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My girls turned 2 in July, and I swear over night things just got way harder again. They're not terrible twos, they're tornado twos! So cute and not too much into the tantrums yet, but oh. my. goodness..... the messes!!!

Please share your stories and of course pics of your multiples at this stage. I'd be so glad to know mine aren't the only ones driving me this insane.

DISCLAIMER: If you are pregnant with twins just stop reading here. You really don't want to know.

Story #1 - Last week the twins perfected the art of stripping each other naked. Doesn't matter how I dress them, they get out. And this time it was all the way down to diapers off and flinging poo all over the bedroom during "naptime." The room still smells like poo and I can't figure out where the farflung poo is still lurking.

Story #2 - We have a water jug on the kitchen counter for our filtered water. My husband was in the USA on a business trip. So I put the older two in the bathtub and check on the twins. They are taking turns with the water spigot on and letting the other "shower" under it. Had to sweep the 1/4 inch of water in my kitchen out my front door. 2nd night DH is gone, older two in the bathtub and I totally forget the water incident. They didn't and repeated it for me. 3rd night, I remembered and pushed the jug far out of reach on the counter. Put older two in bathtub. In the meantime, first time ever, they go get a chair, lug the whole waterjug down to the floor, let out all the water and sit in it and splash the whole kitchen. 4th night, I locked the jug in the other bathroom during bathtime for the older two.

Story #3: Not really a story, but I love how they're starting to actually talk to each other. "Want this?" "No want." "I want more, you want more?" "No more." Dancing on the table while stripping off her clothes: "I no got poo pooooo." "She got no poo poooo." Of course they both did.

Story #4: Tonight I went to go do a prenatal appointment. I was gone 1.5 hr and told DH to have everyone totally ready for bed when I got back so I could tuck them in. HAH! I had to pound on the front door because he bolted it so no one could escape. He decided to play computer games and let all 4 do whatever. The older two climbed over the baby gate, turned on my computer, and started a game. One twin somehow had gotten over the gate, was sitting naked in the middle of my bed chewing on my Bible. The other twin was naked, sitting on the kitchen counter. She had already emptied 3 kitchen drawers, putting the silverware on the counter, and dumped out yeast flakes all over herself, the silverware, the floor, and more. Took me 3 wipes to get the yeast flakes out of her crack LOL. I also had 3 unpacked grocery bags. Well she unpacked them and stacked them like blocks in precarious combinations with the glass jar of pickles balancing on top!

And they've only been 2 for a month....

Missionary, birth-worker, midwifery student
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I totally know what you mean!! I call my boys "Twinadoes" :

They have screaming contests during nap time. They'll scream as loud as they can and then they'll giggle.

I've discovered, at least with my boys, that there's child proofed and there's twin proofed. Two of three gates were not twin proofed :

My boys also like to take their diapers off and smear poop everywhere. My daughter also did this but they are WAAAAAY worse than she ever was.

I'm sure I have more stories, but I can't think of them right now :
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Yes, naked is how I remember my twins at 2. Everyone said it would be great for potty training. It wasn't. My twins would just pee or poop on the floor and go about their playing. I literally had a load of towels a day just from cleaning up. We missed many appointments because they refused to get dressed. Even if I could have forced them into clothes, they could take them right back off.

But naked. All. The. Time. Didn't matter who was over.

Seriously, the twos were hard hard hard here. Three was so much easier and four has been delightful so far.

I was pregnant when the girls were 2 and there was more than one time I called DH crying and telling him we had to put the baby up for adoption because I could not handle another child.

It was sweet to watch their relationship evolve, when they weren't using it to concoct evil plots. I think when twins got easier was when they could engage in genuine pretend play together. Ian was born when they were 2 years, 9 months old and I remember the storm had mostly passed by then. Still some terrible tantrums, but not as bad as the early 2s and 2-1/2.

But they still make hideous messes.

Oh and I'd post pictures, but I don't want to post naked pictures of my kids on the internet.

SAHM to F & P, : fraternal twins born 3/05, : I, born 12/07 & at 5 weeks in July 2009
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I noticed that about the nakedness too! They are ALWAYS naked. In fact, most of my pictures of the boys are them in just a diaper :
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ahahahahahhahah! I remember those days!

My boys were unbelievable. I couldn't take them anywhere. They were total escape artists. I remember once taking them to a park that was near a busy street and they both dashed toward oncoming traffic. I had to trip one and grab the other to keep them both alive! It was awful.

They always managed to get into the butter or the peanut butter or some kind of messy fruit, like cherries, and smear it all over themselves and the walls. They removed each other's clothes, and diapers. They pooped in the bathtub.

