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3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 04:23 PM 07-03-2008
Anxiety disorder (which I believe has been caused by all the medical interventions dd has had. ) Through no fault of anyone.

Disruptive Behavior Disorder.

We've been being seen at behavioral health through children's hospital - the best place in the whole Pacific Ocean. It's helped a whole lot. We go back today for more therapy. I'm so relieved the neurologist referred us here.

As a funny - I've been trying for a year to get dd special services through DOE. Nevermind the fact that she has EPILEPSY, had services through EI for three years including a skills trainer, and gets medicaid and services through the children's hospital... Oh, and there's also the little fact they have to, are mandated by law, to at least give her an IEP because of her medical condition....So anyway, I dropped off a lovely, two page, scathing letter from behavioral health including all their recommendations to the SSC at our home school.

She said she'd be calling the disctrict and rushed off.

aja-belly's Avatar aja-belly 08:36 PM 07-03-2008
i hope that helps you get the services she needs!

the anxiety disorder from all the medical interventions is heartbreaking. it sucks when something is so helpful in one way but harmful in another.
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 12:26 AM 07-04-2008
Good luck with the school district!! I hope you're able to get that IEP implemented and working for your daughter.

Big hugs on the anxiety as tough but as Aja said hard that something is helpful in one way but harmful in another.