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I just had my twin boys at 34 weeks and they are exclusively breastfed. I was wondering how do you breastfed twins in public. Right now I am nursing them together, because they are in sink, at the football position with a big twins breastfeeding pillow.

Now when I will want to go shopping with them I can not exactly carry the pillow everywhere or open my shirt to put each baby on hte breast so I do not know what to do. if I nurse them seperalty they will become out of sink which is no good because it is what allows me to keep my sanity.

THat is the only part that I find hard because with my daughter I nursed her everywhere.

Any suggestions from experienced multiple mamas...
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CONGRATULATIONS on your : IS your story posted anywhere or even the details? I'd love to know more about you and them.

You know, for health and personal reasons, I didn't go out with the twins until they were six weeks or so (they were born at 40 weeks, 2 days) and I remember nursing them seperately. We haven't really gone out with any of our kids before five or six weeks or so. And honestly, the first four months with the twins, I rarely went out with them and the older two without my husband.

I have friends who take their EZNURSE with them. THey keep one stashed in their minivan. There is nothing discreet about nursing twins as you know.

Welcome to the forum. We are glad to have you here.
And congrats again.
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when I went out in public I nursed them seperately but one right after the other so it didn't really throw off the "schedule" (not that we had much of a schedule but I did like to nurse them together).

I'm Andrea - I have three boys - 12 year old twins & an 11 year old

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when I went out in public I nursed them seperately but one right after the other
Yup! Exactly. This was faaaar easier for me than juggling to little ones without my pillows and props. When they were older, it was easier technically, but by then they didn't like nursing together anymore (VERY different nurisng styles), so nurisng separately still worked for us.
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That is how I handled nursing while we were out also. I would nurse one while jiggling the stroller with my foot to keep the other baby happy. Then I would nurse the other baby (even if she didn't seem fussy at the moment) while jiggling the first baby. There has been a time or two that I nursed them together but when that happened I just tried to find a private corner and covered myself (never covered my babies) as best as I could. I am very much for PDN (public displays of nursing ) but when trying to nurse two there was just too much of me being exposed.

Karen - Mama to Haven (9/00) , Lillie & Faith (MZ - 12/02) and my first homebirthed baby, Willa (3/08)
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I live by my schedule!! I nursed in tandem for about 6 months or so. It was the only way to make it all work and get anything else done. When we were out in public I nursed them seperately though. I just couldn't figure out how to do it otherwise. I tried not to go out until right after I nursed though so I wouldn't have to do it unless absolutely necessary. And it never seemed to throw us off our schedule.

Now they are speed nursers and I can have some special time with each one of them and still get other things done.

Best wishes!
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one right after the other here too...IF I had dh with me.He could then hold the other child that was not in immediated need.
If he was not there and we had to then Id sneak off to a very quiet isle,prop up blankets,pillows onthe floor,and get down and sit with my back supported by something and nurse away.In fact,no one except once has seen us nurse in public like that.
Later when they became a little bit older and a little more predictible,I would nurse in the van when needed while out shopping. It really is interesting watching everyone while your in your carat the mall.

Good luck!And congratulations
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Well, I brought my pillow with me EVERYWHERE. It wasn't a matter of my choosing to nurse them at the same time or not, they insisted. It was fine if I had someone else with me (i.e. Dp); then I could nurse them separately. But if I was alone, there was no way I could get away with just nursing one. I brought a maclaren double stroller with me everywhere (though rarely were both babies happy to be in it. . . so usually one was in a sling), and hung my pillow over the middle handle. At 2.5 months, though, they started refusing to nurse tandemly, so there was no need for the pillow anymore.

I agree that having your twins nurse at the same time will help your sanity, but you'll go CRAZY if you feel like you're stuck in the house all the time. So, try to find a balance.

Congrats on your new arrivals! My twins were born almost a year ago, so we've been doing lots of reminicing about the newborn days. . .


Mindfully mothering SIX kids (ages 4, 5, 7, 8, 11 & 11) in a small house with a lot of love.
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when I went out in public I nursed them seperately but one right after the other
Me too! It doesn't seem to get them out of sync if you only do it occasionally. One Easter Sunday in church, I spent the whole church service (2+ hours) switching breasts, first one, then the other. Holy cow, I was pooped at the end of the service! To this day, I don't know what the deal was that day. I have also done both at the same time with a BIG blanket, but they were small.

Karen, Momma of Hannah & Helen
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congrats on the babies!! and for nursing them!!!

I've been nursing my twins for the past 18 mos, and we nursed exclusively for the first 6 months. I almost always nurse them separately, partly because it is easier, but also because they get so distracted, that it is easier to keep them focused if I can stare into their eyes. I did nurse tandem in a restaurant booth once when they were both going bananas...

You could try a double sling (or 2 slings at once)- I have great success with the Maya wrap slings. I still use them with 1 baby at a time now and they can nurse in the horizontal / cradle position while I walk around. At least you could nurse one baby and keep the other one in motion to keep him calm.

