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WaltFive's Avatar WaltFive 03:44 PM 11-08-2010
Hi Ladies, kinda new to the forum, been reading often but not posting much. Im currently 22 weeks pregnant with my boy/girl twins and have had a C-section for my DD's birth 15 months ago.

I would desperately want to be allowed a trial of labour with the twins and I thought that I'd found the perfect gynae, however, although he is supportive of VBACs in singletons, he refuses to allow me a trial of labour, bombarding me with stats left right and centre and making me feel like a terrible person for even considering a situation which might endanger one or both of my babies. As most of you will understand, it's not just that easy, and Im not the worst mother in the world for wanting to be allowed a shot at a VBAC.

I have done quite a bit of research for scientific articles as well as forums about twin VBACs but apart from the ACOG's most recent recommendation re VBACs, I know I am fighting a losing battle with this dr but dont know if I should look for a new gynae. I was using a midwife for DD's birth and she is quite far to travel to, so I would prefer to go to a gynae closer to where I live and unfortunately there are no midwife-run birthing centres closer to me.

Does anyone have experience with VBAC of twins who can give me some info on how their birth went?



mauri456's Avatar mauri456 06:06 PM 11-08-2010
nak my 3 week old vbac twins. i cant write much now but if you scroll to the oct due date club and read "johanna and charlotte are here" that is their birth story. it was an unmedicated vbac. it was the hardest thing ive ever done, but absolutely worth it.

i just wanted to tell you it is absolutely possible --- but the key part is finding a 100% supportive provider. when i asked my ob about vbacing twins, he just said, " i dont see why not".

be glad that your current ob is being upfront with you... it gives you time to find someone that will believe in you....

best wishes
purpleheather79's Avatar purpleheather79 09:33 PM 11-11-2010

There is a thread about this here somewhere... sorry, no time to search for it.  I had a HBAC with my first set of twins.  There are a few youtube videos too.  I personally know of quite a few VBAC twin moms and I think most of us struggled to find supportive care providers too.  Best of luck!

ladydodson's Avatar ladydodson 10:05 AM 11-12-2010

congrats on your twins! it really does change your birth options a little, doesnt it?


i would definitely switch providers. im sorry you are experiencing such resistance. it is possible to vbac twins...what were the circumstances of your first c section?


have you checked for local resources?


i have homebirthed two babies after my c section, almost fifteen years ago...and plan to homebirth my twins...

attached2mason's Avatar attached2mason 12:58 PM 11-12-2010

I had a twin vbac 6 months ago.  I was lucky in that my OB didn't see any issue with it so there was never any conflict over trial of labour.  The VBAC was not a textbook perfect birth as I pushed for 4 hours to get them both out - twin a was assisted by vacuum, twin b was a breech extraction after he flipped transverse (and would not accept a change in position from the OB - OB would turn him, he would flip back transverse, stubborn little guy wink1.gif ).  Not once were the babies in any distress and my uterus held up just fine smile.gif.  

Best of luck finding a care provider that is supportive of your desire to vbac!!

christyc's Avatar christyc 06:44 PM 11-14-2010

I had my twins as a vbac.


Search twin vbac on youtube for some birth stories (mine included). has some tips for twin birth planning, including some info on VBAC.  There are also birth stories there, including twin vbacs.


Much of the research that influenced me in my own birth planning was done by Dr. Landon of OSU.  Google can point you towards his work.


Best of everything in your birth planning!

WaltFive's Avatar WaltFive 10:57 AM 12-05-2010

Thanks so much to everyone for the replies, I have bookmarked the references and will definitely be looking into those.  How wonderful to have someone to talk to!