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If your kid has a really bad crud or you are sick, do you cancel doctor appointments with specialists where there are medically fragile kids?

What if it is an appointment where there is a 6 month (or longer) wait to see the doctor?

If it is a follow up and we can be seen in 2 months time or shorter and not urgent, I cancel and reschedule.

If we have waited ages to see the doctor and the next apt is not available for 6 months or longer, we go if it is urgent and the child is not very sickly.

I just wanted to know how others deal with this.
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funny, i was just coming here to seek opinions on whether i should take lo to therapy tomorrow even though he has pink eye, because we missed it last week and i don't like missing two weeks in a row. also debating whether i should tell our asl consultant not to come on saturday (he was also cancelled last week - we had a big blizzard here!!)

i think if we had a specialist appointment, i would call their office and see what they suggest. man, the idea of waiting an extra six months for answers is hard, but it's also so hard to take a sick babe out in the cold. there might be additional factors which they might know about which would influence their suggestions - e.g. certain conditions might make the appointment useless anyway (say, if you have pink eye and are going to the ophthalmologist), but others might actually *help* them (can't think of a good example)
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With pink eye, I would patch the eye and go.

It depends how sick I or they are if I will take them. If it's an appointment for someone who is IMPOSSIBLE to get into within another week, I will go. I figure they see sick kids. But I will call and see what I can arrange first.

If I am sick, I try to have someone else take them. I've had to cancel ped appts b/c I was too dizzy to drive.

Most of our specialists NEED to see our kids when they are really sick, so it's not a huge issue.

Oh, another thing, I will immediately ask for a room when I get there, and a mask if applicable.
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I think if it's a therapy issue, like Kaspar is talking about, that you really should tell the therapist "hey, my kid has conjunctivitis, still want us in your room?" Because it's not just the therapist you could be contaminating, and it's not fair to anyone for you to expose your child's germs all over the place. If they're coming to you, that's a different story, but still you need to let them know your kid is sick or whatever.

I've done that several times, and each time the therapist has come, but thanked me for letting them know he was either on abx already, or had a really, really bad cold, etc. I just send an email and says "heads up, Mark's been on abx for a respiratory infection/has a bad bad cold with nasty cough and runny nose/had a really high temp yesterday but is just tired and grumpy today" and let them decide if they want to expose themselves.

As for dr visits like the OP mentioned, I'd go unless dealing with high temps or serious nastiness.
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No, I go. I try to minimize any potential exposure to the other kids by wearing Connor in the sling, not letting him touch any toys, etc. I also tell the receptionist right away that he's sick and ask if we can go back right away. Then if he touches anything in the room (toys or books) I tell the nurse so they aren't put back on the shelves.

Sometimes it's good for the specialists to see your kid sick, you know? Typically only the pediatrician sees our kids when they're sick.

ETA: If it's a group appointment, then I won't take him. But then again, we don't do group things for that very reason. His immune system just can't handle it.

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my plan is to try to call the slp tomorrow morning before the appointment but the appointment is at 9:30 am so it's not likely i'll be able to call her and still get there if she says we should come in! i'm thinking we'll skip that one, and give the asl consultant (who comes to us) a heads-up tomorrow and let him decide.
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I absolutely without a doubt cancel things like therapy, where it's a regular appointment and we just need to skip one. With doctors appointments, depending on the one we will cancel and if there's a wait, we've actually worn a mask before when she's been sick and we didnt' want to spread germs.
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I do cancel PT appointments if she or I or my son is sick. The only other major appointment I have had to cancel is the Neurol Tube Defect Clinic this past November. Thats because I was very sick and so was Gabrielle. The appointment would of been 150 miles away too.

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I would call and ask them what they want you to do. I did cancel Jake's SLP appt on Monday, but that was just weekly therapy, not a specialist I may have waited a long time to see.
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That's a tough one. Normally for regular therapy I will cancel if ds is sick (really sick, not just stuffy nose). For ST and PT those are on Tuesdays so they will try to find another spot for him later in the week. For OT it's a group one and on Friday so we just skip if he's sick. For the run of the mill stuffy nose/cough/sniffle I take him. If I didn't he'd be out of therapy for months at a time!

For specialist appointments- I call. If I can't reschedule within a reasonable time then I take him (unless he's really ill). If I can get a new appointment in the next week or so then I reschedule and keep him home.

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If I can find a spatula large enough to lever my sick ass out of bed, I'll take him if I'm sick. If he's sick, it depends on who we're going to and what he's got. I took him to the pulm this past week for a scheduled appointment with a barf bucket in tow. But then again, I would have ended up at the pulm anyway if we weren't scheduled. I would probably go regartdless.
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Eeek. This kind of scares me. Maybe I'm just a nervous nelly, but I keep dd home if she's at all sick and I hope and pray others do the same. This is for therapy. Actually, they have pretty strict rules about that at her therapy place - no green stuff, no vomiting, no nothing for 24 hours prior. I'm really glad about this. Dd is fragile enough that any of these kinds of things could really harm her.

Now, as far as an appt. with a specialist, I'd call their office and fill them in. I've done this and they've handled it two ways: one doctor said come on and took dd straight back so that she wasn't in the waiting room; another let us cancel it and worked us in (we'd waiting four months for the first appt.) within two weeks.

Having said all that, I took her to her ped sick last week with everyone else who was sick. I held her in my lap (boy was that fun!) and didn't let her "mess" with any of the other kids, both for her protection and theirs.

After having written all this, I'm feeling like a totally paranoid freak! OMG! Am I crazy???

Wendy ~ mom to VeeGee (6/05), who has PRS, Apraxia, SPD, VPI, a G-Tube, 14q duplication, and is a delightful little pistol! I'm an English professor and a writer.
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Yes, we cancel. And actually this week, we cancelled several appointments for my son because my husband and daughter have influenza--because my son was exposed to the virus, I didn't want to risk passing it on to the specialist, and therefore every other kid the specialist sees. Even though he didn't get sick, we are usually fairly dilligent, especially when it's something like influenza that has the chance of being quite serious to some of the children who are seen by the specialist.

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I always cancel and resch. I guess because I wouldn't want to be there when or right after someone else brought a sick kid in. But my son has a compromised immune system so I think of it from both perspectives.

For ex: My 5yr old ST visited for his therapy session, meanwhile my 3yr old special needs son was no where near her or even touched by her. Days later Jonathon whom hadn't been anywhere AT ALL in 3 weeks had a fever, vomiting and diahrrea and I mean he was going at both ends horribly! To find out a couple weeks later that this ST's kids had Rotavirus which she apparently brought in on her clothes, hugged all over Noah who hugged all over Jonathon (medically fragile). Noah only had an upset tummy for maybe a day and that was it, it lingered with Jonathon for weeks! Rotavirus bacteria can live on surfaces at extreme tempatures for several hours. So how many I wondered she infected that day? Basically the same thing...I cancel if he is sick and I ask them to cancel if they are sick, their kids are sick or they should call if they just left a kids house for therapy and that kid was sick. Don't want them bringing anything in my house.
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