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Please tell me about your typical day with your 3 year old twins. My two girls are 3, almost 4. I'm out of ideas and they spend 3/4 of the day getting into mischief. Not having fun.
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I hope you get some good advice Mama.

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Mine are just 2.5. Most mornings we have a scheduled activity- tot yoga, storytime or playgroup. That takes care of the ENTIRE first half of the day as it takes me 30 minutes to get them dressed, teeth brushed etc, ten minutes to get from parking lot to destination and they are incredibally slow eaters. When we get home it is lunch then nap. They sleep for 1-3 hours. We have a wake up snack then usually go outside. They play for about an hour while I knit, read or do outside chores. We go inside. I make dinner while they make a huge mess. After dinner we go on a walk to find things for their nature table. Bath. Books. Bed. Of course, factor in helping dd use the potty, changing ds's diapers, breaking up arguments and keeping them away from things that could hurt them and there you have a quick synopsis of my days.

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Mine play well together 70% of the time, get into mischief together 20% of the time and outright fight about 10% of the time.

In the mornings, we do breakfast, books, they play, I do few minutes of "preschool" stuff with them. Then we go outside to play for about an hour. Then lunch. I put on a video for them so I can get some stuff done. Then it's time to go pick up the bigger kids from school. After that they play with their siblings and maybe watch another video or we go outside again. Eat dinner then dad plays with them while I go exercise. THen it's bath, snack, books, bed.

They probably watch too much video/TV. I have a new maid that I'm going to start having watch them for a couple hours a day either playing or outside so I can get some work done.

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"Mine play well together 70% of the time, get into mischief together 20% of the time and outright fight about 10% of the time."


Umm we get up, they play in their (seperate) rooms until it's time for breakfast. Then we have breakfast and they go play until I finish chores. Then we do something together like play board games or read books, then we prepare lunch together and eat. Then they get kicked out to play in the yard (sometimes I will join them but mostly not) or if it's rainy we can do some arts and crafts together inside or play-doh but generally I just send them to play while I do my own thing. There's less squabbling and more cooperation if I'm not there for them to compete for my attention, and their pretend play is even better when there's no adult ruining it for them. Then we get together for dinner again (smaller snack type meal, or leftovers) and then do bath (together) and jammies and private play in their rooms / cleanup. I spend some time with each of them alone (about 15-20 mins) for bedtime. We talk about the day and sing songs and read stories and they get focused attention. Then it's lights out and goodnight. That's a typical day. They only get screen times on sick days, which don't happen very often. Then it's just snuggle time.

We *don't* do playdates, or run errands often. Maybe once every couple of weeks we'll leave the house. If I need to I would rather wait till they're asleep and hire a neighbor's kid to sit in the house for an hour while I run to the store or whatever. Leaving the house really disrupts their rhythm. BUT we will do a "field trip day" once a month where we will eat out at a kid-friendly place (Mexican restaurant w/ outdoor seating, for example, not Chuckee Cheese!) and go thrifting and maybe go to somewhere like the botanical garden or zoo. And usually on Sunday mornings we will have a picnic breakfast at the park downtown where they can play for a few hours afterwards. But other than those times, we stay home.
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My boys are in preeschool for half a day, so my day goes a little differently. The boys wake up between 6 and 7 am and DH gets them dressed on his way to work. They watch kid-friendly tv and eat breakfast while I get myself and the baby ready. I drop them off at daycare and the baby off at the babysitter then I go to work. I pick them all up at 1:30. We come home, eat lunch and the baby goes for a nap while I play with the boys either reading stories, painting, building with blocks and toys etc, until the baby wakes up (about an hour and a half). We have another snack on the way to the park where we spend about two hours at the park (when it was too hot to go to the park I filled up the paddling pool and we played in the shade). We come home, have dinner (DH is home by now) they watch tv while I clean up and DH bathes the baby then DH takes the boys for a bath while I nurse the baby to sleep. Then it's pajamas, book, songs, sleep time. The weekends are a little different because DH is home, so he takes the boys out with him and then we all meet back at home for lunch.

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Lots and lots of outside time, even if it's hot or raining or snowing. Gets them nice and worn out so they will have a good nap.

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My girls are 3 years 2.5 months.

They sleep in their own beds until 3ish and then nurse off and on in my bed until about 6. (I hope to change this soon!) Then we are up and putz around until about 7. Nurse a little, play a little, some times watch some tv.

Then it is time to get ready for the day. They go to school 3X week and we leave the house about 8:15. They've only gone once so far. So 3X/wk we leave (on bikes with the older kids) for school. The other mornings we leave via car for gymnastics and a library program, then errands. So basically, the mornings are full.

Lunch and Nap (in any order) between about 12/1-2/3.

Then snack, lots of nursing, and "ignored" time while I make sure we are all set for the chaos that begins at 3:30/4. They usually play in an older sib's room or entertain themselves with toys, markers, playdo, etc. Sometimes they need more and we read, do puzzles. They go in and out of the house on their own. (I leave a door propped open.)

Then they are dragged around to the older kids practices. They play or hang on me or look for dogs or water fountains, etc. It isn't all terrible for them. Then dinner and they play on their own again. They usually play quite well together at this time, since I'd like to be getting them to bed. If no afternoon practices then they do tend to watch some tv while I help with the harder homework. They are just starting to play in our yard with the other neighborhood kids without me needing to be there- space trolley, croquet, basketball, trampoline, etc.

In bed by 8:30ish, asleep by 9ish. We do not nurse before bed!

I think the key to playing together well is keeping them busy and getting out of the house. A lot. Just a slow, leisurely trip to the grocery store for a few item to break up the day, kwim? With my first child I remember being desperate for something to do, anything to do, just to get out of the house. It is work to get out, but then everyone is in better spirits, imo.

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