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Originally Posted by faithnj
I'm really sorry that the gifted thread causes so much pain to others. If the Mods find a better place to put it, I'm fine with that. But at the same time, I'm irritated by the fact that people who don't have issues involving gifted children are reading the thread and judging the mothers there. Silly me to think it was a "safe" haven. I don't tend to read threads that have nothing to do with me. I just don't understand why others would bother doing that, and then complain that they don't like the contents of a thread that's not relavent to them.

The moms with gifted children are a diverse lot...and if there's one thing they are ALL trying to get away from-- it's being judged and criticised for simply telling the truth and asking questions about what their kids are doing each day. Perhaps it's no tragedy to have a gifted child. But it IS terribly isolating and hurtful to feel like you've finally had your long awaited child, and then there's some societal, silent aggreement that if it turns out your kid is doing more than some others, you're not supposed to talk about it or even ask questions if the other mom's haven't experienced what you've experienced yet. WTF? What mother doesn't both want and need to discuss parenting???? Why should parents of Gifted kids be excluded from the need to to say what the heck is going on? Or even from the need to say I'm so proud of my DC you know what he or she did?

Otherwise, to the mothers who are hurt by the presence of the thread...I wish you well. I hope this is all resolved soon.


Well said Faith.

Where would this proposed subforum be placed, anyway. If the general argument is that it's very existance is hurtful to see every day, then where could it be hidden so as not to offend? It's pretty clear not under Special Needs, but it doesn't fit with education, parenting or FYT. How 'bout TAO? Since those with gifted kids really don't have serious issues to be discussed, then surly the casual chit chat of TAO would be unoffensive. But. Always a but. But why is it that these mamas have to HIDE so as not to offend?

I'm truly sorry for what a lot of you are dealing with on a daily basis, and I'm sure it's a struggle just to get out of bed some mornings. But there is no corner on the market of the challenges of meeting your kid's needs. Be it their need to be constantly stimulated with facts or thier need to attend Speech Therapy. The name of the forum is Special Needs. Gifted kids have special needs, therefore I feel that thread belongs here. The name isn't "Parenting kids who are developmentally, socially, spacially or emotionally delayed."

I for one am really hurt and sickened by the hostility of a place that is touted to be supportive.

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Originally Posted by xaloxe

Oh mama, take a deep breath. That was a misunderstanding. When you wrote to post things in the general section I misunderstood. In context with your post I thought you were saying that where some of the issues were cross-over issues (things affecting gifted children and children with a medical condition or diagnosis; schooling issues was the example) that those could be posted right in the general section of the SN forum. I misunderstood. I was saying that I thought posting those things in the SN forum outside of the gifted thread would be offensive, we're in agreement there. I believe now that you meant for people to post those things in the general parenting section outside of the SN forum. I gotcha.

FWIW, mom's had done that, and gotten flamed for it, which is why there was a need for a specific place for those mom's to go.
UGh - I'm so confused now!!! I do think that some of the issues the parents of gifted have should be talked about in a general special needs board. I feel you can ask questions about how to deal with the fact that your child is "different" - ex. friends, social settings, the future, college etc. Those are some of the same things we deal with. And even when it comes to talking about Kindergarden. If someone says "how do I get the services my child needs for their best education" - well that isn't offensive and I think they could receive a lot of help from the majority of us since we seem to live and breathe the "system".

When comparing the offensiveness of this thread I still do not get why someone (no one in particular - but some threads have alluded to this) would think that "since it would be offensive everywhere - why not just stick it in the SN forum". I think that yes, some parents would be offended in a general parenting forum but that you are hurting a lot more people on a much deeper level when "some" things are posted in the SN forum. I say "some" because I have no problem with someone discussing how to deal with tantrums in their child because they are bored or discussing social phobias because a gifted child can't handle the environment of someone their own age on this bored. Those are special needs that are specific to a gifted child and like many have said - those behaviors are also seen in many other diagnoses so parents can relate and help. But that thread (daily circumstances) overstepped the boundries of being helpful - severly.

I just want to reiterate that I don't think it was the gifted thread in general. I just think the daily circumstance pushed people over the edge on this subject and I hope that is easily seen why.
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I think that most of us who are posting on this thread are NOT hostile...Just trying to be understood.
I don't think any of us with special needs children have said that parents of gifted children should not talk about their issues AT ALL. We are just saying that perhaps there is a better spot for it.

My own child has been called gifted (by a specialist) yet I wouldn't feel right posting about those 'gifts' where it would be in the face of someone who is struggling with a non responsive autistic child. Or a child with a life altering physical disability. Or a child who is not expected to be alive next year.

I struggle with my son's needs yet I completely understand that there are those who have it much worse than me.

I REALLY wish people would understand that we are not saying that those with gifted children have struggles. I know they do. I live it too.
But I feel that a sub forum in the Parenting forum would be a great idea.

It's not about 'banishing' people or chasing them off. Just finding a place where it makes sense for everyone.

I don't know if this makes sense. I'm tired. Extremely tired.

Above all....PEACE,
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Originally Posted by therdogg
I agree, I actually don't think this is an appropriate forum for such a thread. A thread like "gifted and disabled" would be fine, but a thread celebrating a non-disability doesn't belong here. A thread titled "the special needs of socially precocious children" or "the special needs of burgeoning Olympic athletes" would similarly irk me. Such a thread is fine somewhere else, but not here. There are special needs and then there are special needs children.
This is surprising to me (and forgive me, as this is as far as I have gotten in this thread so far....)...

I have both ends of the spectrum. I have a 2 year old epileptic son that is severely delayed in expressive speech, has a moderate delay in receptive speech, sensory integration dysfunction, and moderate cognitive delays and now the OT/ST want him re-evaluated for physical therapy... Then I have my 3 year old dd, who is terrified of grass, will wipe herself after going to the bathroom untill she bleeds, and I'd say has just as many if not more sensory issues as my son, but she doesn't qualify for any sort of therapy or help cause she can read, and add, and is trying to teach herself to be tri-lingual.

In my opinion, with the exception of the epilepsy which is terrifying, both have an equal number of "special needs"...The gifted thread is much more talking about these needs, than bragging about what they can and can't do.

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Originally Posted by Rigama

I for one am really hurt and sickened by the hostility of a place that is touted to be supportive.
I'm not really seeing all the hostility
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Sigh. This thread is making me sad. I didn't even read everything word for word. The SN forum is my favorite place on MDC, because of how supportive it is, and the lack of judgement that tends to sneak in elsewhere.

I'm one of those moms who gets a little stab everytime the gifted thread shows up at the top. But I guess I figured it was just my problem, like the feelings I get seeing "normal" children, like my son's 4 month old cousin who is rapidly surpassing him developmentally.

For those who said the problem here is just like people being bothered by CAC forum if they chose to circ, it's just not. Can't exactly put my finger on why, except that having a delayed child or one with medical issues is not a choice. Yes, we all have to put our issues aside sometimes, and not assume everything's out to offend us. But, well. . . I don't know what I think. Just rambling now.
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The placement of the Gifted thread was discussed several times with the administrators and it was decided that this was the best place for it. It has come up several times since and each time, the topic was revisisted and it was again decided that the SN forum was the best place. If you have any questions or concerns you may direct them to our administrators.

I can understand why someone whose child is develomentally challenged might find it painful to read about children who are ahead of the curve. Please know that parenting *any* child with any special needs is very hard, and it's all relative. It is very difficult to judge someone who has not walked a mile (or a year!) in your shoes.

I am sorry for the hurt feelings that have come out on this thread. I am going to lock it while I review it.

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