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peaceful_mama's Avatar peaceful_mama 01:31 PM 11-29-2011

Tell me about this.  Specifically, if you have a child who has a health issue but not a lifelong typical disability, such as Down's or CP, and you qualified or did not qualify.


My son has well, we'll say he has unidentified medical issues that have resulted in the need for a feeding tube (g-j) as well as having imperforate anus and a colostomy.  I've been encouraged to apply for this for him.


Also if you use a respite care program, tell me about that.  thanks

saralm's Avatar saralm 03:24 PM 11-29-2011

It probably won't hurt you to apply.  Possibly time consuming but could be worth it financially.  The standards are slightly different although I don't remember the details, for children as opposed to adults.  What area are you in with regard to respite care?

peaceful_mama's Avatar peaceful_mama 03:46 PM 11-29-2011

Area as in geography or level of needs?  Geographically, South Dakota.  Level-wise, I'd want a local nursing student, someone who is comfortable with his feeding pump.  other than the tube he's pretty typical.

MommyKelly's Avatar MommyKelly 04:25 PM 11-29-2011

I would apply, the worst they could say is no. We have respite through a state program. Ours comes through Dept of Develpmental disabilities. We qualify for so many hours a year to use how we see fit. We have a worker that comes into our home.

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