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briannas auntie's Avatar briannas auntie 08:03 PM 05-24-2012

I wanted to let you guys know of a organization called Tubie Friends that is based in WA, that makes teddy bears and other stuffed animals that have feeding tubes attached to them.  This way, a child has a special friend that is just like them.  They also have made teddy bears with suprapubic catheters, tracheotomy's, and PICC lines. 


If you go to Facebook and look up Tubie Friends, you will get to see all the stuff this organization makes.  The lady made a teddy bear for my neice, even though she doesn't have a feeding tube.  This way, Brianna can take care of her bear when I am taking care of my own GJ feeding tube (I have a feeding tube due to gastroparesis and gastric reflux).  Brianna loves doing this and says that her bear is getting "happy juice" to make him better.


I thought I'd let you guys know of this, so your child can get a special toy for free.

Zayzaysmama12's Avatar Zayzaysmama12 03:41 PM 05-26-2012

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

xivmom's Avatar xivmom 06:45 PM 05-29-2012
My son just received on of these. They are awesome!