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Pros and cons of a weighted vest

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I wanted to see if anyone has any input on the advantages and disadvantages of a weighted vest. Our current OT is recommending it for our ds although I have other OT's that don't see a need for him to use one. I have not come across a situation where I feel like he would benefit from it but I wonder if I am missing something.
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Ds wears one at school sometimes, and will go and get his weighted blanket and get under it at home.

The weighted vest/blanket is more of a calm-down thing. Almost as if his body is too out-there-out-of-control for him and it helps him shut down to a more reasonable level of sensory input.
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My DS has used a weighted vest with his OT. It's something I've been debating whether or not to use at home or school at all.

On the plus side, it gives him about 20 minutes or so where he can sit (relatively) still and focus on a task. But beyond 20-30 minutes, his body gets used to the weight and he doesn't notice it anymore and he starts getting squirmy, fidgety, clumsy again. And as soon as the vest come off, he does have a harder time with his focus and spatial awareness.

At this point, I don't think it would be helpful at school because the negatives (especially the backsliding afterwards) would outweigh the benefit. At home, right now I am able to provide him enough other accommodations and tools that it isn't necessary. If it got to the point where he needed it I would probably put one together but for right now, I don't see a clearcut *need* for it.
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I have used deep pressure vest with an autistic child and it seems to have a calming effect, especially right before bedtime.
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Andrew does well with weight (we've done vests, lap blankets, and things that sit in his lap to help with concentration). Like a pp said, for concentration it has to be used judiciously. Calming input I would think maybe you would use it more. We don't have anything at home but all his OT's have used them successfully. I keep meaning to make him a lap snake. I wish I could afford something purchased.
As far as Jordan I kind of think it probably most helps kids with proprioceptive/body in space issues. Andrew actually seeks out that pressure input by getting in tight spaces and seeking out squeezes and tackling people. Perhaps other kids benefit too of course. But I can certainly see the benefit with a proprioceptive seeker.
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