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DeaGemRy's Avatar DeaGemRy 09:57 AM 10-03-2012

I just want all mothers to know that it is a simple test (although a little pin prick or urine test) to see if your children have diabetes. Tired, grumpy, sore tummy/joints, very thirsty & need to pee a lot... (my girl only did the latter of being diagnosed) blurred vision or just don't seem happy little ones like others their age?

Ask to be tested.

I wish I had weeks before she was diagnosed.


I have my little angel back - with the horns still in her back pocket though ;-)

LaughingHyena's Avatar LaughingHyena 02:20 PM 10-03-2012

Indeed, it is easy to miss. I wish I had gone to see the doctors a little earlier. I felt not quite right for a while, just really tired and catching any illness around (which is not like me). When I finally decided there must be something up I was rushed into hospital!


Felt better after a night on insulin that I had for months.