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kblackstone444's Avatar kblackstone444 09:23 PM 12-07-2012

My son is 22 months old.  I finally got him sleeping in his own room in his own bed when he was 18 months old.  I night weaned him at the same time- he was a constant nurser and is a very active sleeper- I was getting no sleep when he was in my bed.  Anyways... he slept very well in his own bed in his own room for about a month, but then started teething all four molars and all four eye teeth, followed by a two month long sinus infection, so he pretty much no longer sleeps anymore.  Ever.  His 2 1/2 hour daytime nap is barely an hour now and at night, he sleeps no more than an hour at a time.  He's begun violent tantrums during the night, where he seems awake, but is hitting, kicking, etc, so I'm not sure just how awake he is- it may be night terrors.  He sleeps a little better in my bed- only waking up three or four times a night, instead of 7 or 8 times a night- but neither of us are getting any real sleep.  I don't really want him in my bed- like I said, he's a violent sleeper and I'm likely to get kicked in the face while sleeping- but whether he's in his own bed in his own room or in my bed in my room, the fact of the matter is, it's like he no longer knows how to stay asleep, like he can't get past whatever sleep stage happens after an hour of sleep.  He has a toddler bed in my bedroom, but won't even sit in it.  He has screaming/crying fits in the middle of the night if I'm not laying next to him to immediately shush him, "Shhh... you're okay, Mama's here..." that last 40 minutes or so.  My other son has Asperger's and two of my sister's four kids have sensory processing disorder's and in other areas, I'm starting to suspect my little one is a bit "off", which may be contributing to his sleep issues, so I'm cross-posting in nighttime parenting.  But in the meantime... my son has forgotten how to sleep and I've adapted to getting four hours or less a night to sleep at night.  Help?  Please?

mopdop2000's Avatar mopdop2000 09:49 AM 12-10-2012

I am sorry for your lack of sleep. Being exhausted is no fun. Before we knew ds2 had Fragile X/autism I couldn't understand why he wasn't sleeping well. I am embarrassed to say I even did some sleep training at night that didn't work! We are lucky that when he wakes up, he rarely throws a fit, just babbles and moves around alot. Because of his frequent wakings he sleeps in a tent bed made for kids with autism. Fits a single mattress and he can't get up and roam around in the middle of the night:


Have you tried a weighted blanket? When ds2 wakes at night I go into his room and cover him with his weighted blanket and 'rub down' his body to remind him that it is there. That mostly allows him to settle and go back to sleep.


The only time he had night terrors was when we increased his medicine. Once we decreased it a little they stopped, however I know how worrying it can be when you son is freaking out, but not awake enough to accept cuddles even.

APToddlerMama's Avatar APToddlerMama 08:46 PM 12-10-2012
Have you looked at diet? In our home, allergies and intolerances are closely tied to sleep issues with my NT child as well as my child who is on the spectrum.