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mom2tess's Avatar mom2tess 01:09 PM 07-17-2003
Just wondering if I am really crazy!!! My DD is now 6 1/2 and is doing well, but when she was diagnosed at 17 months, I had set in my mind that we will do whatever we needed to to make things okay. After that we tried to go home and be "normal" but I was a total mess.

It now seems like such a blur, but I really was short tempered and nasty to people. All I could think about what was and wasn't going to happen in my DD's life and how my DD was going to be so different.

I think I have finally gotten to a place where I can come to terms with it all, but occasionally I have "self pity times" that I get really down about it all. Not just for myself, but how much my DD is different and how much she has to overcome to just do regular things. It just really breaks my heart. But I do look at her and realize that her disease has really made her who she is and I am so proud that she is such a great kid. She is very respectful and caring and finds such joy in the little things.

Well, I guess this has turned into a vent for me. I am new here and have just been lurking lately, so I hope I haven't scared anyone away. I do know I have issues.

Thanks for letting me vent.


khrisday's Avatar khrisday 01:25 PM 07-17-2003
All of us went through a grieving process. (at least everyone I have ever encountered with a special needs child). It's normal and natural- you have lost the "perfect" child that you expected. Grief does come and go, I think most of us experience some of those down times. Some people benefit from some counseling, but I don't think you have "issues" just because you have these periods.
Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 02:01 AM 07-20-2003
I'm glad you've found a place here where you feel comfortable venting. I can't imagine how it must feel to have your child diagnosed with a disease or special needs condition, but I am quite certain that grieving is very much a normal reaction. By the way, what was your DD diagnosed with?
mom2tess's Avatar mom2tess 03:16 PM 07-22-2003
Thanks for the reply's. I actually do think my DH and I handle our DD's special needs fairly well, but of course we have our moments. I think the other day when I wrote the orignal post was one of them. It just sometimes get overwhelming and exhausting.

By the way my DD was diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease which she had at birth but wasn't diagnosed until 17 months old.

Thanks again - This seems like a great place for advice and to vent.