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sparklett's Avatar sparklett 05:28 PM 11-22-2010

My very dear friend is now a mother to very adorable twin girls.  She recently hinted that she does not need any more clothes, since that seems to be the gift of choice (and I admit, I have given her a TON of clothes).  I want to buy the girls a Christmas present and thought I'd start building their reading collection.  I have a few books already but I was wondering if there's any children's books that are from the perspective of twins.  Board books would be great, but anything else would be fine, too.


Any suggestions?



cdahlgrd's Avatar cdahlgrd 11:52 AM 11-24-2010

There are several twin books. There is a set with boy/girl twins and a set with identical twins.  Twins take a bath and twins at the park   are softcover toddler books that my boys love.  Just go to Amazon and search for twins under the children books section.

woodchick's Avatar woodchick 12:06 PM 11-24-2010

We just recently came across Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same by Grace Lin.  My girls aren't twins, but they loved the stories!  It's an easy reader book, but they'll grow into it :)