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danzarooni's Avatar danzarooni 07:28 PM 09-02-2004
I've been reading the Out of Sync Child after ds was diagnosed with Sensory Issues. He's the opposite of Sensory Integration - he CRAVES touch and different textures. Loves to play in his food, can't help himself (he's 3.) I know potty learning is hard for most kids no matter what and I know he is only 3 and a boy. But I am just looking for tips that may help him as I continue to support him in this.

Satori's Avatar Satori 05:23 PM 09-05-2004
odd thought... texturize the toilet Seriously! get one of those paper toilet seat covers to use as a template and then use fabric and textures that with different feelings and tie it to the potty seat. Kinda gross but make sure you put stuff on it you can wash or don't mind throwing away if its to nasty to wash. His skin will get stimulation and he'll want to sit on the potty to experience the different sensations. Now if he cant feel when he needs to go, cant help you there.
thoesly's Avatar thoesly 06:46 PM 09-05-2004
Hi! We are just starting this process with our daughter who is 3 yrs, 4 mos. We lucked out with our older son -- he has autism and sensory issues, but he basically potty-trained himself by the time he was 4 (we did the book/video/potty doll routine, but didn't push him). My daughter has more challenges in terms of potty-learning than he did, though, so I know she may take longer. One thing that I know will help her is to make it part of her routine (picture schedules are a way of life here). At her preschool and here at home, we have potty time built into her routine. We go to the potty, but never force her to sit on it or anything else. Right now, we are just trying to get her into the routine of going to the place where the potty is located. We are hoping she will choose to sit on the potty by Christmas, but that is a "hope" rather than a "goal." If she hasn't made any headway by the time she turns 4, then I may look into some of the potty advice I've seen for kids with autism (she doesn't have it, but she "hovers" around the edges of the spectrum).

Don't know if that helps at all, but I thought I'd offer it. Good luck,

danzarooni's Avatar danzarooni 10:49 PM 09-05-2004
Awesome ideas girls! I have a small potty seat I can make some interesting textured covers for. I bet he would love that! And a photo chart of our daily routine - he would really enjoy that too
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 02:26 AM 09-06-2004
My 3yo finally trained with the "Royal Potty" by FP. I know, sounds really corny, but she got a kick out of the music playing every time she peed or did bms.

danzarooni's Avatar danzarooni 10:51 AM 09-06-2004
Thanks! *giggle* we tried that one - he didn't like it. Poor kid sometimes loves music and other times tells us no singing... We currently have 4 pottys :LOL Buzz LIghtyear, Blue's Clues, a flip one for the big potty and a soft and cushy one for the big potty....