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amicamom's Avatar amicamom 03:48 PM 12-24-2008
If you are a parent of multiples and you have a blog, please post it here! If you know of good multipes blogs, please post them as well. If you know of a thread where these have already been posted, please pass it along.

Here are a few that I know of:

It's Twinsanity
The McCay Twins

Amazing Trips

kalynnsmom's Avatar kalynnsmom 04:23 PM 12-24-2008
Gena 22's Avatar Gena 22 04:25 PM 12-24-2008
My favorites: ("Moms of Multiples tell it like it is")

and (SAHD writes about life with an older DD and 3 yr old ID twin girls)
DiannaK's Avatar DiannaK 04:32 PM 12-24-2008
DeannaK's Avatar DeannaK 07:43 PM 12-24-2008
Great thread. Can't wait to add these listings to my Google reader. I blog, but my twins aren't "here" yet. Well, they are here, but you know what I mean!
obxbound's Avatar obxbound 07:50 PM 12-24-2008
Here is mine.
1stTimeMummytoLore's Avatar 1stTimeMummytoLore 08:43 PM 12-24-2008
mine are in my siggy. one is a general about life and whatnot blog and the other i mostly just post about our homeschooling journey.
DoomaYula's Avatar DoomaYula 09:35 PM 12-24-2008
Originally Posted by kalynnsmom View Post
That title has me :

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I could put all four of my kids through Harvard without any debt!
Intertwined's Avatar Intertwined 02:57 AM 12-26-2008
Mine is in my sig as well. Intertwined!
Jenwithtriplets's Avatar Jenwithtriplets 05:05 PM 12-29-2008
Zadee's Avatar Zadee 06:53 PM 12-29-2008
Mine is The Twinkies

blogroll with many twin blogs:
mimid's Avatar mimid 11:15 PM 12-29-2008
Justmee's Avatar Justmee 02:26 AM 12-30-2008
Great thread. I don't have a blog yet but I'm thinking of starting one.
celesterra's Avatar celesterra 06:06 PM 01-05-2009
Mine's Great to see some friends here and meet some new ones, too!
labortrials's Avatar labortrials 02:09 AM 01-11-2009
Labortrials is my main blog, but I just started "Oh my twins" since I'm newly preg with fraternal twins.
ApplePieBaby's Avatar ApplePieBaby 05:27 AM 01-11-2009
I started one too, because I wanted to keep it separate from my loss blog