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Finch's Avatar Finch 01:31 AM 04-10-2005
We have just gotten through another round of elimination diet with my son to confirm an egg allergy. So far he's allergic to cow's milk, cinnamon, and eggs. But not so allergic to eggs and milk that he can't eat stuff like little crackers, etc., that have egg or milk products in them. Just can't drink cow's milk or have pudding or drinkable yogurt or have cow's milk mixed in his food (weird). Cinnamon will give him a reaction every time, no matter what.

So anyway, since we've already confirmed 3 food allergies in him, would allergy testing be a good idea? I'm thinking we should go ahead and do it as I know food allergies can affect behavior, and we already have behavioral challenges. Plus I hate seeing him get the horrible diaper rash that he gets whenever he has an allergic reaction. It BLED last time, it was so bad. My poor baby.

janerose's Avatar janerose 01:36 AM 04-10-2005
Hmmm, interesting question! Well, from the perspective of someone who was regularly tested for allergies from age 4 on (and given allergy shots too...but that's a different deal...) I can't say I had a negative experience with them. In my case I had chronic ear infections & sore throats. Being tested for allergies allowed me to avoid having tubes put into my ears & probably having my tonsils removed.

I'm interested to hear what others have to say about this topic!

thoesly's Avatar thoesly 07:39 PM 04-10-2005
In our case, allergy testing was a good idea because it pointed us to foods we had not even suspected. Even taking into account the high incidence of false positives for the skin test and false negatives for the blood test (I think I have that right), it was worthwhile because it showed me some other things that I needed to eliminate. I never would have suspected my son is allergic to all types of yeast (including the kind that is sometimes added to "natural" juices to enhance sweetness) if it hadn't been for the test. I didn't have Doris Rapp's book at the time, so "traditional" testing is what we did.

You might also look into NAET -- I am doing so now and can't give you any good details, but I know there are threads about it in the allergy forum and other places.
Finch's Avatar Finch 09:49 PM 04-10-2005
I learn something every time I post here..... I didn't even know there was an allergy forum!! I'll be popping in over there to check it out. Thanks!!!

And thanks for the feedback.
Brandi's Avatar Brandi 08:23 PM 04-12-2005
Our son had some type of food allergy when he was 1. But, at 1, we had tried several things and tried figuring it out on our own. We thought it was milk, but then decided it must be eggs. He had a blood test and it came back positive for both eggs and milk. Now, we were sure that he wasn't allergic to milk becuase of all of the testing we had done on our own with different foods. So, then we had the skin test done and it came back with the same results. He was not allergic to milk though, even though he tested positive.

I guess, if it would help put you in the right direction on what your child is allergic to, then it might be a good idea. I just would worry about the false results that can happen a lot with kids. I don't know why it is that way, but you just have to be prepared for that. Also, the blood test would be a lot easier than the skin test. The skin one, you have to have a scratch mark for every single food you are testing.
HaveWool~Will Felt's Avatar HaveWool~Will Felt 09:46 PM 04-20-2005
There is a major diff. between the allergy testing that MD's do and naturopathic dr's do.
The testin that naturopathic dr's do is much more complete....they will also test for food sensitivites as well.....