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2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 01:53 PM 08-26-2008
What do you do at resturants? We don't own one of those infant carrier type carseats - I doubt Juju would sit in it if we did, cause he likes to be upright. We just always held our babies until they got close to a year, and then they could sit in the resturant high chairs. Juju's starting to be a handful to hang on to while trying to eat - squirming, throwing his head around - but he doesn't have enough trunk and head control to sit in one of those high chairs. I thought stroller, but then he's not at our level. Anybody have a strategy that works really well?

Anybody remember when resturants had real high chairs with backs? That's what they had when I was growing up...

nausicaamom's Avatar nausicaamom 08:52 PM 08-26-2008
I'm pretty sure they make one of those portable high-chairs with a bit of a reclining back, the kind that straps to a regular chair.

Here are a couple that might work
Fisher-Price-Healthy-Care-Booster-Seat or this one Eddie-Bauer-Portable-Hook-Chair

Hope this helps!
Kathryn's Avatar Kathryn 09:02 PM 08-26-2008
What about a bumbo? Or even the new special needs bumbo? He's probably still too small for it, but in the future, it could work for you.
wonderwahine's Avatar wonderwahine 10:13 PM 08-26-2008
we use a stroller all the time for ds at resturaunts
ma_vie_en_rose's Avatar ma_vie_en_rose 10:20 PM 08-26-2008
I have my BFF's bumbo from her SN DD that could not sit until well after 1yr. She took it everywhere with her, especially restaurants.
harpertrance's Avatar harpertrance 10:31 PM 08-26-2008
we have that portable hook on chair, its really awesome.
coreybreeze's Avatar coreybreeze 01:25 AM 08-27-2008
We used one of those J shaped tumbleforms from our EI's lending library and it worked great.