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my boys just turned a year old yesterday! i cannot believe how fast this year has gone by!

however, they are sleeping terribly! they slept much, much better from 3 to 6 months than they do now. i am up at least every 2 hours during the night. they do not sleep 12 hours a night, they are not even in bed 12 hours a night. and they don't always nap well either.

we have 2 cribs in our room and a king sized bed. i cannot nurse both babies at one time while lying down; i've tried repeatedly. the boys both start out in their cribs. during the night, i get up and nurse each one when they wake up crying until i'm too exhausted and then one of them goes in the bed with me. that way i only have to get up and nurse one.

on a good night, the baby in the bed will stay asleep and i'm only up a few times with the baby in the crib. on a bad night, neither sleeps well and we are rotating babies between the bed and the crib and dh is taking turns rocking one and they are screaming b/c they only want me, etc.

they are still taking 2 naps a day, but i think the morning nap will go soon. but they still really need that nap on some days. sometimes they sleep really well for naps (meaning 30 to 60 minutes for morning nap and 60 to 90 minutes for afternoon nap, all without waking up), other times they don't. today, one of them woke up and needed nursed back to sleep during both nap periods and neither slept for very long overall.

i am EXHAUSTED. and i have no ideas as to when this will get better or what i can do to help it get better. we see a chiro on a regular basis, i've had her muscle test for food allergies, she checks them for emotional stuff too. i just don't know what to do. i need sleep!

someone please tell me this will get better soon?

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Mine hit a rough patch sleep wise from 12 -18 months. Are yours teething? I found hylands teething tabs given every six hours helped. Developmental progress? I nightweaned at 14 months when I could no longer take the all night parties. It did get better after that for us, at least dd started sttn. Ds still wakes on a regular basis, but it is so much easier to cuddle one child. Another thing I did when they were both up all night long, was cosleep with both of them. I slept between them and rolled to either side to nurse whoever woke up. After one was done nursing, I could pat the other one.

Hang in there!

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i was in that exact same boat. like, i could have written your post. it was bad...

one night, i just got totally fed up. it was obvious that the nursing back to sleep wasn't doing the trick any more. until then, i was afraid to NOT do it, because it was all that i really knew. anyway, i got to my breaking point and decided to night wean. it was 2-3 long nights of getting everyone adjusted, and then, magically, i kid you not..... they were both sleeping through the night. honestly and truly.

a disclaimer: my boys were down to nursing only to sleep and at night at that point, so this weaned them completely. i don't know if that has anything to do with it.

but yeah... since then, they've been sleeping through the night consistently. it was an adjustment at first, but it was just what we all needed. that, coupled with moving them on to mattresses on the floor in their room, so that when they do wake, i can just pop in, lay with whoever is up, and slip out when he's sleeping (if i don't just pass out there myself).

i am not advocating weaning or anything, totally a personal choice, but that is what did the trick for me. my boys are now 20mos, sleeping by 8 (i lay down with them, pat them, sing, whatever, usually takes about 20min), and they wake up happy around 6:30 or 7.
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I read this great article that also helped me decide to night-wean my DD who is 14 months, since I found out I was preggo with twins and I was so exhausted that I feared I was not getting enough sleep to sustain the pregnancy.

I'm still afraid to tell people that DD is sttn, because I am so scared I will jinx myself ! It took abt 3 days to a week for her to 'get the message' and abt a month for us to smooth out the hickups and now we all sleep. She does get up at 5am but I decided that I wouldnt complain a stitch because she is sleeping now when 'normal' people sleep lol!

Here's the link:
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We night weaned at around 14 months (using Jay Gordon's method, I believe). Mine would still wake up (and still do some nights at 26 months old), but it was far less frequent than prior to night weaning. I also second teething tablets and also calc phos cell salts (also homeopathic) as a general support until all their teeth are in.

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Warning Warning Warning

I nightweaned my boys and THEY STILL WOKE UP JUST AS MUCH!

Come to find out they had HUGE adnoids and swollen nasal tissue and couldn't breath. Once we got that figured out, they are finally sleeping much better. But they are 5.

So don't be suprised if it doesn't reduce the nightime waking. Some just still wake up at night without a medical reason.

BUT if you do night wean, then Dad or Babysitter can go in and give them a drink and a pat!!!

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