:08 AM 10-19-2011

Can someone share with me what I should say during an upcoming IEP meeting so my son can get more therapy at school? How helpful would it be to have a letter from one of his doctors? His needs are well documented but last time at the IEP meeting they told me he couldn't have more therapy. How do I convince them to give him more therapy? He is in a pre-K program in our school district and I want to make sure he is as ready as possible for kindergarten next fall. He's still got a long way to go.

Emmeline II's Avatar Emmeline II 11:10 AM 10-19-2011
beachcomber's Avatar beachcomber 05:20 PM 10-19-2011

Thank you, Emmeline, for sharing these. But the links aren't working ... :(

pattimomma's Avatar pattimomma 11:17 AM 10-25-2011

OMama- From my experience it is well worth the money to hire a professional educational advocate to be present at the meeting with you. Do not use anyone the school system recommends and you must give the school written notice that an advocate will be attending with you. Here is an example of an advocate in my area


I went around and around in circles for years being denied services for my son until I hired an advocate. It's one step less than hiring an attorney and the school system usually takes these people very seriously.


Parent to Parent in your state can probably provide you with some references.


Good Luck!

SpottedFoxx's Avatar SpottedFoxx 11:23 AM 10-25-2011

In our district, doctor's orders are law.  When we had our first IEP meeting to establish his needs, I brought a report from a speech therapy evaluation.  The team leader read it and told us it was gospel as far as she's concerned and immediately implemented their recommendations. Have your doctor document your child's diagnosis(es) and make a detailed list of recommendations and see how it's received.  Then, if they balk at it - look into hiring an advocate or attorney.