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OT this is a link about vaccines, but is off this topic a little.

I would not have vaccinated my ds (dss). He definately had a gradual regression with each vacc.

Just curious, how many moms got the flu vaccine (or any other vaccine) while pregnant?

the us (and others) do produce 100s of tons of mercury vapor in the air everyday.

i think some have genetic predispositions to autism, etc. however i don't believe it is genetic one bit, something is wrong that is causing it.

Mothering magazine did realease an article of a 30% drop in cali. autism rates since the removal of thermisol from vaccines.?? anyone remember the article?
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I had a flu shot while pregnant with my daughter...I hadn't thought about it at the time. Hmm.
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I haven't had any shots for anything in years. Since my freshman year of high school. That was a long time ago. My kids aren't vax. My son is still autistic. I don't think it's mercury.

I live in California. The autism rates have not dropped since thimerosal was taken out.
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Originally Posted by tribalmax View Post
Thanks for all of the thoughts. Autism is something that scares me. Sorry -- but it really does.
Autism was my own personal boogey man too. I was terrified of it before I ever got pg or even thought of getting pg. All during my pregnancy I was scared of it too. God has an ironic sense of humor, no?

I think everyone has that one thing they're just terrified of, it's normal.
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I think the scariest thing about autism is the uncertainty. Of course, life is one big, huge, uncertainty, but we tend to forget about that. We all assume we'll wake up in the morning and make it through the day to go to sleep at night. I think autism is just a slap in the face that nothing in life is guaranteed.

Michelle -mom to Katlyn 4/00 , Jake 3/02, and Seth 5/04
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I understand about the fear too. It was my scary thing (like I said, I was scared before I ever got pregnant and there is no history of autism in our family--I just had a feeling). I even prayed I wouldn't get pregnant if I were going to have a child with autism That seems sad now--I would have missed my beautiful boy! It isn't nearly as scary when it is real.

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When I was looking into special needs adoption and fostering, I said the only thing I wouldn't be able to handle was autism. Hmmm...

As it works out, my boy with autism turns out to be, in many ways, my easiest child.

Rhu - mother,grandmother,daughter,sister,friend-foster,adoptive,and biological;not necessarily in that order. Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic, but I had a good life all the way (Jimmy Buffet)

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As it works out, my boy with autism turns out to be, in many ways, my easiest child.
Funny; that is true here also. DS is driving me batty in new and unique ways that DD never tried. She is such a sweet-natured soul. But I've spent many more hours worrying about her. I wouldn't change anything about her that is any part of her unique personality but I just wish she were healthy.

I never got any flu vax while pregnant (or otherwise) and don't eat seafood or have amalgams, so I don't think mercury was a major issue for her either. The prenatal RhoGAM might have had mercury but I don't know one way or the other. On vax I worry more about how they might fundamentally alter the workings of the immune system more than I worry about mercury. Especially the newborn HepB vax.

The only reason why I obsess about the cause and will continue to do so is because in our family it means less than optimal health. If she'd hadn't had all these darn health issues, I could be coping a lot better with it and just accept that things are as they were meant to be, but the sad truth is that she's sick. I just want her to be healthy.

Here's an interesting article that could be pertinent to anyone in a similar boat or who is concerned about types of autism that could arise from medical issues:
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There are 3 threads (in different places) that seem to be talking about the same issues. Might be fun to all come together in one place?
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During pregnancy I received both a RhoGam shot that contained thimerosal (they don't anymore but did then) and a flu shot ( I was considered high risk due to asthma ) that also contained it. I would not accept any shots containing mercury now, period, pregnant or not.

DS was born with a kidney defect and due to the supposed very high risk of infection, we allowed him to be on amoxicillin literally from birth to age six months, after he had surgery and testing done to confirm his kidney was working properly. It was supposed to protect him from a possible UTI that could have cost him his kidney. I think we made a huge mistake allowing these antibiotics. Huge. His normal gut flora never had a chance, so he never developed normal digestion, and I believe this set him up for the cascade of digestive problems and immune system problems and food allergies and intolerances we are still fighting 3.5 yrs later. He has never had a UTI in his life, but the cost of that six months of antibiotics has been very high. Knowing what I have learned about the tremendous importance of gut flora since then, I believe that oral antibiotics are probably a much larger contributor to ASD issues than most people ever suspect. Gut flora is so important.

He was also fully vaxed, which I would not do again, and due to being high-risk from being sick almost constantly, he also received a flu shot at 7 months, again containing thimerosal, which I think should be completely illegal.

I absolutely do believe that mercury contributed to his problems because when we treated him with chelation, I watched him suddenly mature by about 6 months in the space of three weeks. He started adding many new words to his vocabulary a day, his constant tantrums disappeared, he started speaking in long sentences and having back-and-forth interactions, and has just been completely interactive ever since. He still has gut issues and does best mentally when he gets daily nutritional supplements and needs constant input of probiotics. And two of his food allergies are ones we are stuck with. But other than that, he's doing great. I can only imagine what he would be like if we hadn't decided to give chelation a chance.

