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longtail 12:35 PM 08-18-2014
I'm new to this forum and had a question. I have an 8 year old dd with ADD and generalized anxiety. We are seeing a psychiatrist to manage medicine for ADD/Anxiety. We started with the anxiety and tried a course of Zoloft, then Prozac. At the low dose, neither one worked. No effect. Then at next dose, she got side effects: increased social anxiety, increased attention problems, more aggressive behavior. We then tried to focus on the ADD. My DD can't take a stimulant with the anxiety, plus she already has eating issues so appetite suppression was a concern. Only class of ADD meds she can take are a swallowed pill. She has many sensory issues so she needs a liquid. Doctor wanted to try Strattera, but she couldn't swallow a pill.So they decided to try something else for anxiety - Abilify. She doesn't have a mood disorder or bipolar - just anxiety. No impact on anxiety at low dose but after 3 months, she gained 10 pounds and she's starting to grow breast tissue. She's gaining about 3 lbs a week. Any thought on where to go from here. Dr. was not concerned about weight gain and wanted to keep pushing the dose, but I felt we were trading one problem for another. Don't want to get into metabolic changes that can't be reversed.We could still try a course of Lexapro, but she's tried 2 SSRIs and gotten side effects. Very confused.

mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 11:13 PM 08-18-2014
A "formulating pharmacy" should be able to make any medication into a liquid form.

Another direction some doctors try is blood pressure lowering meds like propranolol for anxiety. It sounds like your doc is quite experienced with children's psych med management, so I would guess that there is a reason that has been ruled out. But it tends to have minimal side effects, so it might be worth considering.

Is your child receiving therapy other than the medication? DBT can be very helpful with anxiety, and there are programs for children.
anj_rn's Avatar anj_rn 04:10 PM 08-25-2014
Not all meds can be made into a liquid (called compounding). Many ADHD and Anxiety meds are time release meds and can not be compounded. What you can do is look up your local compounding pharmacy and call and ask the pharmacist what ADHD and anxiety meds they are able to compound. We have had meds compounded for DD for years. i will warn you that it is more expensive to get compounded meds, and insurance does not always cover all of it, but it works well for us.