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boopie2001's Avatar boopie2001 03:08 PM 08-26-2009
I am just starting to potty train my b/g twins. I am not having much luck at the moment. Neither wants to actually pee or poop in the potty. Actually, they both peed in the potty ONCE. Right now I am starting off with getting them to go in the morning and around lunch time. They like to sit down on the potty chair for a little while but that is it (which is amazing considering how active they are).

My question is did you PT your DD and DS at the same time or did you start off with only one? I think my daughter is ready between she stays dry for more than 2 hours, but she doesn't seem that uncomfortable with dirty diapers (occasionally when it is a poopy diaper). I am really not sure about my son.

Per my pediatrician, I made a little potty chair for them so they can put stars on it when they pee. Do you have any other suggestions? Any pointers?

Thanks in advance!

DeerMother's Avatar DeerMother 03:20 PM 08-26-2009
I'm in the same boat, so no solid, btdt, advice. DS will go every day after his bath in the ring on the toilet. Dd doesn't want to try, so I'm not pushing it. We have a stand alone potty, but they just play w/ it.
A friend suggested I put one of them in underwear, offer potty, set timer for 20 minutes and keep trying until they go. When they do go, set the timer for an hour. Offer every hour. And the whole open door thing. Make sure they see you using the bathroom.
I'm concerned that they both may want to use the ring. We have two bathrooms, but I'm not comfortable leaving them alone in the bathroom.
wondertwins's Avatar wondertwins 04:09 AM 08-30-2009
My two are almost accident free, after about 6 weeks. I started with the PLing because DS was intersted in using the potty, and didn't want to wear diapers anymore. I knew DD was physically ready, as she was staying dry through naps and in the morning, and would tell me when she needed to be changed, but wasn't as interested in the potty. They were wearing cloth diapers during the day and sposies at night, so I waited until we were out of disposables and then told them "no more diapers". I bought the regular gerber multi layer underwear, and the gerber plastic covers, along with some WAHM waterproof underpants, and I switched it up often to figure out what would work. DS still wets at night, so I use the gerber cloth and cover, while DD wears the waterproof option (waterproof, not soaking wet proof!).

They both caught on to the pooping quickly (I know, it usually takes longer than the peeing), and neither is upset or disappointed if they pee on the floor....I guess we're still a work in progress. They have two potty chairs, one is in the bathroom and the other in the living room. If they both are needing to go, I take them in the bathroom and one uses the toilet, and the other the potty chair. They're both equally comfortable using both.

When we started, I would have them sit on the potty after waking up, before and after eating, before we left the house and then when we got home, just to get used to the idea. The only real incentive I used was to tell them how happy their daddy would be if they went potty in the chair or toilet...and that was absolutely the truth!! BTW they turned 2 in June.

dknees's Avatar dknees 10:13 AM 08-31-2009
My twins aren't at that stage yet, but I did do some daycare/preschool way back when. I've potty trained a LOT of kids. The biggest thing I can tell you is that if they're not ready, it's not going to happen. All you will do is fight with them about it, and it will become a power struggle. When they are truly ready, it will be so much easier, and will happen fairly quickly.

Put them in undies (or cloth trainers) and put them on the potty often, especially after they've had something to eat or drink. Keep in mind that the muscles you use to urinate or to have a bm are different, so these two skills might happen at different times, depending on their abilities. A potty chart works with a lot of kids, but doesn't work with others (like my oldest ds). Some kids also don't like the potty chair, but will prefer to use the actual potty.

good luck!
cedoreilly's Avatar cedoreilly 11:49 AM 08-31-2009
I potty trained my B/G twins almost a year apart.
heyitstwins's Avatar heyitstwins 03:07 PM 09-02-2009
Mine are almost there. I started them at the same time. But they've pretty much developed on the same timeline, with a couple weeks here and there between changes...

Keep in mind, I have no clue what I'm doing, but so far it's working. lol
Shuli's Avatar Shuli 03:24 PM 09-02-2009
I have two boys. One is almost trained (I am scared of putting him in underware at the moment, will try in a week or so) and the other is just not interested. I have a ring on the toilet in the bathroom downstairs as well as two actual potties on the floor. They both take their potties into the den and I put on a video for them while they sit, then play, then sit, etc. The one who is ready has been poop trained for almost a month, and is just starting to get the whole peeing thing, which is great. The other one knows what to do, just chooses not to so I will wait until he feels ready. Maybe when he sees his bro in underware. I have no clue what I am doing, but it seems to be working. They turned two at the beginning of August.
cpop's Avatar cpop 08:05 AM 09-05-2009
The way I potty trained all three of my kids (including my b/g twins) is a little labor-intensive but very quick and effective.
Basically I just stopped putting diapers on them when at home (except for sleep). I told them that if they need to pee or poop they should tell me so I can take them to the potty. Then you just wait. Basically after they get wet a dirty a few times they find they don't like it. You soothe them and say "accidents happen, don't worry. Next time you need to pee or poop tell mommy. That way you won't get wet" If you keep this up you should basically be there in a week. It is a bit messy and there is a lot of laundry but I think if they are ready this is the most natural way to do it. They don't like how it feels, so they take responsibility to prevent it from happening.
If you go this route, it is very important not to keep talking about the potty. Don't mention it at all except when you put the underwear on "You don't have a diaper on so if you poo or pee your pants will get wet. Tell mommy if you need to go and I'll take you to the potty", or if your child has an accident "Never mind, we'll clean it up. If you don't want to be wet you need to tell mommy when you need to pee or poop". And of course lavish praise when they do ask for the potty (even if they already did it in their pants).
Zadee's Avatar Zadee 11:55 AM 09-06-2009

I tried stickers. I tried just not putting them in diapers. Nothing worked until I offered a candy bribe for every successful use of the toilet.

There was a window where they basically drank water non-stop so they could pee and get another treat. But they were ready, so ready that once I had a bribe they liked they were dry like that *snap*.

Then I moved to "you have to be dry for three days to get a toy" (which they picked out) and I'll periodically remind them "If you want your purple horsie you have to go in the toilet. I'd hate for you to have an accident."

Also, my son liked that he could stand up to pee. Men.