I must tell you also that nursing twins gets sooo much easier as each month goes on. Can you imagine everything that you'd have to bring with you every time you went out? This way, you can stay out as long as you want and not worry about food - and of course, you know they're getting the premium food from their mama!


twin girls
charlotte + else 7.20.02

twins 7.02 ⢠DS 10.06 ⢠OMG #4 1.08 ⢠ebf + tandem nursing!
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This is a subject I'm rather excited about, as I'm starting to nurse them together out in public more and more.

First of all, I feel good showing others that it happens. This is the activist part of me thinking, "Hmm. Maybe this will get one more mom out there knowing it can be done if she gets pregnant with twins."

Secondly, I never open my shirt, I pull it up from the bottom so that I don't feel so exposed. The babies' bodies cover most of my tummy. I put them both on my lap with their bodies facing each other, latch one on, hold up my shirt with my teeth while I latch the other on, then let go of the shirt so it falls between their bodies without blocking their faces (or at least their eyes). This is easier while sitting on the floor and I'm getting pretty fast.

Another GREAT thing I've discovered is using my sling while NOT wearing them in it. This time around, I bought a sling with a looooong tail and no bars or plastic stuff, just the metal ring. (My last sling was an over the shoulder and the tail was a thin, useless thing, smile...)

THIS time, I use this tail for all it's worth. Often, I'll wear it around my neck just to use the extra cloth as a blanket to cover up where I might feel exposed but to not actually have to hold onto it...also, I've discovered several ways to nurse while walking in it, which I could never get the hang of before but which has proven to be a godsend while out with both babies. My babies, bless them, are usually not fussy at the same time.

Another helpful use of the sling is to nurse one in it in the cradle position which frees up your hands a bit. Then, I lift up my shirt on the other side and nurse the second baby on that one.

Practice makes perfect. I suggest spending time at environments like La Leche League meetings where you can let it all hang out and get the hang of doing it in front of others, and then you can work out the details like discretion if that's important to you.

Happy feeding!
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Using the sling as a coverup is a great idea. I have the maya wrap which has a great tail and no bulk, so you can drape it however you want.

Another thing that helps me alot is to wear a shirt and a overlay shirt like a blouse or a cardigan (or a twin set). This helps for privacy on the sides... nursing 20 month babies discreetly in public is a bit of a challenge since their little arms and hands are everywhere and they're used to holding on to me and feeling all my skin at home when they nurse.

Another tip for nursing active exploring babies while out is to give them something to hold - like your finger or a toy or napkin. This helps take their minds off lifting up my entire shirt.

Plus, as they get older, the actual time spent nursing will probably decrease, esp. if you're out and they're all curious about their surroundings... so asking one baby to wait while nursing the other does get easier.


twin babies
charlotte + else

twins 7.02 ⢠DS 10.06 ⢠OMG #4 1.08 ⢠ebf + tandem nursing!
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Congratulations on the birth of your twins!

BF'ing twins can require some dedication in the beginning especially if they were born early. My girls were born @ 35w4d and I'm so glad I hung in there with BF'ing. It was wonderful and I am so glad I did it!

I would also nurse them one at a time in public. If you can do them one after the other they shouldn't get off their patterns too much.

Avery & Natalie 10/14/02

Dana, mom to Avery & Natalie 7 , Cole 4 , and Baby #4 on the way!
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I exclusively breastfed the first six months, during which time I stayed home alot. I kept nursing the girls till they were 26 months old. I nursed them in sync also, and I found that it did not throw the babies off. A feww minutes different in the lives of babies doesn't really amount to much. I will warn you, by the time they are walking, they will probably not be as closely in sync as they are now. Have fun and don't worry about the occasional times they have to take turns

homebirthing,,homeschooling intactalactivist mom to 3dd jumpers.gifand 2dsbouncy.gif.babyf.gifAlways busy
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I still tandem/single nurse in public at 12 months.
The boys hate blankets on their heads, so I made nursing necklaces with interchangeable beads to distract them if it was safer to cover up. The slings help.

We also carried an extra double blessings pillow in the car trunk until about 17 lbs, and used it to inspire awe in lots of places :LOL or just used it in the back seat (tandem V position in the front kept getting loud with little toes honking the horn)

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I did what ever was easiest at the time. If we were in a really crowded place and I couldn't get a good seat I would nurse one after the other but most of the time I would just do what Mindyleigh was talking about with the t-shirt I also had a few one size too large nursing shirts with the two side slits and that was great! I also nursed them in the sling all the time; grocery shopping, walking around the mall, at the museum. Some people noticed but not many. When they were little I would lay them in the slings with their legs at my back and hike up the front so they met my chest once they got older I would "sit" one on each hip and throw the sling tail between me and them to cover what my shirt didn't. It made running after two others much easier!
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One at at time! But I"m so happy to report this because a few weeks ago - the girls weren't nursing well enough to focus on nursing in public - even one at a time. They had to have complete quiet for nursing and even then wouldn't. So I would have to bring bottles of EBM with me and my Ameda pump and then pump in our van. But I'm excited to say that I haven't had to do that now - they nurse well enough I CAN go out without bottles/pump and nurse them. But only one at a time. We're still working on nursing together. They've done it a few times - but it's rare that they will and it's still very awkward even with the nursing pillow.

single mama to 5 (12.5, 11, 10, and 8 year old twins)

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