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Pearl1 03:43 PM 08-17-2010
We aren't telling anyone IRL this news yet, so I'm about to burst....

At our OB appointment today (15w4d), the tech was having a difficult time locating both babies' heartbeats, so we got a surprise ultrasound. Thankfully, the little wiggle-worms looked great on the ultrasound and had strong heartbeats (A: 151bpm; B: 159bpm).


We are having two GIRLS!!!!!

Wow. Three daughters. Wow....

~ Sarah

f&p'smama's Avatar f&p'smama 09:04 PM 08-17-2010
Congratulations! How much fun a house full of girls will be!
Coco99's Avatar Coco99 11:23 PM 08-17-2010
Oh cool !!! Congrats !!!!
I cant wait to find out ours !!
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 11:35 PM 08-17-2010
Oh, how wonderful! Congrats!
Julia'sMom's Avatar Julia'sMom 10:50 PM 08-18-2010
Congrats! I didn't even realize you, or dw were expecting again. Girls are so much fun!
SuzyQ2+2's Avatar SuzyQ2+2 01:12 AM 08-19-2010
Aww, congrats…girls are sooo much fun in bunches (um, I have 4 )
RSG's Avatar RSG 07:55 PM 08-19-2010
congrats! those are my favorite kind of twins!