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I was just wondering who was familiar with this and if anyone can tell me from my description if they think my son fits this profile. 


My son is 29 months old and he has alot of tantrums, over Everything! He isn't really talking yet either. He can say things like juice, name some animals, mommy, daddy, nana, pop, etc. He doesn't say full on sentences yet and he'll just point to things randomly and throw a tantrum. Like he'll point at a wall and go ug, like he wants me to bring the wall to him, then he'll throw a tantrum then when you get his mind of that he moves on to the next unrealistic then and throws another tantrum. During his tantrums he hits himself in the face and bangs his head on the ground. At first the head banging started right after so many vaccines last year. Then I stopped getting them for him and now it seems everytime he gets a fever it starts back up again and stays for a while. He is getting over pneumonia so it is really bad right now. I started him in daycare a few months ago too and they told me he is very shy and keeps to himself and doesn't play with the other kids. He was never like that at home. I also just had another child so I don't know if it is a jealousy thing that is making him regress or a real issue. I don't want to bring it to the dr's attn yet until I have an idea. They just go pill crazy and want to put them on medicine. 

Does anyone think that this may be the cause or is it just a normal part of being a toddler with a new sibling. I am so nervous all the time because I have a family member with Aspergers and I am scared that my child might have it or a form of. I don't think it is Aspergers persay that's why I just wanted to know what you think in terms of PDD.



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Moving this to Special Needs Parenting where it should get better feedback. :)

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I would definitely discuss this with his doctor and request a developmental evaluation.  If you are in the US, you can go through Birth to Three or Early Intervention, but the significant speech delay is very concerning at the least.

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This is a little online thing you can do to see if he scores possibly PDD. It will also make you aware of what the key areas might be.

As the previous poster mentioned if you are in the US there are early intervention programs which, for free or low cost, will assess your son for services. Most of these go to age 3 though so you'll want to ask for a referral quickly. They also sent my son for a formal autism evaluation at a local children's hospital.

You'd be looking at his interaction with you. Does he look to you when he's uncertain? Does he try to show you things (pointing, holding stuff up, etc. while looking at you for reaction)? Can he communicate nonverbally (pointing which I know you mentioned, head nods, etc.) and read your nonverbal and facial communication. Does he respond to his name and other efforts to interact or communicate with him? My son used to never respond unless you said what he wanted to hear. It was Andrew, Andrew...hey honey..Andrew (no response as if he couldn't hear me) let's go outside (jump up with a smile). Think of yourself. When you hear your name you look. Now all kids will ignore sometimes. But spectrum kids tend to be much more pervasive with it.

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My DD's diagnosis was PDD-NOS for years. It was eventually changed to Asperger's. There really aren't any drugs for PDD-NOS, so your fear of a doctor pushing drugs is fairly unfounded. There are different therapies to help address different areas of weakness, and those can be quite helpful.


There is a book I really love called Quirky Kids:


You might find it helpful as you start to navigate these waters.


I have no idea if what you are seeing in your child is normal toddler stuff or something more. Kids this age are notorious for tantrums and most of them have trouble interacting with peers. But this is what an evaluation is for -- to try to figure out if development and behaviors are within the range for typical a development or not. You don't have to figure out or diagnosis your child first. It's enough to just have concerns and then have an expert check things out.

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I have a son with autism, and he is non-verbal. One thing I have learned (over and over again) is that when a child can't communicate well, It's very difficult to convey inf they are in pain or not feeling well. It is even harder when they already have some atypical behaviors. For about a year, my son- who was normally mild-mannered-  was throwing random tantrums, crying and shaking his head, yelling, hurting himself. I thought it was just a phase he was going through in his condition... However, He got a ct scan after bumping his head and needing stitches, and they discovered he had severe chronic sinusitis. I never expected it because he wasnt draining- because he couldn't. They think it had been lasting about a year, and probably causing him pain and constant sinus headaches. He got treated and his tonsils/adnoids removed, and all of that tantruming/unexpected sadness almost completely resolved . I am not saying this may be something your child is experiencing, but it could potentially be something he's not able to tell you- the head banging and face grabbing are common responses to head pain in small children, not to mention he is in respitory distress and has fevers. Hopefully if you havn't have him screened for vision and hearing imparements- just to rule them out- working with children i saw these factors contribute to social and communication delays- But certainly get him sceened for any developmental delays. I was never offered "pills" by my son's doctor, and if your's do go "pill crazy", get a new doctor! :) The best and most important thing you can do for your little guy is get him screened-  and figure out what's going on with him, and if need be start getting services that will greatly help him and YOU. It could be physical- an infection, pain, hearing issues, etc- or developmental- OR some of it could be developmentally sound for him as an individual: Sme children are more sensitive to environments, being seperated from parents, being around new siblings, etc. 2 year olds tandem play often but at his age to not interact-play as much. Some kids get overwhelmed by loud/busy environments. some kids are lazy about communicating with their own parents. It could be a combination of any of the above- The best thing is to cover all the bases.

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Does sound like you have some reason to suspect something vaccine related with your son's speech delay and behavior. Maybe his stomach is hurting him when he bangs his head.


You can ask a question of Dr. Bob Sears, a pediatrician with experience with possible vaccine reactions and one of our experts. You could join one of our tribes and ask the others for suggestions for a good doctor to evaluate your son. I would suggest calling the National Vaccine Information Center and asking for a referral to a doctor who can evaluate and treat your son. 


National Vaccine Information Center 
407 Church Street, Suite H, Vienna, VA 22180 
Phone: 703-938-0342 
Fax: 703-938-5768 


Age of Autism might also help. Here is a link to their contact page:


You're on the right track and trusting your instincts. You'll find the answer!

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