They could climb up anything. They could scale vertical walls. Oh, and they bit each other hard enough to draw blood, and they didn't talk!

:for having 6.5yos now!

treehugger.gif Erika
mom of twins.gif (8)  blahblah.gif(5) thumbsuck.gif (3) and baby.gif born at home on Christmas day! 
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Uh your warning should have included those of us in the 2008 Twin Club because I now think I need a Valium and a nap . My 15 month olds are making me INSANE most days with their antics. And my two year olds have historically been HARD. I'm almost dizzy thinking about it times two when I'm also going to have a three and a half year old at the time! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
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Things have been in a steady downward spiral at my house since the trio hit 18 months. In the last month, I have lost most of my patience and my sense of humour about age appropriate behaviour.

Things got gradually harder with DS1 from 18 months until 3.5 and had been slowly improving until school let out for the summer. I can't imagine the next year and half and try not to.

In terms of stories, I have a hard time thinking of specifics. We mostly have lots of nakedness, lots of fighting to do things they can't, lots of running away, lots of fighting with each other about toys, lots of defeating all my attempts at childproofing. And, a 6 year old who has discovered that it is way more fun to misbehave with the LOs than to act like a big kid.

There are moments when they are unbelievably cute together, but they don't last long enough to feel like much of a relief from the onslaught.

It has already taken me hours to write this much. I've gotta call it quits and move on.

mother of Patrick (7/31/03), and Michael, William, and Jocelyn (4/27/07)
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It's such a relief to read this thread. Honestly, I've been wondering what's wrong with me for the past couple of months, why I've been feeling drained (LO's turned 2 in June), and then every so often it dawns on me, this is what 2 is all about, chaos! They are just busier and less cooperative than ever before.

The other day I was cleaning up after breakfast, and realized DD & DS were pretty quiet (never a good sign) so went to see what they were up to. At that point they were taking all of their stuffed animals out of the playroom and making a pile in the hall, no biggey, so I continued with my tasks. A while later I realized they were still quiet so I went to check again, and they had added almost all of their toys from the playroom to the pile in the hall. I started to ask what was going on, when DD looked at me, pointed her finger at me, and said NO (imitating how we discipline the DOG, not the children)! They were so close to having all the toys pulled out of the room that I decided that I could get a few more things done before they finished, so I just turned around and walked away.

I also love listening to LO's talk to one another, they're into pointing things out to one another, especially while in the car. DS gets really excited to share with DD. I bought them each a ball before when went on vacation, and though DD was still sleeping, DS brought her ball into the room, and said M ball, M ball, she didn't wake up so he set it on the bed next to her. DD however tends to get frustrated with DS, and has said on a few occassions, 'no S talk, no S talk' and my favorite, 'no Boy', when he's really bugging her. We don't at all emphasize or even talk about their genders, so it cracks me up that she calls him 'boy'!

Nikki, mama to DD and DS1 twins.gif (6/07) and DS2 babyboy.gif (10/10) 
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Oh, MamaRabit, I hear you and feel your pain! Thank you for making me chuckle, It makes my two look like little angels.

They turned two last week, but they have been the "destructive duo" for as long as they could walk and reach things - to the point where our bookshelved in the living room were and avalanche waiting to happen 'cause we had to keep emptying shelves and moving the books higher and higher (I now have ones with doors on the bottom and they can't reach the first shelf.)

They started potty training themselves pretty early (it's been a few months). They told me when they were dirty and we hardly have any accidents there, but the wet part seems to escape them - or they don't really care. Lately they have been taking each other's diapers off and leaving me puddles all over the house. I am constantly moping. At least I don't have poo flinging. I don't think that my pregnant nose could take the smell.

There are gates on the stairs to upsstairs and a gate on the kitchen. They both figured out quite early on how to shimmy under the gate and into the kitchen. It was fine while they were just opening one cabinet and playing blocks with my tupperware containers. Lately they have been able to open the containers and if I don't get there fast enough, the chocolate chips dissapear faster than I can run. Oh, and now they have started opening the pantry and D decided he wanted cereal and R decided that he wanted pretzels. That was a fun mess to clean up.

Just today I had a jug of very weak juice sitting on the desk. D was thirsty, so I went to go and get him a cup from the kitchen, next thing I know, D is crying hysterically and R is yelling "oh, no, mess!!!". Yup, he had managed to poor the ENTIRE jug (plastic) over himself. all. over. the. floor. So I stripped him, sent his brother out to play in the fenced in yard and made a half hearted attempt to wipe the floor and then showered him in the shower off the playroom to get the sticky off him. Sigh.

