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My twins are 3. I know they are ready to get out of diapers. I just don't know how to do it. I had my first dd out of diapers by 18 months. I am just so affraid that it is going to be so hard I have not started. It does not help that I have a new baby. Please someone send me in the right direction. So how did you potty train your twins and was it easy?
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I have no advice at all as dd and ds are still in diapers, but I'm going to subscribe to this thread, because I'm dreading it too!!!! I am hoping to do it this summer, but we'll have to see.

Good luck!
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You might want to check out the Toddler forum. The subject of potty training comes up fairly regularly. I'm sure there are special considerations for twins, but it may be a good place to start.

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Our twins are the same age! I am in the middle of potty learning right now. We just go diaper-less during the day when we are in the house. We have two potties set out in the family room, and one potty chair in the upstairs bathroom, so we have access pretty much wherever we are playing. We also have a potty learning video, which we showed them a few times starting about six months ago. We have two reward charts, with stars for peeing and other stickers for pooping. There seems to be only good competition so far--in the sense that when one goes or says he has to go, the other is spurred on to try. They like different stickers, and it's fun for them to choose the ones they like after each go. There is no negative competition yet, like "i have more stars than you" or anything, since they can't really count the number each one has. We also downplay any accidents, and sing songs to both of them when they go. It seems pretty much like what people do with singletons, really. . . so far so good. . .
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my twins actually trained seperately. Max trained just before three and a half and he did it himself - he decided he was done with diapers and that was that. we did about 3 days in the house with no bottoms on till he got the hang of it and he was done although still wearing a diaper to bed.
Ben was a little more than 3 and a half (about 5 months after his twin trained) and we decided to follow an intensive program where you switch the child to underwear and do pants checks every 10 minutes and sit them on the potty every 20 minutes. this also took 3 days and he night trained at the same time actually. Max of course saw that Ben was wearing underwear to bed and wanted to also which was a disaster.... so he's now wearing overnight training diapers that look like underwear.
since my two have always been at different places developmentally it's hard to compare with other twins but I think when you train one normally the other would want to. I know if Ben had trained first Max would have INSISTED on doing it too... but since Max did it first Ben could care less LOL

I'm Andrea - I have three boys - 12 year old twins & an 11 year old

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We tried training when they were just over 2 and it didn't work. We had a chart and I spend all day in the bathroom and they I still had to wash diapers. I tried putting the potty chair in the livingroom but it got carried around or filled with toys, yuk. I stopped trying. Now they are 2 yrs 9 mo. and I'm ready again. Our cloth diapers are simply falling apart, they *have* to learn.
I read it takes twins longer. I think it's not the kids, but the moms who simply don't have time to keep on top of it.
I'm always more resolved on diaper washing day.

But we must have faith. They will all eventually use the potty.

Sorry about the smiley overload :LOL
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i waited until mine were VERY ready (articulate enough to tell me, 2 3/4 years old, interested, etc). i tried training pants, and all of that, but they didn't work. what did work was when we just bought some panties that they liked, let them choose which to wear, and put them on, with a quick explanation of what to do when they have to go. they loved the panties, and after a few accidents spread out over a week or so, they just got the hang of it. they still wore diapers at night for a month or so, but one night, we didn't have any for them, so we gave it a shot, and no accidents! we were very laid back about the whole thing, and so were they (well, they were excited about their accomplishments, but not obsessed!). honestly, it was really easy, and i think it was because we waited until they were older.
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YIKES! We are just starting to head down this road...again.I am very nonchalant about this.My attitude is, thier body,thier choice.I give them the oppertunity,explain to them what they need to know and show them th epotty.If they sit,a little encouragement is all I do,and if they pee we do a happy dance .If the next time they need to go,we offer the potty,and if they tell us they want to pee int hier diaper,we gently remond them that they can pee inthe potty,and we believe in them.If they still choose to use a diaper,hey,its thier chioce.No bribing or disappointment here. It is thier body,thier chioce.
But you need to understand that in our situation they are showing all signs of readiness(except reg BM) and showed an interest in it.However they are dealing with a trauma that happened fairly recently and thus the reason fro us bieng so laid back about it. I bravo them for wanting to try at this point after that. But I must say they are doing VERY well! They are very proud of themselves and I think this may even help them heal a bit.

BTW I have been reading KIDS ARE WORTH IT (teaching your child the gift of inner dicipline)by Barabra Coloroso(sp?) and there is a great section about potty training.I recommend the entire book to anyone anyways!
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i am surprised to hear that people say its harder...........i have potty trained my singleton at 2 yrs old and i am antisipating the twins to be much easier. They will not only have an older sister showing them how its done but they will have eachother. The hardest part usually is trying to get them to stay on the potty long enough to actually go. now they can entertain eachother. we will see soon enough.......i still have about a year! so hopefullly this thread will keep going and i can learn some tricks from you all.

Angela: Catholic Homeschooling Mom to Sierra(11/00), twins Addison & Kendall(3/03), Jack(4/06), Brielle (7/08), Levi (2/2011); due with#7 (9/13). Birthed every witch way.....hospital. C section. VbAC. Unassisted water birth (hypno/painless). Assisted waterbirth to an almost 10lber! (Not painless!)
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The girls will be 3 in April. Maybe we'll be out of diapers altogether by then. They only wear diapers at night and last night they both stayed dry! We're doing so well! We even go to the store with confidence. But they love to take off all their clothes at home including panties. I guess that's just a phase.
So, how will I know when it's really time to give up diapers at night? I just don't relish a wet bed, especially since they often climb into our bed.

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I too dreaded potty training our 2 1/2 Year old twins but had enough of diapers. It only took a few days and they have been doing great! Sure they have the occassional pee pee accident but that is usually because they are too involved to get up and go or they have slept too long or I forgot to make them go.
My first child was super easy too. It took me 2 weeks and he has never had an accident. My other three kids were with my MIL while I worked and it was miserable. It took forever to potty ttrain them so that is another reason I dreaded the twins.
So how did I do it? I always had them go together because honestly they hate to be seperated and if they see one doing something the other has to follow. In the beginning I took them in there about every 15 minutes. Then I started weaning it down to longer versions but I still have them try about every hour. They have been daytime potty trained now for about 2 months. I want to begin the nighttime soon too but have been waiting because we have just nightime weaned with nursing and are gradually weaning all together and this is not going well so everything in time.
I want to say also when I started i didn't go back at all to diapers. I kept underwear on and just kept changing them and the clothes when they had accidents. When you go the diaper or pull-up route it just doesn't work as well. I also used rewards in the beginning sometimes too.
Good luck!!!!
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