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fallenangel811's Avatar fallenangel811 04:53 PM 03-13-2012


Need some IEP help...My son is 6 and in kindergarten. He has an IEP for "developmental delay" and a medical diagnosis of Aspergers. We've been having issues with him getting his IEP services since Christmas. He's supposed to get PT twice a week and OT once a week, but both have been sporadic at best lately. The school went without a PT or OT for a while as they dropped the agency that was doing services. We found out today that the school is going to be sending a "notice of recommendation" (sounds like prioro written notice) from the PT tomorrow...I'm figuring that this is to end PT...That would be fine and dandy, but he's not met all his goals and objectives. Apparently when they changed PT agency, they are only doing "adaptive therapy to the school setting" (something like that). They never changed his goals or anything and now this. What can we do to help him? We've been having issues with the school since he was 3 year old.
What can we do to help him and also what can we do about them ending PT when he hasn't been getting PT in ages and has NOT met the goals/objectives?

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    Im curious on how the school can just stop PT. My son had his IEP this past October, and you are eligable every 2 years, well in MI you are. You can request a meeting with the school for an update for goals and behavior plans. If he has met some goals new ones should be put into place to keep him acheaving his goals. The school should and DOES know this. Is there also anyway your sons PCP can refer you to a PT or an OT?


I hope some of this helps a bit, Im still learning alot too, my son is now 7 1/2. Please if anything else feel free to ask!!



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I don't think they can stop it like they did. The excuse was changing companies and not having a therapist, a therapist only being there once a week, changing to "adaptive PT for the school setting" and other things like that.


He is getting reevaluated because his category was developmental delay and he can't continue with that category. He's not met the goals/objectives that were being worked on, but when they changed therapy agencies the type of therapy offered changed...They never changed his goals. It's frustrating...I'm not sure it is legal even!

Emmeline II's Avatar Emmeline II 09:00 AM 03-14-2012

Interrupting or failing to make-up missed services could constitute a denial of FAPE (free and appropriate education), though providing notice of wanting to make changes to the IEP is a different animal.


IEP and inclusion TIPS for Parents and Teachers (booklet pdf)


Understanding Special Education Law (IDEA)


Understanding Special Education Law--IEP collaboration in the PARENT SUPPORT section.


IEP Services and other special needs resources - School Resources ...


Throwing the Flag When a Violation Occurs - Wrightslaw


What can I do to get my school to follow my child's Individualized Education Plan ..


Wrightslaw - Topics - Related Services - FAQs about Related Services



I recommended reading "Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy"; the information from the book can be found on their site as well (Table of Contents); you may want to start with Chapter 6: Resolving Parent School Conflict and Chapter 7: Crisis!  Reading "Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, 2nd Edition," would be a good idea as well; there is a section in IDEA about procedural protections. You should be documenting every contact with the school; "Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy" has a lot of advice on documentation (with the expectation that these documents may have to "testify" for you at some future point), and examples of letters to use in the processes.


Since it seems that obtaining FAPE through this school has been a problem for a couple of years I would also see if you can find an advocate to help you with this.


( the Parent Information Training Centert.gif for your state. They have training programs and may have staff who attend IEP meetings with parents.







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