But for the most part they are absolutely delightful and talk to me in English and to each other in Twin Speak. Any journey we take in the car is quite amusing because they are carrying on this conversation that nobody else can understand, and every so often one will say "stop" or "no" a version of "nobody made you the mommy" (what I say to whomever is trying to discipline with me) or "own body" (keep your hands on your own body is what I tell them when they start hitting/punching each other).

Glad to know that I am not totally alone in all this craziness and a pp was right: there is childproofing, and then there is twin proofing.

Good luck to all of us, and I'm sure that this too shall pass (until the next one comes along for some of us)

: wife to James, MoM to R babyboy.gif and D babyboy.gif  (Aug 2007) and E babygirl.gif (Nov 2009) and Y babyboy.gif (April 2012)

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It started at 18 months here and all I can say is it's STILL easier then their first year LOL! My Ds was WAY worse and even with two year old twins I'm far more sane.


I'm pretty sure I shared with you ladies about the "help" they gave each other at about 18 months old... they would reach into each other's diapers and pull the poo out and fingerpaint. LOVERLY.

Wipes cannot be within 50 ft of them or they will find them and lovingly pull each out until the box is empty. Sometimes I save them and put them in a ziplock, sometimes I've caught them cleaning the floor with them I just have to chuck them.

They've turned into fashion models. This past week they changed outfits 2-3 times. Never their day clothes, oh no. They have to climb the bureau and get the pjs out of the top drawer and coordinate mismatched fleece pjs (yup, in 95 degree weather).

Something about excrement and these two. They are 100% potty trained thank goodness, but only when bottomless it's only 50/50 if they have pants on and 0% if a diaper is on. They're starting to get the whole not peeing in their bloomers but this is very recent. They take care of themselves and will pee, pour the potty into the two other potties so that all three need washing, or they pour it on the floor. They're learning that mama doesn't clean pee off the floor and they REALLY hate it when I make them mop up their own messes.

And as for the bottomlessness, not having diapers on them have lead to a bit more exploration then I ever thought possible. They have their hands on themselves every spare second. My SON doesn't play with himself as much as my daughters do! They have no concept of privacy and I try to get them to go to their room to do that but It only leads to a tantrum followed by them returning to public areas and more diddling..

The toybox had to go. They kept making "soup" in it. They put 3 parts dirty clothes, 12 parts hard toys, 7 parts stuffed animals, one sippy of milk and one of juice, sprinkle generously with pee. Mix well and let fester. OMG the mystery odor had me perplexed until I emptied the bin and almost puked. Everything needed washing and sterilizing and some items were stuck to the bottom.

They have now figured out they can knock down the gates. Terror ensues.

Lets just say i'm glad I left the chain lock on the door from when Elliott was a toddler... they've escaped 2 or 3 times already and we live on a BUSY road.

I agree, the twin bond thing is amazing. They are so close, they play so well together (they rarely fight with each other... although having a common enemy ...er big brother might have something to do with that). They share beautifully not only with each other but with everyone... even big brother. They really are sweet little girls. I can handle twinados, their brother was near suicidal in his antics so their calmness is a welcome blessing .

Lucia , Poly )O( Lactation Counseling mama lady.gifvbac.gifto 5 yo Goobersuperhero.gif and 3 1/2 yo MZ twins twins.gif Peanut and Sweetpea and 1yo Pumpkinbabyf.gif mmm placenta.gif
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EEK that toy box!!!

Missionary, birth-worker, midwifery student
Mama to love.gif DD (9yr), DS luxlove.gif (3yr), & 2twins.gif UC twin DDs (5yr)

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Still laughing over "had to trip one and grab the other one just to keep them both alive". BTDT! My twins are only sixteen months so I can still catch them when they "run" in opposite directions, but after reading all of this I see that I will need to keep my running shoes on and my sense of humor in check.

Thank you all for your stories. Those of us with multiples are the ONLY ones who understand Life With Multiples. Ain't it grand!
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Originally Posted by Intertwined View Post
Uh your warning should have included those of us in the 2008 Twin Club because I now think I need a Valium and a nap . My 15 month olds are making me INSANE most days with their antics. And my two year olds have historically been HARD. I'm almost dizzy thinking about it times two when I'm also going to have a three and a half year old at the time! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
you betcha ..... my boys:

carry stools around, to assist in scaling everything that doesn't move
stand at the pantry door, and bang on it when they want something to eat
make a beeline for the toilet/dishwasher/dryer
make a beeline for the open front door
constantly have bite marks/bruises
eat dog food
beat each other in the head with tupperware/spoons/cups, etc
full out wrestle-- climbing on each other, jumping up and down, etc

they are the funniest things EVER, but BOY do they wear me down!!

Catholic homeschooling mom of 5 - a teenager, a kindergartener, twin boys and a tiny princess. Follow the Adventures! 

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