Originally Posted by tribalmax View Post
Ok, so here it goes: Looking back on your child's early years -- is there anything you think you could have done to decrease the chances that your child would have developed autism (aside from the vaccine issue)?

DS1 March 2003DS2 Sept 2005,
and 3 , in our happy secular
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My grandson had a very difficult hospital birth twenty-three years ago,and my daughter was told by this ever so wise dr. that she could never have a vag birth again. Thirteen months later her second son was born @ home after a four plus hour labor. We were about to go for a walk and she said something on the order of "I don't know what's happening, but there's something hanging!" It was her beautiful baby boy. The births were as different as these two looked, one dark hair, skin, eyes, the other fair, blue-eyed and blonde, both the same parents. They both received immunizations,both were breast-fed and parented the same. Early on I noticed how no eye contact was made, or at least not often with number one. I thought he was "shy" By age eight he was diagnosed as ADHD. The road became bumpy for him I believe because of being labeled. He lived off and on with me, each time convinced he could stay away from drugs and alcohol. Reading previous threads I see so many same stories as his, and now he is somewhere around the Austin,Texas area and we haven't heard from him in awhile. Scarey, but it's not in my control to prevent it, but how I wish it was! He is a beautiful artist, and I treasure the few drawings of his I have. What could we have done to make the outcome different? He is bits and pieces of all the stories,so many factors combined, yet not one identified. How sad in our society that we have so much knowledge, but can't find the autism answer!!! Addiction in todays world is powerful,and I wonder how his autism has contributed, and/or if other young adults have experienced a higher percent of addiction with autism. This young man knows he doesn't "fit in", and when he is high and living on the streets, he either doesn't care, or those addicts around him, because of their addictions, do not view him as different, so therefore he is comfortable. How I wish I could wave a magic wand and make he and all who suffer with this horrible illness just be comfortable in their own skins. Did we as a society cause those who are not as what we view as "normal" to have so much sadness? I hope I haven't!!
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Sorry I haven't read all the posts yet but wanted to add to the OP that vaccinations are not the only ways in which babes can become toxic.

Having dental amalgams can cause toxicity and even worse having them removed while pg. or b'feeding can cause major damage.

There are dentists who follow proper protocol for the removal of amalgams but most don't. Mercury is highly absorbable through respiration and through the skin.
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Originally Posted by Finch View Post
Autism was my own personal boogey man too. I was terrified of it before I ever got pg or even thought of getting pg. All during my pregnancy I was scared of it too. God has an ironic sense of humor, no?

I think everyone has that one thing they're just terrified of, it's normal.

ahh yes ITA. I prayed that if something was going to be wrong that would be ok... for as long as it did not involve the brain. With both kids I didn't count the ten toe and fingers. I looked into their eyes for that spark of life that told be they were somewhere in there. Everything else was superficial. Then again, ds was meant for us and we were meant for him Ironic yes but still wise!
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I know you did not want to hear about vaccines, but I wanted to add a clarification that there are 2 vaccine theories. The first is the vaccines loaded with toxins, including thimerasol. The second is the immunization schedule which allows children to complete their 24-27 immunizations by the time he or she is 18-34 mos. Obviously, the first deals with heavy metal toxicity. However, the second deals with immune related problems, which includes allergies to foods and even neurological/ gut problems.

Both of my kids have autism and the onset for both were definately different, even though there were some similarities. My dd showed the signs since birth, however did regress after 12 mos. My ds was NT and regressed with in days after his first 1/2 of his flu shot and is 13 mo immunization/ 2nd half of flu shot 30 days later. He regressed even more severely after his MMR. Mind you, I was not a believer in the vaccine theories at the time when I witnessed the events unfolding. Both my kids have had tests done to determine the levels of toxicity for certain heavy metals and environmental toxins. My dd is elevated in all and my ds is within average range.

What would I do different? Obviously, have either a selective vaccine schedule. Try my best to have the family eat those foods that do contain high levels of toxins, ie apples containing pesticides. Breastfeed for longer than 12 months. (interestingly the DAN doc and I discussed the children's development - both kids were making progress on BM and stopped when switched to cows milk. My dd drank BM from 18-24 mos after I had ds and made remarkable progress to where we actually thought she was not as delayed as she was) After giving birth, ask the OB to leave the baby attached to the placenta for another minute or two so the baby can absorb all the remaining valuable stuff. Make every attempt to use antibotics as a last resort and not to use tylenol for every ailment. Tylenol can reduce glutathione levels which is one of the main issues parents doing biomedical treatments are constantly fighting - increasing cysteine and glutathione levels.
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