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susis's Avatar susis 07:23 AM 07-18-2012



I have a nearly 27 month old ds who I have been trying to get diagnosed since he was born (to the point i pointed 1 of his problems out to the doc and she told me i was being a typical english mum (i had both my boys in france) and to stop seeing things that werent there. Unfortunatly she was wrong ds2 has problems with his walking, 1 leg is longer than the other and he struggles to put that foot to the floor flat. He has a bent finger and cant straighten his fingers on either hand (i have this also hence i was looking for the problem, i just knew that ds2 would have it, it didnt enter my head with ds1 for some reason).


I know this wont stop him in anything he wants to do and know he can go to a main stream school as he can do nearly all the things that a 'normal' (excuse me when i hate that normal fraze) kids can do.


anyway, thought id introduse myself. Im a 30 year old single mum and have lived in France for the past 9 years, we move back to the UK in 10 days time. Saying all back my 2 boys have never lived anywhere but France so this is huge for them.


Oh and i think my eldest who is 9 has ADHD, but again i cant get that diagnosed over here as they think ADHD is because the mother isnt getting enough sex shrug.gif (thats what my GP told me anyway), so I thought Id go and hit my new GP when I move to the UK in 10 days time (poor GP haha).


Susi xx

SpottedFoxx's Avatar SpottedFoxx 11:51 AM 07-18-2012

Hi and welcome!  I hope you are able to get some answers when you get back to the UK.