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jiggywithit's Avatar jiggywithit 11:22 PM 05-19-2013

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We're moving to Albuquerque and I have a five year old autistic son. I was curious where you take your children in terms of pediatrician (I also have a one year old and would prefer a pediatrician that respects uncirced children), developmental behavioral pediatrician, and therapies. Any community organizations that support autistic children? Play groups?


Thank you in advance!

Melirose's Avatar Melirose 06:11 AM 05-20-2013

Welcome! I don't have any information to share but I saw your post and wanted to bump it up for attention. Hopefully someone will have something to share that will be of help.

eabbmom's Avatar eabbmom 03:39 PM 05-20-2013
We have a Facebook group called Albuquerque Attachment Mom's. If you PM me I can give you the name of an admin to request membership. There are a few moms with autistic children in our group.