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My babies are 7 months old. They usually take a morning nap and an afternoon nap on the same schedule. The problem is at night. H2 goes to bed nicely around 8:30. She sleeps for about 5 hours then begins a routine of getting up every two hours. I try to get H1 to go to bed just after H2 who can sleep through anything. H1 will not go to bed. I finally manage to get her to sleep between 12 and 1. So, I get about 4 or 5 hours of sleep broken into 3 pieces each night. I am painfully exhausted.

H1 does not want to be held, so I can't just take her to bed with me. She wants to play. But she does not want to play alone. Sometimes, there is nothing that she is happy with and she just cries and cries no matter what I try. She can keep up crying for hours before giving in and falling asleep. Sometimes, she will sleep in a swing for a while. Sometimes, she will fall asleep early. Tonight she fell asleep in my lap around 8, so I put her in bed. By 9 she was bright eyed and not willing to go to bed. Some nights, she falls asleep in her high-chair during dinner around 7. By the time I carefully extract her from the chair and put her in bed, she is wide awake and ready for several more hours of activity!

They were both sleeping so well right around 4 months. They only woke once during the night. I was just starting to brag. Then they went through a growth spurt and wanted to eat every 2 hours. They got over that, but now have this frustrating misalignment of sleep schedules.

I have tried not letting H1 take an afternoon nap. But that doesn't seem to help, and then I don't get my afternoon "alone hour".

Does anyone have any suggestions on improving sleep?
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hopefully i am wrong, but i don't know if there is anything you can do right now. from my experience, 7mos is just an awful age for sleep. teething, milestones, etc. mine were sleeping great @ around 4 months also, and then it started to deteriorate from about 6 months (when they started getting teeth).

i think you just need to do the best you can and power on through. skipping naps isn't going to help - they will just be more wound-up.

when one of mine did that wanting to play at night thing, i took him into the guest room with me, blocked off all of the edges of the bed, laid down and let him bop around while i rested. sometimes it worked, sometimes not, but at least that way i was laying down and not upright and frustrated in a rocking chair or something.

i don't want to bum you out - i just want to be honest - it kinda is what it is and it will improve in time, as those milestones get out of the way and the babes get a bit older. 6-11mos is notoriously bad. just do what you have to do to get everyone sleeping as well as possible, nap during the day if you can. there is a light at the end of the tunnel... power on through!!
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Thanks for the reassurance. During the misery of no sleep, it helps to know it's normal. In my sleep deprivation, sometimes I get paranoid that somehow I have ruined my babies and they will always be sleepless/angry. I just have to remind myself that I will make it through the day and in the morning, they are wonderful and cheerful even if they seem a terror at night.
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Are you getting them outside during the day? If inside, are curtains and blinds open? When it is dark, do you keep it dim in the house, using lamps instead of overhead lighting? Honestly, I have no idea how mine were sleeping at 7 months. I think that was when I was up every hour or two with one or the other. Cosleeping at that age saved my life. (but I didn't have anyone want to
play in the middle of the night)

 Single mama to two wild and sweet toddlers 2/08
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Just a wild out there idea. Perhaps try putting them down earlier. I read that there is a golden period between 7 and 8 when babies will fall asleep easiest. This works great for our twins. They still get up several times a night (8 mo old now), but at least they fall back asleep pretty quick after eating. With DD1 we used to not start bedtime until around 8:30 or 9:00. She was horrible to get to sleep and I do believe she was constantly sleep deprived since we all had to be up and out by 7am. I think sometimes babies can be overtired and then they get more active and it makes it that much harder to get to sleep. At least you might try it a night or two and see if it works at all for you.

Also, I have to agree with dividedsky. Some nights are fabulous, others are miserable at this stage. It all depends on teething, growth spurts, and developmental milestones. With enough sleep deprivation, it will all eventually run together and you won't remember.

Also, when desperate, dh and I go to sleep on either side of the bed and put DS in between us. He plays around and rolls around and talks to himself until he's tired. THen he either falls asleep or starts to cry, which wakes me so I can nurse him down.

J A with DD1 7/06, lost twins 9/08
DD2 12/09 & DS1 12/09
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Me + Dh = Dd1(9.5 yrs) + Dd2(7 yrs) and Ds(4.5 yrs)
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