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Katwoman's Avatar Katwoman 10:57 AM 12-01-2011

DD1 has always had sensory "issues".  I thought it was a case of too much stimuli coming at her at once.  But now they're saying the issue is the stimuli is not being processed.  It's a case of her actually seeking additional stimuli in hopes of being able to figure out her world. 


She is 7 yo and has been "potty trained" since she was about 3/4.  (We had lots of trouble with her urination.  She would "dribble"/wet her undies for several years after getting out of diapers.)  Every once in a while she does not make it to the toilet for poop.  Several months ago she had diahrea for a couple of weeks.  Ever since then she just does not make it to the toilet on time.  The best case scenario is a skid mark, the work case actually pooping in her pants. 


I'm reading the Sensational Kids - not very far into it yet - and their talking about some of these kids can't actually tell they have to go to the bathroom. 


(As further background our 5 yo is having the same bathroom issues right now.)  I'm trying to determine how to tell what my 7 yo is capable and what she's not.  I want her to have appropriate expectations.  My DH is done.  The kids are currently in the house with no activities - going to the toilet every hour - in an attempt to change this behavior.  But he's so angry his talking about escalating the consequences.  (Someone pooped on the floor last Friday.)


I've talked to my medical physician with no results.  My natural path has tries all sorts of things with no results. 


I guess I'm wondering if other parents have had this pooping problem and what they did about it? 


Also for parents of sensory kids, where did you find knowledgeable help for your kids?



kittynurse's Avatar kittynurse 12:54 PM 12-01-2011



We had potty training issues with our son who has SPD and is a sensory seeker.  At 4.5 he had absolutely no interest in the potty and was still in diapers full time.  Around that time we started him on a B12 supplement on the advice of our dietician and he literally completely potty-trained (day, night, poop, pee) with almost zero accidents during the process within a month.  It was nothing short of miraculous!  When we reflected back on the experience we wondered if he hadn't been feeling the urge to go and the B12 woke up the nerve endings and helped him be successful.


B12 isn't the answer for everybody but it might be something to consider with your naturopath.





Katwoman's Avatar Katwoman 01:36 PM 12-01-2011

I will ask.  Thank you for the information. 


It's just so hard when you truly looks surprised that there is poop in her underwear.  I don't think children can fake surprise like that.....

Fay's Avatar Fay 07:53 PM 12-01-2011

I think this is a self-regulation issue.  Here's an article that explains:

Katwoman's Avatar Katwoman 12:12 PM 12-02-2011

Thank you for the link.  I'm going to look more into it because it does look like something we struggle with. 

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