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malakhismommy's Avatar malakhismommy 05:35 PM 08-09-2012

My one year old son has started some strang habbit, and is acting like a differnt child. he use to be very calm, quiet and easy going. I could let him sit alone in his play pen and i could clean the house. but now i cant put him down with out him scream bloody murder,i cant do much of aything with out him losing it. and his wierd habit, he started feeling his eyelashes, and it started out only every once in a while, and now its almost everyday,all day long. is this somehing i should talk to his doctor about? there is anxiety disorder and depression that runs in both sides of the family.

Linda on the move's Avatar Linda on the move 10:35 AM 08-10-2012

It's really normal for toddlers to want attention and for it to be next to impossible for their mothers to get anything done. This was more intense with my neurotypical child than for my special needs child.


I found both of my children to be very intense when they were one. They didn't have great ways to communicate, other than screaming, and they got into to everything. They had no sense. Although people refer to the Terrible Twos, I found one to be the more challenging age.

Tjej's Avatar Tjej 01:00 PM 08-10-2012

Since he isn't normally like this, I would consider an illness.  Could be something you can't see that is making him feel terrible and so he is acting like that.

Some kids do go through separation anxiety around that age as well.  It goes away eventually, but can feel like a long time when you are in it.

malakhismommy's Avatar malakhismommy 08:29 PM 08-10-2012

Well, he had Torticolis and i had to do alot of theropy with him, and he has recently been diagnosed with playgiochepholy,(disfigurment of the skull) although it isnt  bad.But i think i will mention it to his very worried he will have anxiety as bad as his father...his father is stage 3 bipolar, and has anxiety like ive never seen.